3 Reasons Why Airsoft Night Games Are So Awesome

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Do you know what Airsoft is? This popular phenomenon has been around for quite a while, and it seems like it’s only getting more popular. It doesn’t come as a surprise that one of the most Googled questions is the question about Airsoft strategies and Airsoft equipment.

But first of all, it’s important to explain what this activity actually is. Some may call it a sport, other people call it activity, while others may call it a hobby. One thing is sure – it is more than fun and exciting. If you are into playing games that involve shooting, then this is the perfect sport for you (a game, activity or however you want to call it). The central activity in this sport is a military, shooting combat, with several types of weapons and a lot of additional equipment. Airsoft lovers hate all the comparisons with other sports of this type, but it could be said that this game falls into a category of gun combat games or sports that can be played both online and offline, which involve shooting and using guns of some kind.

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One of the games in this category that is somewhat similar or has several similar elements to Airsoft is paintball. Although they are not completely the same, the major difference between Airsoft and all the other combat games, especially the one that can be played in real life with a couple of friends in a safe and secure environment; is the fact that guns that are being used in this game are made to be extremely realistic and to remind of real firearms, that are usually used in the military. That being said, this sport is military based, rather than any other field.

What does this mean in reality? It means that when you are a part of this game, you’re actually a part of a military operation or simulation. This is how the game is constructed and this is exactly one of the biggest reasons why people are into this sport or game. The fact that they can participate in military operations without having to leave their town along with the fact that they can do this as a fun activity with their friends and family – it simply is both challenging, interesting and tempting to try, and master.

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When it comes to the additional equipment that people use in this sport, this is also something many players enjoy tremendously. This includes a lot of elements such as vests, helmets, torches and military-like gear, which makes the game not only more realistic but also more safe and practical, and it’s easier to get into the role when you are being put in that kind of realistic setting.

But among all the other interesting facts about this game, there is one that really makes it stand out compared to everything else – it is the fact that there is a special system of winning and determining who won the game. In paintball for example, you can never hide if you’ve been hit since there will be BA colour mark on you you in this sport the situation is completely different if you’ve been hit you can either choose to stay quiet and hide that you’ve been hit or you can be honest and and confess that you need to call yourself out of the game since someone shot you this shows you the mentality of the game and the unique rules that people are so fond of.

If you are a newbie in this sport, it’s useful to know that there are more than 20 different types of Airsoft games, whether it is sniper, special forces, zombie or risk, there is a game for everyone’s preferences and you can pick the one that has a team, strategy, landscape or a theme of your liking. Still, when it comes to the rules, there are several rules that are the same, no matter the game type. These rules are usually about the safety of the participants such as wearing eye protection, avoiding shooting someone’s face or head, and shooting from a certain distance.

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But what makes this sport really interesting is the fact that it can be played at night as well! Being exposed to low light conditions makes this sport more exciting, unpredictable, and more engaging. That being said, Airsoft sport lovers often choose night playing rather than the usual rounds, in normal conditions. Generally speaking, there are several reasons why the normal, ordinary version of this combat game, is slowly becoming the second most popular option, while playing at night takes the throne. This is why it’s so amazing:

1. You Can Use Additional Equipment

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Airsoft players enjoy nighttime because a low light setting is a more natural setting for them, especially if played outdoors. In contrast to the day games, in night games you can focus on yourself or on a smaller crew rather than the big team and a lot of teamwork. But more importantly, you can (and you have to) use some fantastic pieces of equipment that make this sport really unique. If you’ve ever wanted to become a soldier, or you are just a fan of weapons, this will make you really happy! Rather than using head and hand torches, along with a gun torch, there is one thing you will most certainly get while you’re preparing for the night games and that is – night vision. A good night vision that can be found on agmglobalvision.com will help you see everything around you, as if it was daytime, but you will also be able to see the traces other people’s shots leave in the air, lasers and almost all the movements of others. Infrared lights help you observe and target the enemy and shoot with a lot of accuracy, which not only gives you a significant advantage but it also makes the sport extremely enjoyable.

2. It’s More Challenging And Intuitive

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With limited visibility, you will need to rely on your equipment, and your strategy, rather than wandering around and trying to shoot everyone you see. You will have to rely more on your intuition and reflexes, and you will also have to learn how to function in the dark – hiding in shadows, not giving away your position by making loud noises etc. Although it is more challenging it is also more fun.

3. It Helps You Develop Numerous Skills

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When you’re in the dark, your main sense will become your hearing. When paired with high quality night optics, there is almost nothing that can stop you from winning. But to be able to win, you also need to be in good shape, learn the field, and master the art of handling weapons. As we’ve already mentioned, Airsoft weapons look like they’re real and they resemble real weapons, which means that you will first have to learn how to use all kinds of weapons and other equipment. You will also be able to practice tactical scenarios and execute strategies that can only be seen in movies. Or in a war. This is why millions of people around the world love this sport so much! If you want a safer alternative to airsoft, then you should consider getting a gel blaster. Check this out to know what is the most painful gel blaster.

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