Is the CCNA Exam Free?


A candidate can prepare for the exam with great convenience, if he can get the free CCNA practice test. It is simple and easy to access the CCNA exam question online so that identification of the Cisco routing and switching concepts will be easier for the candidates. These practice exams are taken free of cost and multiple times. If you want to prepare for the exam, then this is the right option for you. Moreover, you can access the free CCNA exam questions and answers provided by SPOTO. It is easy and simple for you to get access to SPOTO for the free exam questions.



There are many websites that offer the guide and the material for the preparation of the exam, but it is important that you select the authentic material that is helpful for getting good scores. Select the material that is based on the technically accurate and well-written questions and answers. It is designed by composing full-length practice sample tests for perfect practice.

  1. Offering the effective tools to get the scores in the exams
  2. Providing the reports of the scores for raising your focus towards the study time
  3. Teaching the time management tool for improving the confidence level
  4. Integrating with the comprehensive explanation and the helpful resources with precise references
  5. Item distribution, question types for stimulating the level of complexity

The guidance program is highly beneficial for the users in determining the technology and offering an excellent access control method for Ethernet networks.

Service Mindset

Mindset has been developed through appropriate learning methods and classroom methods. SPOTO has always been passionate about serving students. They go the extra mile to help their obedient students and get the best out of them.

Study material


It is available with many hands-on labs, quizzes and video courses on different areas of CCNA topics. A true study guide that helps you know where you are and where you need to go. The review guide includes all the quizzes, labs, and courses that will help you pass the CCNA Certification Exam. The contents of different study guides serve a different educational purpose.

  • You can take a prep exam so that you have a chance to gauge your preparation and knowledge before taking the actual exam.
  • Hands-on labs provide direct access to AWS services to help you put theory into practice.
  • With the help of video lessons, you can get instruction in lectures on essential areas of the exam with examples.
  • Applicants must cover fields, and these research guidelines are credible because they cover areas of the paper.
  • 18% design cost-optimized architectures
  • 2 % design secure architectures and applications
  • 28% design operational architectures
  • 30 architectures Resilient Architecture

An essential element of the study guide is accepting gaps in understanding. Your hands-on experience is not enough to pass this article and this guide covers the basics and the final areas. For better preparation, this study guide contains informational material from start to finish. To ensure your knowledge is improved, complement all operations with several core services including network and security, database, storage, computing and services.

How long does it take to prepare the paper?

Candidates must prepare the questions contained in the document. The question-based study guide will be helpful for them to understand the nature of the question. You should spend thirty to forty hours preparing for the exam. For this reason, you must research the source material. This means you can prepare for exams in six to eight weeks with a trusted and authentic study guide.



This is the perfect place to go so you don’t have to look any further. It won’t let you go anywhere else. You will get all the important exam tools here. By allowing candidates to showcase their expertise, it provides a solid foundation.

  • Offers quick and easy learning
  • Guaranteed
    exam pass
  • Live chat option to relieve confusion
  • Team of qualified tutors
  • 24 /7 support
  • High quality and reliable system Date


SPOTO provides resources covering the basics of the topic, including sample problems for practice. Perfect help is provided in choosing various subject topics including basic formula functions and IT operations. It is designed to provide excellent resources, covering the entire success program on time.

Improve quantitative techniques


These techniques are very helpful for developing analytical and systems skills in students. It leads learners to discover the steps required to solve problems and helps them develop perfect computational skills. You can get help from them in completing the saving tasks. They provide knowledgeable support that is always delivered on time. This service is designed to provide immediate support to students. It helps to improve learning ability. It is designed for standard test preparation and real format to practice it.

One-on-One Interaction

One-on-one interaction option is available, very helpful to understand the difficult points and make these topics easy. Qualified and experienced tutors are a unique feature of the SPOTO. It is simple and very easy to access the website because they have a user friendly layout. You can learn about the exam updates on the website without any hassle. For the candidates, it is easy to learn about the latest news about the exams.

Data based on the exam


It provides a lot of useful information that is important for understanding concepts. The tutoring team is made up of graduate students. They are highly specialized people and experts in their field. It helps to build a strong foundation that helps easily and quickly.


A professional faculty has designed these tutorials according to modern updates in plan and paper size. Therefore, you must upgrade to the latest version. How much does the CCNA certification cost? It is a common question that people have in their minds. The CCNA exam costs from $325 to $600. It consists of two exams ICND1 and ICDN2. The cost of the exam may increase because candidates need study material to pass the exam. It is available online SPOTO, and the website offers the guaranteed material that is designed as per the exam requirement. You can access free study material offered by SPOTO, click here to see more details.