Is SAP Concur Worth it? 6 Alternatives to try 2024


SAP Concur is one of the most famous SaaS products that can help run and manage a company. It is a popular product, but still, many find it difficult to use. Of course, opinions are divided, because it all depends on what we need and how we can implement it in our business.

According to many users, SAP Concur is worth the money invested, although there are some drawbacks that would make them try other software. Still, if this one works well for you, you may not need to replace anything.

But if you want to discover more, stay with us because we have some suggestions to share.

So if you are interested in certain SAP Concur alternatives, then we have some suggestions for you:

1. Webexpenses

This is excellent management software, with which you can automate many processes and increase the efficiency of your business. You can easily manage invoices, expenses, and travel orders, and you have customer support throughout the process.

Unlike SAP Concur, this software is easier to set up and all commands are intuitive and easy to navigate.

2. TravelPerk

This software solution is great for business trips within a company. You can easily create different reports and manage expenses. It also integrates with collaborative tools, to make it easier to centralize communication.

Of course, you also have analytics, which will help you amortize costs more easily.

3. G2 Deals


This is software that you can easily adapt to and use over and over again. Of course, its price is more than acceptable, regardless of whether you are a large or small user.

With the help of exclusive tools, managing your business has never been easier.

4. Emburse Certify Expense

This is another optimized management solution for companies. With it, you will be able to easily manage the expenses of travel and purchases. It’s one of the easiest software to set up, which comes with useful tools that will make it easy for you to get started from day one.

5. Zoho Expense


This software is a great alternative to SAP Concur, as it offers all the features, but is much easier for real-time collaboration. You will easily generate invoices and analytical reports and report expenses within the company.

And best of all, maintenance costs are much lower compared to SAP Concur, meaning it can be one of the best business investments of your life.

6. Egencia

This modern software will completely change the way your business works. The platform allows you to manage various reports, analytics, risks, costs, and manage employee profiles.

Egencia is not as popular as SAP Concur, but that’s only because SAP Concur is a veteran in this field.


As you can see, there are alternatives to SAP Concur that are worth giving a chance and improving your business performance. But if SAP Concur is good enough for you, then there may be no reason to change it in 2024.

However, if you want a change, we hope these recommendations are good for you. In fact, each software can be a better or worse choice for a company, depending on what you really need to better manage your internal affairs.