Where does Fantasia Barrino Live and how much is her House Worth?

Fantasia Barrino

As for his personal life, as of April 2024, he seemed to be enjoying his time in an enviable residence that features a blue flame fireplace and marble walls, as well as an outdoor area that features a large garden front overlooking a tree lined street. like a backyard that has a pool and a covered lounge for maximum relaxation.

However, Barrino has also faced difficulties. In addition to suffering, and fortunately surviving, an overdose, the singer was devastated in February 2018 “after learning that her older nephew Tyquan was shot dead in her hometown of North Carolina,” according to Ambiente . Beyond that, that star has suffered from more than one difficult situation when it comes to serious financial losses related to high-priced real estate.

Fantasia Barrino sold her last house for much less than what she paid

Putting your money into real estate is an investment that is not always worth it. Fantasia Barrino is a celebrity who can attest to that fact. When the singer sold her Charlotte, North Carolina home in 2018, she suffered a serious financial blow. While he bought the house in 2004, the same year he earned American idol – for $ 740,000, he only managed to sell it for $ 465,000, probably due to the fact that he “needed an extensive renovation,” according to the Los Angeles Times .

The ‘manor house’, located in a ‘golf course area’, has a brick exterior and black shutters, giving it ‘a traditional feel’. Sitting on “half an acre of park-like land,” inside, there are 4,541 square feet of space to enjoy, including four bedrooms, 3.5 baths, “two bonus rooms” and a music room. The master bedroom, which is located on the main level, features a sauna, while a fifth bedroom was converted into a walk-in closet. Whoever was lucky enough to break the house surely appreciates the fact that it also has a closed porch which is apparently “[e] essential in buggy premises”.

While that sounds pretty good, Realtor.com notes that Fantasia “wants [ed] a quick sale”, which may have been because the star had already faced a troubled attempt to download an expensive house in the past.

The ‘American Idol’ student was forced to turn over her old house to the bank

When Fantasia Barrino sold her home for a loss in 2018, it wasn’t the first time she’d faced an unfortunate result when it came to unloading an expensive residence. However, as the star attempted to sell a different “North Carolina mansion,” TMZ notes that it was unable to find a buyer for the approximately 6,500-square-foot “irritatingly undetermined architectural style” home that has 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and a “pond front” location in the exclusive Glynmoor Lakes development in Charlotte, ”according to Variety .

Barrino found himself facing a possible foreclosure on the property in 2009, two years after buying it. However, TMZ explains that she “dodged the bullet at 12 noon.” Then she tried to sell the house in 2012 “with a starting price of $ 800,000 … $ 500,000 less than [the $ 1.3 million that] she paid for. Ouch! Things got even more painful when, in 2013, the singer had not managed to unload the house, so she »walks [ed] away for zero dollars … by signing it at the bank«.

While that meant that he could avoid the official foreclosure process, it also means that he lost all the money he had put into the mass residence. Hopefully, your future real estate purchases aren’t as heavy and end up paying off.