How do You Become a Web Developer?

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As you might be very well aware of the fact that technology is evolving at a rapid pace like never before. The adoption of Robots, smart devices, etc. is all the surprising evolutions of technology. The Internet of things, telematics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, Intelligent things, smart apps, etc. are all the new trends that are currently observed in the IT industry. All these have been possible with the help of better network connectivity and enhanced computer systems.

While in the field of web development, this has also seen various developments that are very promising. So the technological advancements are the UI/UX design (User Interface/User Experience) design, adoption of JavaScript and CSS frameworks, mean stack and full-stack web development, etc.

Curious to know more about web Development? Read out the rest of the article to know what is required to become one and why taking a full stack web development course is worth your time.

What is Web Development?

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Web development is a process of building websites for the users aiming at a convenient and efficient user experience. It has three aspects: front-end development, back-end development, and full-stack web development. The front-end development is the area that appears to the end-user when they try to access any website. It basically structures the content in different ways. While the back-end development consists of program codes that support the functionality of the front- end functions. Full-stack web development is a combination of both(front-end and back-end) makes the website work successfully.
The average salary of web developers in India is ₹308,633, according to payscale.

The top companies hiring web developers are Accenture, cognizant, Tata consultancy services, Infosys, Amazon, Directi, etc. According to research by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment opportunities for web developers is projected to grow 8% from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average of all other occupations. The demand will be driven by the growing popularity of mobile devices and e-commerce.

Skills and Qualifications required to become a Web Developer

The initial step in becoming a web developer is to get a degree in any degree specializing in computer science or information technology. The other technical skill that forms an important part of web development are:


The HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language, which is responsible to tell the web browser to display the contents as per the HTML tags written. All of the web pages are designed with HTML as it serves as the foundation.


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With HTML you can present the contents of the website in a basic format, but what if you want to be more creative and interesting with your website? Here CSS comes into play. The CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets which are responsible for styling up a website in different ways according to the user’s needs. The fonts styles, colors, different background colors, image formats, etc. Overall, CSS makes the website look attractive.


While HTML and CSS form the overall layout of the website. There is still the need to interact with the website. What JavaScript does is that it makes the website operative to users when they want to switch between different content. It makes sure that when the user fills out any data, JavaScript takes the job of validating it within the website instead of the long process of sending it to the user.

Responsive Design

It often happens that websites built for desktops are often inconvenient to read on mobile devices. So the concept of responsive design suggests that the design should be made in such a way that it should respond effectively to the user’s requirements. This also includes the environment in which the user implements their requests on i.e. screen size, platform, orientation. For responsive design, the professional must be aware of the CSS frameworks and Bootstrap used mainly for this purpose.

Version control/Git

The version control systems ensure that your source code is able to fulfill the requirements as per the latest versions of the languages and software requirements. This makes it convenient for the developers to make the required changes in the code instead of changing the complete code itself. The popular platforms are Git and GitHub.

CSS and JavaScript frameworks

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The CSS and JavaScript frameworks are important for the fact that they are pre-designed templates for some common purposes such as forms. This becomes useful as it saves the time of the developer. The common collection of libraries used widely are jQuery, Vue.js, and React.js.


A python is an object-oriented programming language, used mainly for creating server-side applications. It is mainly used for the back-end programming of the website. It is low maintenance, making it an attractive application to use.


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Java is also an object-oriented language. It is a high-level language that runs on the basis of the write once run anywhere approach, which makes it easy to run on multiple platforms.


This is a server-side scripting language used to develop the back-end part of the website. This mainly makes it easier for the end-user to operate the website.


NodeJS is a JavaScript framework used mainly for back end programming of the website.
For a professional willing to become a web developer, it is important for him to master all of the above technical skills. It forms a strong foundation for all the challenges in application/website development. The other important aspect that is often overlooked is soft skills. Strong communication skills, leadership abilities, and most importantly problem-solving skills form an important part.


Now that you are aware of all the information regarding web development, it is now a good opportunity for you to start a career in it with Simplilearn. If you are a graduate in computer science (or any related aspect) or an experienced IT professional, you can always skill yourself in the field of web development. It is known that web development will be seeing growth in the coming, so there is no doubt that it will be offering wonderful employment opportunities to people. Start by taking up an online course in web development, which will make sure that you learn all the skills required in the best ways possible.