All Ways to Get St Lucia Citizenship


Obtaining second citizenship in the modern world opens up new opportunities. For example, it can be helpful for business development, more convenient travel, tax preferences, and opportunities to study. Therefore, it is unsurprising that many people are interested in applying for it.

The small island states offer some of the best conditions. For example, the St. Lucia citizenship by investment program has been in place for many years. However, the tiny state knows it needs a particular approach to owners of capital. That is why the country has a specific policy to attract investors. According to the expert of the company Immigrant Invest Victor Esik, it helps to fill the country’s budget.

It is possible to get ST Lucia citizenship in several ways at once. Thanks to this, potential investors will be able to choose. So, now it is possible to make investments in St. Lucia:

  • $100,000 to the nation’s national economic fund;
  • purchase of housing in the amount of 300,000 or more;
  • buying bonds that the government issues for 250,000 or investing in a local enterprise for 1,000,000.

Choose any of the options so that you very soon obtain all the papers and assess firsthand the benefits of living on the island.

Primary conditions for submitting the documents and becoming an ST Lucia citizen

Foreign investment is welcome in the country. Those ready to invest in the local economy are treated exceptionally well. So, among the requirements that are put forward for applicants are the following:

  1. Age. The principal applicant must be of legal age. It is possible to include several relatives in the application. For example, the wife, husband, children, and parents can move with the principal applicant or get all the documents. Yes, it will be necessary to pay extra for them, but the amount is small.
  2. Proof of receipt of income. It is necessary to provide papers proving that the funds were received legally.
  3. Absence of criminal record, sanctions, and other problems with the law. Getting the desired status in the country is realistic only if there are no problems with justice.

The requirement is uncomplicated, plus the paperwork process itself is fine-tuned. As a result, in this country, the final decision can be obtained in 3-4 months. In most cases, it is positive.

Another plus is the possibility of doing all the procedures online. It significantly speeds up the paperwork. There is no need to visit the state in person; everything has become so simple. The main thing is to have the necessary capital. After that, it is possible to choose among the available investment programs.

What options are available for becoming an ST Lucia citizen?


The program has been running in the country for many years. Its well-established and well-developed program is a considerable advantage, which is easy to see personally. While other countries offer 1-2 options for investing, there are more ways to become an ST Lucia citizen. So, there are the following types of investments available:

1. Contribution to the National Fund

In this case, you will have to part with the amount of 100,000 dollars. The main advantage is a relatively small investment. However, they cannot be returned. The money goes to the state without compensation. So it is better to analyze if you are ready for such a scenario. In practice, it works well and does not involve risks.

2. Buying a home

You will need to choose from a list of properties the government selects. The minimum cost of an apartment is $300,000. Yes, the amount is much higher. But after a few years, it will be possible to dispose of them entirely. For example, resell. Real estate in the country is in high demand. Undoubtedly, it will be possible to make money on it in a few years. This investment option is especially relevant for those who are going to move to the island and live here. You can learn more about other features of buying a home and the benefits of the deal at

3. Purchase of government bonds

In this case, you have to pay $250,000. It is an excellent option for those who know about such deals. Such securities can be traded in the future. The rate on them often increases. As a result, they can be sold very profitably in the long run. You can see this from your own experience.

4. Investing in a business

Do you want to start your own business? There are optimal conditions for this in a small country. It is also possible to make a profitable investment in an existing project. The amount of investment is 1000000 dollars. Create jobs, and it is sure to be appreciated. For this, the owners of the companies will have the right to stay in the country legally.

For any of these investments, you can get the proper papers. And this is just the beginning. After just a few months, it will be possible to begin the procedure for full citizenship. Now, getting an ST Lucia passport is not difficult. But it opens up entirely new opportunities for its holders.

The country is politically stable, and its economy is growing annually. So if you are looking for a “safe harbor” where you can do your business and grow, consider any investment options in this country.

What are the benefits of submitting the documents?


There are still doubts about the advisability of immigration to this small state. Then it is enough to look at the list of benefits residents receive. They include:

  1. Access to quality service. St. Lucia is not only suitable for recreation. There is a good, developing infrastructure. Therefore, you can easily stay in the country all year round. Regardless of gender and age, everyone will find something interesting to do.
  2. Pleasant climate. The country has good weather almost all year round. So if you want to spend time in comfort and enjoy your vacation, there is no doubt that it will be one of the best places on the planet.
  3. Possibility to visit countries in different parts of the world. You do not have to apply for additional documents. For example, St. Lucia has a visa-free regime with more than 140 countries. It means you can visit the EU and many other corners of the globe. So forget about borders with this country’s passport.
  4. Attractive conditions for doing business. Everyone can do business here without any problems. The country has a sound tax system. Many activities are not taxed, or the rate is much lower than in other countries. It allows you to develop your business to “get on your feet.”

This country’s passport holders receive only a tiny part of the benefits.

The first step to obtaining it is participation in the Saint Lucia citizenship program. It is available to almost everyone. Then, explore the available investment options, and take advantage of your chance to move to the island or get the proper papers that will open up new markets for your business and allow you to get other preferences. The country never stops working to improve the investment climate, so a significant investment in the local economy will quickly pay off.