Recycled Kids’ Toys – Great Presents for Christmas


It’s the season of the Toys! Every child loves toys and especially Christmas presents. Did you get your child’s first letter to Santa Claus already?

Instead of buying new toys for Christmas, you could check out some thrift shops and retailers of recycled kids’ toys and clothing. At Kidzmax, for instance, you can find one-of-a-kind items and especially good quality toys, 80% of which still have their tags attached.

Are you convinced that recycled kids’ toys are the better option? If not, here are a few more reasons:

Save Money without Compromising Quality


Although money is not the only thing that makes the difference when choosing a gift for your child, sometimes people have to sacrifice quality over quantity, especially when you have a big family. That’s not the case with second-hand kids’ toys. There you can find gently used items of excellent quality at the lowest possible price.

Some of the new low-quality plastic toys could turn out to be dangerous for your child’s health. Children tend to chew on their toys. Many cheap plastic toys have toxins, either in the plastic or the pigments used to color the toy.

Usually, brand new, quality items cost a lot more than the ones made of cheap materials and poorer quality. However, at retailers’ shops for gently used kids’ items, you can find great quality toys and save money without compromising. Since some toys still have their original tags, your child wouldn’t even know the difference.

Buying Recycled Kids’ Toys for Christmas Has Impacted the Environment


Like the clothing industry, the toy industry also negatively impacts the environment. There are millions of unwanted or broken toys that end up in landfills or contaminate the oceans.

Keep in mind that the plastic toys industry utilizes petroleum to create the materials used in its products. It is one of the main chemical elements in plastic.

One of the things that everyone should know about plastic is that most of its forms are non biodegradable and extremely durable, meaning that plastic doesn’t dissolve into dust when thrown away. Instead, it can sit unused somewhere for decades, polluting ecosystems and destroying natural habitats for many species.

According to environmental organizations, 80% of plastic toys end in the trash worldwide. And usually, that happens because parents don’t know what to do with the used toys. But times are changing.

Teach Your Child Values


In today’s growing circular economy, retailers give life to old toys and kids’ clothing. Checking the retailers’ shops first could turn into a good habit. Many parents’ concerns about buying recycled kids’ items are understandable. However, there are plenty of gently used toys out there that are not only of excellent quality but are either as good as new or barely used.

Also, by giving your kid a recycled toy for Christmas, you can teach them a new set of values. You can explain to your kids what happens with toys worldwide and how bad it is for the environment, the fish, and the animals.

You can teach your child that a toy can have a new life instead of being thrown somewhere without serving its purpose. You can say to your child that by accepting this gift, they save the toy and the planet. And we all know that every kid dreams of being a hero. This way, you can bring out the hero within them.

New Toys from Recycled Plastic


Instead of having Barbies and Lego blocks polluting the oceans, there are smart ways to turn that old plastic into new toys. Buying toys made of recycled materials has also become a trend.

Today some innovative toymakers create toys made of recycled plastic giving life to old toys in a completely new way. They turn the old plastic into powder and use it, creating a new plastic material for the new toys. The new items are completely safe for children, painted with natural mineral-based coloring.

Other companies are waking up to using used fabric to create stuffed toys. They use old clothing materials to create crafty toys and bring smiles to children’s faces worldwide. There are plenty of ways to become a part of the global growing recycling community.

Just a Few Tips for Buying Recycled Kids’ Items at Retailers’ Shops


Before you step in to find the perfect recycled kids’ item, keep these tips in mind:

  • If there is a new toy on sale with its original tag, do not buy it. This is something that happens when someone buys a new item and decides to sell it after using it once or twice. Unless you want your kid’s present under the Christmas tree to be considered as used, avoid buying anything that still has its tag on.
  • Avoid purchasing toys made of cheap plastic or stuffed animals made of cotton/polyester blend materials. They have chemicals in them can harm your child’s health and pose a threat to the environment.
  • If possible, purchase toys that have removable parts and can be washed safely through a dishwasher or washing machine. This way you’ll save money because once your kid outgrows it, you can give it away or donate it for another child to enjoy.
  • Choose eco-friendly toys which are painted with non-toxic paints and made of 100% recycled materials. Such toys will not only be safe for the planet but also for your children’s health.
  • Last but not least – always check the plastic toys’ recycling symbol on its packaging label before buying one. It helps to understand if the item is truly recyclable or not at all.

In Conclusion

Buying new toys for Christmas, only because they are new, isn’t always the best way to go. Some new, cheaper options could turn out to be a disaster and dangerous for a child’s health. There are cheap plastic toys out there that contain toxins. Of course, not all of them, but some of them do. Toxins can be dangerous for children, as they tend to chew on them. Even small amounts of those toxins can cause health issues.

By buying recycled kids’ toys for Christmas, you give new life to good quality items, and you also teach your child values that can be priceless for the future of the planet.