How to Safely Use CBD Oil for Horses?

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Cannabis for horses is a common drug, which people are providing to solve their many health issues. It is necessary to know the safe methods to provide this drug to your pet. If you are unaware of the right method, then it is better to consider it before worsening the health of your horse.

In the following write-up, we will discuss different methods to provide CBD oil to horses in a safe manner. You must go through this article to protect your pet and help it to get rid of various health issues. Make sure that you follow all the listed methods to make your pony well.

1. Don’t Use Glass Droppers to Provide Dose

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Different CBD oils and tinctures come in bottles with droppers, made up of glass. These work excellently for smaller pets like cats, but in the case of a horse, they are an outright safety hazard. There is a high risk that the horse will snap it with its teeth, which can result in injury or choking on glass shards. As a safer alternative, opt for an oral syringe made of plastic.

2. Choose High-Quality CBD Products

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When you introduce cannabis into your horse’s diet, be very picky about what you’ll use. Make a point of determining all the ingredients and researching the manufacturer as well. You want to know who it is that you are entrusting with the well-being of your animal. There are many products available in the market of exceedingly low quality, and they are just packed with unnecessary substances that might even be harmful. Click here to learn more about additives in general.

Here are the things that you need to pay attention on while making any choice.
Pick a product that is tailored to ponies. Unlike those who manufacture CBD products for pets in general (i.e. smaller critters like birds, cats, dogs etc.), manufacturers who specialize in horses are quite more careful about components that may aggravate the equine digestive system.

Inspect the label for potency (CBD content per volume of product), recommended dosage, and the ingredient list. Always choose the purest possible oil, meaning only hemp and a carrier, without any flavors, coloring, or any other artificial additions. Those are just cosmetics for picky humans, and they will do your horse no good.

If you can afford it, buy oil made from 100% organic hemp, and if possible, pick one that isn’t GMO and has been grown without the use of pesticides. Likewise, check what method of extraction was used and whether there is any residue from the solvents.

Good quality oil will be made via CO2 extraction, and there will be no leftover alcohol in it. Finally, look up the manufacturer’s website for a COA (Certificate of Analysis).

3. Doses Should Go from Less to More

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As with any other pet, the CBD dosage that you give to your pet will depend on their weight and body size. If the situation calls for it, you can increase, but the consensus is that the perfect approach to initiate with a minimal dose and after that, gradually increase it with time.

The keywords here are patience and caution. As of yet, figuring out the perfect CBD dosage for your pet is pretty much guesswork – you try various options until one of them works.

4. Closely Observe Whether There is Any Effect

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With alternative medicine like this, it can sometimes be hard to get precise feedback. You must observe your horse closely to see whether the dose of CBD oil that you are using at the time is having any actual effect. Note the date when you have initiated the treatment, and then watch for changes in behavior and physical condition over a week, two weeks, a month, etc.

Experts at provide some examples of positive treatment response that you can expect to see. A horse being given the oil to ease chronic pain will start showing improved levels of energy, better appetite, and a more cheerful demeanor.
In treating anxiety or other nervousness issues, you will notice that the horse stopped being irritable or afraid. Successful treatment will show itself as increased curiosity, willingness to explore outside, and less avoiding of activities. More visible conditions, such as eczema on the skin, will improve and eventually go away completely.

You can usually expect the first results to occur within thirty to sixty minutes from applying the oil. Specific improvements will be differently visible between each horse, so spotting any progress while using CBD oils will largely depend on you as the owner. Once you have hit the correct dose, you will be in the best position to notice subtle changes in the condition of your animal and act on them.

5. Ask from the Vet

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If you are unaware of CBD oil, then you should ask the vet about the right way to provide the drug to your vet. He can explain everything in detail and will help you with feeding your friend. He can also suggest the right dose and in what time you should provide. The vets understand animal diseases and how their bodies will react to different drugs.

It is always recommended to go to your vet for better medications. In this way, your horse will heal soon. The cannabis heals the pain temporarily, and therefore, it is necessary to get the right medications for healing the health problem from the root. For that, you have to take help from your vet and consider all the medications recommended by him.

The Bottom Line

Nowadays, it is common to provide cannabis to ponies for treating various symptoms of painful diseases. But it is necessary to know the right ways of providing the drug to your pet. If you are unaware of these methods, then it is better to follow all the ones mentioned earlier. In this way, you will take good care of your friend in a better way. You will minimize the pain to give temporary relief to your horse by using CBD oil.