5 Reasons Why You Should Take Up Archery

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Some say they are the calmest people in the world. Their hands never tremble and their eyes of the falcon help them hit the target. We’re talking about archery – a top sport and one of the oldest sports in history. If some people think that this sport is simple and that everyone can do it – you can trust us, it is not so. For archery, besides a calm hand and good eyesight – you must also have mental and intellectual strength and energy. This sport offers you many benefits. If you are still not sure why this is so – we will explain it in this text. We will offer you 5 reasons why you should take up archery – and explain the qualities and advantages of this sport.

Development Of Archery As A Sport

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Archery is a sport where competitors use a bow and arrow or a crossbow. This sport should not be confused with shooting – where different types of rifles and pistols are used to shoot at moving, stationary and flying targets. Archery is a standard sport in the program of the modern Olympic Games. Certain shooting disciplines are integral parts of all-around sports – such as biathlon and modern pentathlon. Archery is both a winter and summer Olympic sport. In short, this is the basic thing we need to know about archery – and how much as a sport it is one of the oldest disciplines both in the Olympics and in other competitions.

What Do We Need To Know To Play This Sport?

If we tickled your imagination at least a little – let us introduce you to some more secrets of this sport. Apart from the fact that it is historically one of the oldest sports disciplines – archery also has some rules that we need to know before we decide to take up arms. Great discipline applies here and, above all, the safety of every shooter must not be taken lightly at any cost – because we can easily injure ourselves and someone else.

Nervousness is present in this sport but it mustn’t be constant – because then you are not the right person for this sport. There are certain rules and they must be followed – and checking up on everyone who wants to play this sport is mandatory. So take a good look at whether you want to do this knightly sport that requires composure, concentration, and calm. If you possess these qualities and traits – try it, and you will see how much archery benefits your mental balance.

Reasons To Take Up Archery

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Everyone says that archery is a male sport, but the evidence shows quite the opposite. Women are not far behind when it comes to this sport. Some women score even better than men – and there are more and more of them in this sport. So, this sport can be practiced by both men and women very equally. When you take a bow and arrow in your hands – the differences cease to exist.

Of course, the choice of bow and arrow or crossbow is also very important. If you have any doubts and haven’t decided on which bow and arrow to choose – check this, and we are sure that with good advice and a quality offer you will be able to choose what suits you best. We will give you advice and reasons why archery is a good choice to do it recreationally – or if you are good, why not professionally?


This is one of the most important reasons why it is good to choose archery as a sport. Discipline in archery is crucial in every sense – because it teaches you to be precise, calm – and above all, to think about yourself and your colleagues. This sport connects people and is not for singles who would like to isolate themselves. With your behavior and discipline, you can positively influence your environment and achieve better results.

2. Cold-bloodedness

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Cold-bloodedness is most important for this sport. You must not show excessive emotions when you compete in front of the target – because it can bother you. When you win, there is plenty of time for emotions and joy. A cold-blooded and calm hand brings results in archery – both in the team and individual competition.

3. Physical Readiness And Strength

Since archery is also a winter sport – this factor is well known to biathletes who, in addition to cross-country skiing, also have target shooting. This requires physical fitness and readiness. Competitors know that after cross-country skiing – you must take a stance and hit the target. That is why physical fitness is very important for this sport – because you need to be fit, but also focused and hit the target.

4. Techniques, And Stance Exercises

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There are several techniques when practicing archery. That’s why this sport has its charm. It is not monotonous – but you can practice it from different points of view, and in different places. Only training and harmonization of the necessary elements lead to achieving good results. The proper stance in archery is a basic element of this sports discipline – because, without the right stance, there is no good stability, proper targeting, or shooting. Therefore, high results cannot be achieved.

5. The Adrenaline Aspect

Increased adrenaline is certainly another reason why archery can be a great choice for you. Adrenaline works 100% – and your concentration is at a high level. Especially when you are trying to shoot at moving targets – there is an adrenaline rush which is very important to do the task as well as possible and win as many points. Will the adrenaline rush affect your better concentration – or make you more nervous and inaccurate? These are things that you will learn but also improve by practicing this sport.


Archery can offer you a lot – if you fulfill at least part of what we have advised you and given as reasons. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing it like a professional sport or you’re just using it for recreational practicing. This sport can teach you a lot of skills. You can cut yourself some slack and try your talent – but also strengthen your mental and psychological structure. It is good to know what you are like – at the moment when you have a bow, arrow, or crossbow in your hand. Are you calm and composed – or are you nervous and sweaty? Check that anyway, and good luck!