Why Division 2 is so popular lately?

Division 2 is undoubtedly one of the best looter shooter games in the market. It consists of numerous mainline missions, and each mission is different from the other even though all of them follow the same core loop. Varied surroundings, along with various hazards and vantage points, boost the gameplay strategies, and also help to highlight the enemy’s presence. Also, this game features amazing gunplay which makes it is an improved version of its predecessor. It features several effective weapons and gears which is accompanied by a subtle loot system.

All the features add to the charm of Division 2. You can play it in both single-player and multiplayer modes. The game features over 30 levels and has an intriguing endgame. Great missions and the amazing gunplay are some of the few reasons behind its unbounded popularity. If you wish to boost your gameplay, then you can get Division 2 boost on sites like Lfcarry. It is one of the best sites where you can boost your game naturally.

The reasons behind the popularity of Division 2:

In this article, we will discover the various reasons which account for the popularity of this game. Some of them are mentioned below:

Intriguing Gameplay:

The story of this game is based on the onset of a pandemic that started with the release of smallpox virus that was weaponized and mixed with other deadly virus like ebola and swine flu to create a yet more deadly virus. Soon, the entire human population got infected with it, and only a few were left off its clutches. These remaining few men and women struggle to hold on to what is left of the world.

It is a shooting game where the players run around trying to collect things that will help in their survival. It is a super intriguing game that will keep you at the edge of your seat at all instants. You can witness amazing technical marvels while playing this game.

It is free for a limited period:

Unlike the first game in the series, the roadmap of Division 2 will undergo three expansions post its launch. And all of these expansions will be free of cost for the players for the first year. The manufacturers of the game, Ubisoft confirmed the same in a press meeting.

Upon playing Division 2, you can effectively boost your warfare skills and learn expertise over guns, weapons, gears etc. to combat and survive. People are enjoying the fact that despite having the features of a superior game, they can play this game for free. It provides a highly addictive and rewarding experience for the players.

Each level offers a different set of challenges:

People love playing loot driven games, and Division 2 can be rightfully called the best loot driven game of all times. Also, the fact that it features an endgame content adds to its popularity. The players need to hunt down for the best gear and beat the challenges that they encounter. However, even if someone has zero interest in loot driven games, they can still opt to play Division 2. You ask how? Well, Ubisoft has made this game a lot more exciting than its previous versions, and it is so much more than just going on a loot.

Each level features a beautiful descript structure, and each of them is unique and completely different from each other. While you explore the Space Administration Head Quarters in one mission, the next mission will take you to the American History Museum or even the Lincoln Memorial.

There are some obvious developments and changes in mission objectives as compared to the previous version of the game. The best part is that you do not develop emotional connections with anyone you meet on the game, thereby making this an entirely practical gaming experience.

Quirky Challenges:

The gameplay and features of the game are really beautiful and intriguing, but you hardly get the time to stand and admire them. For, you have to take covers as fast as possible. It would help if you were out of your enemy’s sights at the earliest. It is a world full of dangers and perils, and one wrong move can cost you your life in here.

However, the challenges never feel to be unjust on the part of any particular player. It features fair gameplay. All you need to do is master the right strategy, and then no one will be able to stop you from succeeding in this game. Also, the enemy design will keep you intrigued to the very last seconds.

The presence of weak enemies makes it easier for you to boost your score. You can easily hunt them down and kill them. However, remember that not all that comes to you easily will benefit you. Kill them as soon as you spot them; otherwise, they will pose a threat to you.

In case, you go out of cover you can get decimated within a fraction of a second. Also, there are different types of enemies that you need to watch out for. A few players prefer to play with the sniper rifles while lying under cover whereas the others prefer flanking their assault rifles before the enemies. The presence of so many enemies and such varied gameplay adds to its popularity.

Smart AI design:

This game features a smart AI design that does not let the routine funneling of enemies into an area feel boring. This feature comes handy when you are playing missions where you are assigned the task of protecting people, and they run away directly to the enemy bases. It is quite annoying as they are asking for their own death. However, such scenarios are quite rare.

Also, you might encounter the crazy hyenas that will run up to you with ticking bombs present on their body. You need to watch out for all these hazards and slowly move towards your target. All in all, this game will never get boring, and you will stay hooked to it to the very last minute.

Final Words:

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Division 2 is one of the best loot-based games that are quite popular among the players. If the above-mentioned facts about the game intrigue you, you should definitely try playing this game.