5 Uses of Tiger Balm

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Tiger balm is a topical product that relieves muscle pains, aches, and strains. This product has various types, including ointments, rubs, liniments, creams, and adhesive skin patches. The scents, packaging, and formulations may differ depending on your geographical location. Tiger Balm is a great source of numerous ingredients, including camphor, menthol, cassia oil, methyl salicylate, and capsicum. Each ingredient has its unique importance. For instance, capsicum is essential in blocking pain signals. On the other hand, methyl salicylate relieves pain and reduces inflammation. There are certain side effects associated with Tiger Balm: breathing difficulties, redness, burning sensation, itchiness, and skin irritation. Below are the key uses of Tiger Balm:

1. Cough and Cold Relief

There are various causes of cough, including asthma, gastroesophageal reflux disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, postnasal drip, and infections. Camphor is an excellent ingredient of Tiger Balm that plays a vital role in preventing cough and cold. It acts as a cough suppressant, mild decongestant, and expectorant. According to science, an expectorant is a substance that eliminates mucus from the airway. In addition, menthol in the Tiger Balm can soothe your sinus pathway and irritate the nasal. If you’re opting to use Tiger Balm to prevent cough and cold, apply it to the throat or chest. Also, you can rub a tiny bit under the nose to relieve mucus congestion.

2. Relieve Headaches

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Tiger Balm is an effective product for relieving common headaches due to its pain-relieving properties.

If you’re struggling with a tension headache, apply the Tiger Balm on your shoulders and neck. Topical menthol in this product is essential in relieving symptoms associated with migraines, such as light sensitivity and nausea.

3. Muscle Pain Management

Muscle pain can be caused by an array of factors, such as stress, tension, minor injuries, etc. This pain affects a small portion of your body and a few muscles. Tiger Balm is an effective product that’ll help you relieve muscle pain. If you’re looking for Tiger Balm, visit https://www.tigerbalm.com/us/products/tiger-balm-active-muscle-rub/. Menthol and camphor ingredients in the Tiger Balm will reduce inflammation, thus relieving pain. These ingredients will increase blood circulation in the affected region of your body. Capsicum blocks nerve pain receptors, thus lowering the severity of the pain. In addition, methyl salicylate acts as a numbing agent.

4. Manage Arthritis Pain

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The anti-inflammatory properties of capsicum, cassia oil, and menthol play a significant part in managing arthritis pain. There are certain factors that’ll increase your risk of developing arthritis, including obesity, injuries, wear and tear of a joint, muscle weakness, genes, and autoimmune disorders. Tiger Balm can be termed as a counterirritant because it distracts you from arthritis pain.

5. Relieves Shoulder and Neck Pain

Shoulder and neck pains come as a result of sprains and strains from bad posture and overexertion. Strengthening and stretching can treat this type of pain. If the pain doesn’t disappear on its own, consider a Tiger Balm. The topical menthol ingredient provides shoulder and neck pain.

In conclusion, Tiger Balm can help you reduce osteoarthritis pain, stretch marks, minor burns, back pain, non-arthritic joint pain, toothaches, neuropathy, etc. Choose a Tiger Balm that suits your needs.