3 Red Flags you Should Assume in a Relationship

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A relationship is an important phase in everyone’s life. Feeling loved, appreciated, and cared for improves your health and self-esteem. Relationships can remain healthy and helpful and improve your life.

However, some relationships can harm your emotional, and physical being i.e sexual assault, and mental health. No matter how devoted you are to loving the person, such a relationship can be toxic and damage your connection to people.

Instead of enjoying the relationship, it might be causing you pain and harm. How will you know you’re in an unhealthy relationship? Here are red flags that you shouldn’t take lightly in your relationship.

3 Red Flags in a Relationship That You Can’t Ignore

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Red flags in a relationship mean signs you aren’t supposed to miss in your relationship. If you see the following symptoms, find a way to break out from the relationship or address them to improve your relationship.

1. Emotionally Unavailable

When you are emotionally connected to your friend, it improves your mental health. You feel valued, and it gives you a sense of belonging. But when your partner doesn’t commit to the relationship, it’s a sign of being emotionally absent.

How will you know your partner is emotionally absent? Some things will show you your friend is not committed to the relationship, like if they do not make an effort to call you, and you’re the one to call every time. If you make plans to meet, and they are unavailable, they don’t show interest or respond; that’s a signal you shouldn’t assume.

2. Jealous and Someone who Doesn’t Trust you

Every healthy relationship is built on trust. Feeling jealous is okay, but whenever your friend’s jealousy is uncontrollable and makes you feel threatened, it may negatively affect your relationship. It’s a clear indication of the problems ahead.

Feeling jealous is a sign you love your loved one and fear losing them, but when it gets out of hand, it can be a big problem. Whenever the other party feels jealous for no reason, it means they don’t trust you, and it should make you think twice about that relationship.

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3. Gaslighting Behavior

Gaslighting behavior means behaviors or words used meant to manipulate you mentally. Although there are so many phrases that one can use to control you, here are some phrases that should serve as a wake-up call

  • You are nagging
  • You’re so dramatic
  • you always act crazy over petty issues

it’s wrong for someone to dictate how you should feel about things. You shouldn’t allow them to impose what’s wrong or right in your life; that’s gaslighting. This behavior is a form of abuse, and let it be in your relationship.

A relationship is where you should confidently express yourself and establish your sense of identity, not where your thoughts and feelings are dismissed.


A red flag should be a warning sign of something wrong in a relationship. Although it’s your decision how you react to it, you need to be in a relationship you feel whole. Somewhere you can make your decisions, but there are negative qualities that are red flags. If there are red flags, you should know how to deal with them and set boundaries.