10 Most Popular Classes in WoW

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The World of Warcraft has been one of the most popular video games for over 15 years. In fact, it is complicated to find a teenager or even an adult who has never spent time fighting enemies and boosting characters. Although the beginning of the game is quite easy, its continuation requires much time and effort. Even if you manage to start successfully, it does not mean you will finish the same way. A lot of different items, boosting options, and a plethora of other things will have to be covered to thrive and become one of the best players.

Are you confused about all the specs you will have to choose from? Do you have no idea what class may be the best for you? Keep reading this article from Buy-boost.com to get detailed information about the most impressive and appealing WoW classes players appreciate.

Top 10 Classes to Consider Playing WoW

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There is a plethora of impressive classes that passionate gamers should try while playing video games. At the same time, it is critical to mention that there are also specific options that are not even worth your attention. How is it possible to make the right decision without making a mistake you will regret?

According to the statistics, there are 12 powerful and playable classes in the game, each having its unique features and specifications that make it unique and appreciated. It may be overwhelming to make the right choice from the very beginning but it will be quite reasonable at the latter stages. Check out the list of the most promising ones that will never leave you indifferent:

1. Death Knight

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This is probably one of the most experienced and appreciated classes that have been available in the game for years. It may be a perfect choice for players who relish dark themes and rich lore, which is commonly associated with the class. Additionally, the versatility, reliability, and flexibility of actions are the features that contribute to the popularity of the thing, too.

2. Warrior

Irrespective of an unlimited number of myths and misconceptions about the class, it is one of the most appreciated and demanded options out there. If you have always been concerned that the class is too straightforward, you should give it a try. Players, who accept the challenge, will surely benefit from the decision they make, as a variety of bonuses and impressive features they may get is impressive.

3. Mage

If you are an experienced WoW player, you should have heard a lot about the tendency of Mages to simplify Frostbolt in raids. It is actually the feature that makes the class less popular than its counterparts. Nonetheless, it is important to highlight that a lot of players still value it as a chance to relish a plethora of available spells and unique features.

4. Priest

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Right after Mages, Priests can become the best supporters in the game. Apart from their unique ability to heal, they also have an unlimited number of other useful buffs. With a plethora of spells, they can spam defensive Power Words to Dispel Magic and fight enemies. It may take some time for players to discover all the beneficial features and specifications of the class, but the result is 100% worth an effort, as Priest has always been one of the most demanding classes in the game.

5. Demon Hunter

As mentioned in numerous reviews, it is the second most appreciated hero class after Death Knight that remains prestigious and demanded through the years and expansions. In the right hands, it can become the strongest and the most powerful damage-dealers ever.

6. Paladin

This is another impressive class in the WoW game that is characterized by a unique combination of abilities. In addition to an opportunity to tank, players will obtain a chance to heal the party. It is indispensable to mention that Warriors and some other classes do much better in soaking up damage, but the Paladin features more buffs and utility that helps them stand out from the crowd of competitors.

7. Shaman

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From the variety of classes available in the WoW, Shamans seem to be the leading ones when it comes to hybrid options. The maximum flexibility and independence of characters make the class highly appreciated among inexperienced WoW players. It is inevitable to mention that Shamans are equipped with a range of totems that help them perform damage, debuffs, buffs, and healing.

8. Hunter

If you take some time to read the reviews and comments of experienced WoW players, you will find a lot of positive information about the Hunters class. The vast majority of players consider it to be the top class for users who are aimed at solo leveling. The class is usually associated with powerful pets that are combined with an excellent slate of utility that is a perfect mix for a flawless video game experience. It is indispensable to mention that even though Hunters do not belong to the class of pushovers, they can successfully hold out alone.

9. Rogue

An ability to focus on a single target contributes to the Rogue class being one of the top damage-dealers in the game. Additionally, characters available in the class are focused on Stealth, which helps them stand out from other classes and makes them excellent ambushers who can easily take out bosses and other players in PvP. Moreover, it is critical to mention that Rogues are commonly characterized by a plethora of advantageous features, including Stunlocking, Sapping, Binding, and others.

10. Warlock

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WoW players who take advantage of Warlock class know their potential for individual PvP. What is so special about the class? It features an impressive ability to defend, direct damage, and delay damage. Besides, some players specify unique shielding effects that do not only protect characters from the possible damage but also redirect it to the enemies. At the same time, it is critical to mention that Warlocks may not be the top choice for players who are concerned about the variety of characteristics and possibilities, as it is quite a basic class.