Amsterdam Light Festival Dates


If you are on a tour to Amsterdam, or a local who couldn’t spare time to thoroughly explore the city due to a 9 to 5 work grind, let us tell you where and when to start. Enjoy the Light Festival with an exclusive private boat tour.

So, from where does the city look the prettiest? It is undoubtedly from its waterways. And when does it look the prettiest? The answer is amidst the annual Light Festival. In short, if you want to have a look at this city at its best, cruise through its placid waters amidst the light festival and enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Admire the creativity of the light artists, both emerging and seasoned ones, as you are waterborne on a beautifully lit boat.

But on what dates exactly is the Light Festival in Amsterdam set to start this season? It is arranged every winter and this season, the upcoming version will set off on 30th November 2023 and will end on 21st January 2024.

About Amsterdam Light Festival

Light Festival in Amsterdam is undoubtedly a much-esteemed event. During it, the entire town gleams with the sculptures of light made by young and seasoned artists.

Artworks created by renowned artists are displayed at various locations throughout the town. The passersby and those cruising on the boats admire the displayed work. Although some of the art pieces remain on exhibition for the whole year, but every winter, a new edition of this festival sets on with new art pieces exhibited for the public.

It’s not just the artists who wait for the event all year, rather it is the event where the entire civil society becomes active and comes to life. That’s because dedicated tours are organized for people from all walks of life to have a look at the gleeful and enlightening work of art. Light festival is actually a means of connecting society.

For example, elderly people have an opportunity to have a boat trip and admire artworks erected along the canals besides interacting with people their age and making new acquaintances. Similarly, various trips from schools are scheduled for primary school students. Young artists studying at art academies also pay a visit to prominent spots where the light art is displayed.

Amsterdam Light Festival History


The history of this festival can be dated back to 2012 when the very first season of the Light Festival was held. It was characterized by a water parade where lots of illuminated boasts paraded in the famed canals. Prominent buildings and tourist sites were beautifully illuminated and the festival attracted a huge number of visitors. Astonishingly beautiful artwork was created and displayed.

It became so popular that since then, a new edition has been arranged every year consistently. So, it has been more than a decade since the festival has been lighting up the town and engaging people from various walks of life. This winter will witness the 12th edition of the esteemed event starting 30th November.

For the last seven years, tours of primary schools have been organized without a gap to the festivals for the youngsters to appreciate the artworks by different artists. Similarly, it has been seven years since the rising artists from Breitner Academy were provided a platform to co-create the artwork for the event and hence get hands-on experience, creating light sculptures for the biggest light event in the country.

Best Spots to View Amsterdam Light Festival

By far, the wisest way spot to enjoy the event in its full swing is from a boat in the canals. This is highly recommended because of several reasons:

  • Since a number of sculptures are displayed inside the canals and by their banks, chartering a private boast means you can have a look at them up close.
  • Hiring a saloon boat also means you will have a guide who will give you detailed information about every light art and its artist. So, it will be a highly knowledge-enhancing experience.
  • Gaily-lit boats roaming in the iconic waterways of Amsterdam are themselves among the most admired features of the Light Festival every year. So, hop aboard and get ready to be enlightened by light-drenched festivity.
  • Private boats allow you to have quality time with those you love and with whom you would love to admire the beauty of the city from where it looks most stunning, i.e. waters.

Organizers of the Amsterdam Light Festival


Amsterdam Light Festival is a completely private venture. It is fueled by finances from partners, stakeholders, and the members of civil society. The organizers do not receive any subsidy from a government body.

They welcome donations from anyone and everyone besides arranging funds from their partner organizations. They have a team of art enthusiasts organizing the event every year with the sole purpose of connecting society under the umbrella of art. This year, the director of the event will be Frederique Ter Brugge and he has a team working under him who manages all aspects including curators, finance managers, storytellers, operations, marketing, human resources, etc.