The Incredible Travel Story of Bashar Ibrahim

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Bashar Ibrahim is a very popular personality known for his blogs and travels. He has one of those incredible life experiences worthy of a high budget Hollywood blockbusters. He was born in 1997 in Aswan, Southern Egypt, to middle-class parents. An academic scholar specializing in anthropological studies, his father Bahadur traveled extensively. Therefore, while growing up, Bashar had a unique perspective of the world. He took over the “family business” and started traveling and exploring himself. On numerous occasions, he went out into the world to experience as many cultures as possible. Bashar is also an avid foodie and a famous blogger.

He is obsessed with recording all of his travels and activities. One of his most important missions to taste as many types of international cuisines as possible. Thanks to his interesting life, he is a famous internet figure. In this article, we will explore more about his life.

The Blog

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Bashar’s blog started like any other, a place where the writer expresses his thoughts and feelings to the audience willing to read about it. Quickly, however, his blog became famous, and a legitimate digital enterprise. He started selling ad space, which allowed him to finance and extend his travels. His natural writing and storytelling skills, as well as great photography, recording, and editing mastery earned him a large audience he never thought he would have.

His most popular entries include the experiences from his American and European travels. The experiences of a foreigner were very interesting to read about by the natives of the famous American cities, and European countries. From an alien standpoint, they learned a lot about their home that they had never known before. If you want to learn more about Bashar Ibrahim, visit this website.

American Tour

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Bashar’s American travels are absolutely some of the most interesting parts of his whole life. Like many before him, he decided to start in New York City, a place at the top of every person’s list of dream destinations. The then started moving westward, before he circled back through the Southern States to return to the east coast. NYC is the best starting place to start an American trip. In his blog, Bashar described his first day in the Big Apple, talking about the landmarks and sampling authentic NYC style pizza. Besides, he talks extensively about the many people he met.

Initially, he had certain concerns about being a foreigner of Arab descent, mostly because of how stereotypically some Americans might view him due to the September 11 attacks. He was prepared and very aware of the possible racism towards him. He visited the 9/11 memorial and described the huge sense of loss present in the area. From that point on, he has had a new appreciation for America. Best of all, he was proven wrong as his fears were in vain. He experienced none of the racism, as nobody he encountered had any prejudices about his origin. This was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Bashar then moved to California and focused heavily on the many different local cuisines. In the coastline state, he could indulge fully in his love of fish and fishing. He connected with many local fishermen and went to numerous seafood restaurants. It was one of the most productive parts of his American travels.

However, Bashar felt most at home while touring the many smaller, mid-west cities where communities feel closer and more welcoming. These towns reminded him of so much of home, which is why he enjoyed them the most. He writes that life in these tight-knit communities was basic, simple, and straightforward. His stories even persuaded many Americans to tour their own country, especially the inner parts they are not familiar with.

European Tour

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After Bashar Ibrahim return home to Egypt from the USA, he took some time to reflect and recharge. Since he never rests for too long, he already began planning his next stop, the old continent of Europe. Unlike America, which is enormous geographically but after all one country, Europe is a vast place with numerous interesting countries with different traditions, customs, and histories. It is simply impossible to see everything during one trip, no matter how long it may be. Therefore, he limited his initial travels to the UK, France, Italy, and Russia.

When Bashar came to the UK, he was perplexed with at how so many people could live on such a small landmass, especially compared to Russia he would visit later. Sadly, the United Kingdom was not one of his favorite destinations in terms of cuisine. However, he loved the fact that this country was such a mix of old culture and tradition, and new technology and modern infrastructure. To him, Britain felt like one of the most diverse and cosmopolitan places he has ever had the pleasure of visiting. One of the surprises he encountered is the fact that Indian and Arab people proudly identified as British. What is more, their accents gave no hint of their families migrating to the country so open to all ethnicities.

Exactly like in the USA, he experienced no problems due to his Arab roots. Everyone was welcoming and ready to share experiences. No racial or cultural discrimination came his way, and he wrote that if you removed the political filter governing our everyday lives, most citizens of the world want the same things and love the same stuff.

During his other European travels, he buried himself in the incredibly diverse culinary and artistic specialties and wonders Europe is famous for fad and wide. Still, he tried to offer his readers and fans something new that other travelers tend to overlook. Therefore, Bashar decided to document smaller, but equally peculiar intricacies of his destinations.

While he enjoyed France and Italy, the tradition and the people as well as the food and arts, Russia was his absolute favorite place in Europe. It did not take him long to discovered what makes the country special. Wherever he made his way, he encountered the signs of the old Soviet Union. The loud echoes of the past followed him every step of the way, and he witnessed a country that still greatly defined by the long and dominant communist history.

Political aside though, Bashar also enjoyed the fun and relaxed spirit of the Russian people. He feels they are often too carefree, so much so that it may hurt them! This is hardly a bad thing however for a foreigner, because the more welcoming the citizens, the better! On his blog, he concluded that in order to live in such a cold country, you have to laugh as much as possible to warm up your soul and body. Most of his favorite people from the travels are Russian.

Closing Remarks

In his twenties, Bashar Ibrahim is still in the early stages of his travels. He has already toured a lot of the world, but nowhere near to what the wants. We can expect to hear much more about him and his explorations in the coming years. We wish him all the luck on his future travels!