How to Become a Professional Writer

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eing a writer seems to be a desirable job for many people. Being a writer allows you to unleash your creativity, express your emotions and thoughts, and why not, work with celebrities. Even though when you think about a writer, you mainly think about books, there are many other types of writing.

Not all writers are good at writing novels and books; some are good are writing screenplays, others advertisements, and others marketing texts with incredible hooks. Writing is not only about essays and assignments, or books, it is also about speeches or blog posts.

But how could you become a professional writer? Besides all the online writing courses you can now find on the internet, there are many other actions you could take towards reaching this goal. The most important thing to start with is to decide which type of writing is the right one for you. Aiming to improve writing skills and becoming a professional writer is a nice goal, but you need to make it more specific.

You can work on specific writing skills for writing advertisements, which are different from the ones you need to write a novel. Of course, at the core, there may be the same rules: not making grammar and spelling mistakes, having a structure, and expressing ideas coherently and logically. But what can you do to polish your skills and become a professional writer?


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One of the most common pieces of advice you have probably heard from anyone. But without practice, you cannot become better. You cannot become better just by reading tips and tricks, taking part in online writing courses, or talking with other Superiorpapers writers. You are a writer yourself, one that wants to become a professional one, so you need to practice.

Practice makes it perfect and this is also the opportunity to get to know yourself better. If you manage to make writing a habit, it will be easier for you to write every day. You can find many ways to put your writing skills to test and polish them. You can find prompts online and start with a given idea. You can create a blog where you share your past experiences. You can even start a journal and write down your thoughts. Either way, choose to write every day and to practice continuously. You will improve your writing skills, and this helps you become a professional writer.

Have a Dedicated Writing Time Slot and Space

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Some of the things that might hinder your productivity and affect your creativity are interruptions and distractions. Maybe you attempt to write in the evening, after a full and chaotic day. For some might work, as writing is a way to relieve strong emotions. But for others, it may come difficult to find their focus and creativity.

Writing should be done at the right time when you feel most empowered to pour your ideas on paper. Find a time when you are productive and have a fresh perspective. Stick to that time slot and commit to writing.

At the same time, it is important to have a dedicated writing space. Always changing the place might prevent you from being productive and finding your focus and creativity. While some writers can easily focus in a noisy environment, others need peace and tranquility to find their inspiration. Discover what works best for you and apply it.

Focus on Feelings and Emotions, not on Ideas

One of the obsessions of many writers is the one of coming up with something new. In your quest of becoming a professional writer, you might get obsessed with this idea. This is a common mistake many beginner writers make in their process of becoming professional.
You need to focus on emotions and feelings, not on ideas. If we look at the huge number of published books, articles, or blog posts, you can see that many have similar or even identical topics. But each book, article, or post comes with something new and unique: the feelings, emotions, and writing style of every writer.

Even though bits from the story might be similar, the way the action, characters, emotions, and feelings are described is different.

Thinking only about coming up with new and innovative ideas could stop you from writing, as you will feel that no idea is good enough. Of course, you can always brainstorm and try to find new topics for your texts. However, continuing to write even though you feel you don’t come up with something new is a process that will help you become a professional writer.

Trust Yourself

One of the factors that prevent many writers from pursuing their dream of becoming a professional is a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. Many writers might feel anxious at the beginning of their career, as they entered the universe of writing, where many professionals and experts are present. You might feel you are not good enough and that you lack the writing skills necessary, but this is a wrong assumption.

Beginner writers have the advantage of coming with a fresher perspective, with creativity, and innovation. Moreover, even though your writing skills surely need polish, you can do this only by practicing. As a writer, you will get feedback on your pieces of text, you will find out what the public appreciates, what they dislike, what they expect.

And the most important thing here is to trust yourself. Trust yourself that you have the inner power and will to become a professional writer. Believe in yourself, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses, and work on improving yourself as a human and as a writer too.


Becoming a professional writer might seem like a difficult, complex, and challenging process, and beginner writers might feel overwhelmed and defeated by it. To do this, you need to practice writing as much as you can. Find the time when you are in the mood for writing and reserve that time slot for this. Have also a dedicated working space to stimulate your creativity and flow. Focus on how you send emotions and feelings, not on finding a unique topic. And more importantly, trust yourself!