7 Various Household Uses for Rubber Stoppers

Image source: unsplash.com

Every household should own several items for multipurpose use. One of them is just rubber stoppers. Thanks to their shape and fantastic material, they can be of great use in most situations.

In their own way, they can serve as an urgent solution to a problem or simply be of use to you as a permanent solution. Depending on the situation, their application is different. Due to the large production of rubber stoppers, you can find them in various shapes and thus adapt to your needs.

However, many people do not know all the ways they can use these items. There are really too many of them to single out each of the ways, but below you can find several ways to use these tiny items.

1. Toys

Image source: unsplash.com

Did you know that you can design and realize toys of various shapes only with the help of them? This can be a very fun activity to do with your children. In this way, they can have fun while developing their creative ability and making themselves an object to play with.
As a result, you will get a very safe toy, and you will use the excess rubber plugs that have been in your home for some time. There is no need to throw them away when your little ones can enjoy something like this with you. If your children are a little bit more demanding then this website is solution for them.

If you have no idea what you could do, we will give you an idea. In addition to rubber stoppers, you will need a rope, thread, or something on which you can string these small items. The larger the string you make, the more different shapes come into play. You can also connect them, glue them together or on something, and so you get very interesting works of different types.

2. Decoration

Here is another explanation that can help you decorate your wall with a kind of art that you made yourself. As with making a toy, you should be imaginative and come up with some very cool ways. Also, if you have no idea what it could be, we will suggest it to you.
Take some kind of billboards, corks, staples, and other materials of your choice such as markers, textiles, etc. All this together can look very nice, and your home will have a special vibe. This will give it your personal stamp, and every household must have it. Feel free to add some more decorations, because when it comes to art, anything is possible.

3. Magnet

Image source: unsplash.com

If you love magnets then this will be a great project for you. People usually use magnets on the refrigerator and thus additionally decorate it or use magnets as holders, etc. In any case, they are common, but now you don’t have to buy them, but use what has been in the house for a long time.

Of course, use rubber stoppers in combination with glue and a magnet. When it dries, you can fix them on the fridge and, for example, keep your favorite picture, grocery list, or some other reminder.

4. Fix furniture

We will now introduce you to one of the practical uses of rubber stoppers that can get you out of some very uncomfortable situations. One of those situations is when your furniture cannot stand still on the floor. Of course, we don’t think it moves, but it produces strange sounds due to instability or a floor that is not compatible with the furniture.

Then you can use rubber stoppers. You need to place them on the supports of a chair, table, or some other object. Try moving your furniture afterward and you will realize that nothing is heard. However, the most important thing is that fantastic material such as rubber actually prevents the furniture from air conditioning, slipping, etc. So, stability comes first.

5. Hole plug

When we talk about this type of use of plugs, we mean the openings on our computers, phones, tablets, etc. Since we cannot use any rubber stopper for this purpose, this is understood as a specific need. However, it is very easy to get these useful plugs. All you need to do is contact a company, like etolrubber that specializes in making custom stoppers.
It is important to protect your inputs on devices from dust and other dirt that can eventually cause major problems. Although you regularly clean your computer, it has a large number of inputs that get dust into it every day and accumulate over time. To protect it from possible failure, it is best to use these preventive measures, which are very favorable and mean a lot.

6. Door insulation

We will suggest one very similar to the previous use of rubber stoppers. As with furniture, they can be very useful when it comes to doors. Some people have a big noise problem when opening or closing a door. It also prevents the formation of scratches and major damage that can form after a while. This often happens if the door makes this kind of noise. Such things can be solved with the help of these cases.

It is enough to place one or more plugs in a suitable place that will prevent noise when moving the door. Their soft, and on the other hand, durable material will remove everything that has been irritating you for some time. In addition, it will protect your walls as much as the doors, and they are even more susceptible to damage. You will be very happy that you did not throw all the plugs you have in the house, because at the same time you will eliminate noise and protect doors and walls.

7. Filling holes

Of course, this item is mostly used when covering various holes. In this way, large amounts of water can be prevented from spilling, etc. That is why plumbers constantly use them in their work.

Although tiny, this item can withstand high temperatures, various substances and thus shows great resistance. Its durability is due to the fact that today it is very popular in production and is used for various purposes.


So don’t throw away rubber plugs that you haven’t used, leave them aside because you will definitely need them. As you can read, they can really be of great use to you. We hope that some of the ways of using these items will be useful to you, and maybe they will inspire you for other types of use as well.