How Long is a Typical WoW Shadowlands Raid?


Looting and raiding are just some of the terms and expressions gamers often use, and when that’s the case, in most situations, it’s highly likely that they are really fond of some massively multiplayer online role-playing game (most likely WoW) and that they are playing it actively for some time now. Namely, raiding is a term used to describe a larger group of players fighting their way to get the new gear they can later use for their players or exchange it for something they really need.

What you need to know about raiding


Time is also a big factor, and if you don’t have a few hours, and sometimes even days, to spend on playing World of Warcraft, then it’s better not to start with raiding in the first place as, the worst-case scenario, you will end up not completing it, and the party may exclude you from their upcoming quests. The duration of it also depends on the quest itself, as there are more and less complicated ones, and understandably, the tougher it gets, the more skilled company you will need and more time will be needed for completing it. But let’s not dwell too much about it and get into specifics, just to give you a little more insight into what can be expected from raids in WoW Shadowlands.

It requires a group of players


First of all, we need to mention that it requires a lot of time, dedication, and a group of people willing to play together. It’s not like a few of your friends gathered and decided to raid, as it is a much more complex thing, and anything below ten players is not considered a raiding party. That is why beginners are more likely to complete quests on their own or as members of smaller groups, which are usually up to five players. Furthermore, some pretty challenging raids usually require around 20 players of different characteristics and crafts and a few highly skilled and over-geared members. It may seem way too complicated as there are many things to consider and organize, which is why not everyone will let you join their party.

The main problem is that we need to find an ideal time when none of the players have some other obligations, and when it comes to this number of people, that can be pretty challenging. But, if you and your friends are willing to play together and have enough time for raiding, gather them and start. Try to find friends who really want to play and learn how to do that because having the best possible group is the most important thing for those who want to finish their battles as soon as possible. It is all about teamwork, and it requires a group of players with great skills.

The average time


It is not easy to answer the question of how long does the raid in Shadowlands lasts because many factors can affect it, and, what complicates things even more, they can affect it in various ways. First of all, you need to be aware that it requires a lot of sessions before the group is ready to go to the final battle and win the raid. How long it will take depends on two factors, the time your group can set aside and on the skills all of you have. Once you get to the point when the victory is near, it is not reasonable to expect that it can be done in an hour or two because the average time for finishing the final battle is about three or four hours, so better be prepared for that. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take even longer, and never start raiding if you do not have enough time for that, or you will let the group down by quitting in some crucial moment.

The longest raid


Almost every significant raid consists of fighting several bosses, and defeating each boss can last for several hours, which is also what makes raids so unpredictable. Of course, when we speak about the time necessary for raids, we need to mention the world’s longest one just to explain how long it can take in some extreme cases. Well, we need to say that it lasted for 18 hours, and it was never finished because the group of players decided to quit after that time, and no one can say how long it could last if they did not quit. It is far away from the average time, and it is considered an extreme case, but we need to mention it, so you can have a clue of how long it can actually take. Do not worry because these extreme cases are not that often, and there is no need to get a day off to play games.

The last raid in Shadowlands


Take The Sepulcher of the First Ones as an example, as it is the final raid instance of this expansion. For those who are yet to get to this point, well, let’s just say that you need to be well prepared before you embark on this raid. It is the third and the last raid in Shadowlands, the one when you fight against Zovaal, The Jailer himself. But, of course, in order to get to this point and have a chance to try yourself, you will first need to defeat eleven bosses. The last three bosses are important as they drop higher item level loot, and at the end of it all, when you defeat them all, you will get the mount for this achievement. It is also one of the longest newer raids, meaning that you will need to sit firmly and fight all night. Of course, you can always opt to go with a boost, and it will be of great help here as it will cut the time needed for completing this raid by quite some. For more info on that, make sure to checkĀ, and enjoy the variety of the offer.


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