5 Top Reddit Gambling Communities

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For some people, gambling can be considered a one-person type of business. However, It’s not true. Gamblers are very social. In their circles, they seek to gain the respect of their fellow gamblers whenever they win.

While some gamblers prefer face-to-face conversation (rather than written sentiments), others love online communities. Many gamblers come to these communities to discuss strategy or brag about their winnings on MinDepCasinos. It’s also a place where these gamblers share their stories, too.

One of the significant social communities for gamblers is Reddit. For online gambling, Reddit has been a substantial source of information for many new and experienced gamblers. If you’re a gambler, and you’re looking for communities where you could share your ideas, you should keep on reading.

Here are five popular Reddit communities for gambling.

1. Reddit Gambling

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When it comes to gambling, this is the largest subreddit you’ll ever find. Reddit gambling is one of the platforms that promotes healthy and responsible gaming activities. It focuses on the stories of other gamblers, the world’s view about gamblers, and beautiful conversations.

In this subreddit, you are free to talk about your journey as a gambler. You can leave a comment if you like a person’s point of view, post a meme, brag about your success, or get into a debate. Overall, all members here can post anything relating to gambling.

2. Reddit Sportsbook

Among several Reddit online gambling communities, this subreddit has also made a name for itself. In this sub, their discussion is focused on sports betting. Most of the topics discussed include boxing, dog of the day, MLB, NBA, NHL, soccer, tennis, UFC, and many more.

Here, you’ll find many members discussing the best odds and fixtures at the moment. If you have any issues relating to sports betting, these people are very eager to answer your questions at anytime.

With more than 200,000 users active daily, there’s never a dull moment in this community.

3. Reddit Horse Racing

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Just as the name implies, this subreddit is entirely focused on horse racing. Unfortunately, this sub is only focused on horse racing in the United States. Members of this community discuss the latest racing events happening in the industry.

These members also give their suggestions (picks), selections or share their experiences. You’ll also see their recent winnings in the group.

There’s a detailed guide on this sub that goes into horse race betting and the best strategies you could use for each game. Aside from this, the “handicappers” on this forum will help you.

4. Reddit Poker

For many of us, we believe that winning in poker depends on skills and not on gambling. On Reddit, this is the busiest discussion board when it comes to this game. You’ll find lots of your questions concerning poker answered in this subreddit.

For many of the members on this sub, discussions on poker should be for recreational purposes. Other people may post their poker journeys or even make debates on the World Series of Poker.

There are indeed lots of inspirational stories, advice, and various opportunities to be mentored by some of the best players in poker.

5. Reddit Blackjack

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Ever since the infamous team (MIT) barged into casinos, more people have begun to show interest in blackjack. Famous poker player, Phil Ivey, has been making more wins on Las Vegas blackjack tables, and this has been causing quite a stir.

That said, blackjack is getting more popular. And this subreddit has been the number one place to go if you’re looking for answers concerning the game.

You can share your stories, a few ideas, or have a relaxed conversation about the game on this platform. If you’re searching for advice on making the best out of this game, you can use this platform.

Other Reliable Gambling Platforms On Reddit

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Reddit Baccarat

This is one of the best Reddit pages where you will find about this subject. You’ll also get recommendations from other members as to which casinos have the best tables. Have some questions? Don’t worry. This page will help you with the correct answers needed to create that viable strategy.

Reddit Roulette

Roulette is still one of the popular games played in casinos. It has stirred a lot of interest among many players due to its unique gameplay. Although this game is quite different from poker or sports games, it still requires strategy.

As for learning how to play better, this sub will help you. In this group, you’ll find members who are willing to share their stories on how they played the game. Although this subreddit has some low engagement, you’ll still find the content that will be useful to you.

Reddit Craps

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Dice games are risky. Although dice games are not played on casino floors, they can also help you win big in your next gaming session. The Reddit craps sub is the best place to get the best advice, recommendations, and inspiration.

You may even find like-minded people with whom you could hit the tables together.

Reddit Video Poker

This page does not have a large number of people. However, it’s still one of the best video poker forums on Reddit. On this page, members share their winnings and talk about their progress and their game decisions. You will find that will help you play the game better.

Reddit Problem Gambling

Gambling is fun. However, it becomes a problem when you’re addicted to it. This subreddit could be likened to a support group for gambling addicts who need help. If you know anyone who has this issue, you could refer them to this group.

There are lots of tips and other helpful articles on this sub that would help you handle this issue. Most of the stories in this group are about people looking for help. It also includes people who have been able to overcome their gambling problems.

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Gambling is a game that can make you rich. However, it would help if you had the right strategy. To create your strategy, you require information. On Reddit sports gambling groups have been able to provide tips for many players.

If you’re looking for a group of gamblers who have your interest at heart, you should look for these subreddits.