The Perfect Essence For Your Business


How can a business find the right scent? Whether it is a store, office, hotel, restaurant or showroom, the controlled use of aromas allows companies to influence consumer perception, incentivize employees, extend dwell time and encourage purchases. In this article, we give you the keys you need to discover the perfect aroma for your business.

The power of olfactory marketing


People will stay longer in a store or business that gives off a good scent such as Dossier. Some scents can even improve your mood thanks to the many benefits of aromatherapy. This means that if you find the right scent, you will increase customer interaction time and drive sales.

However, it is necessary to take into account the type of business that is run and select an appropriate and coherent essence. For example, a bakery will sell more bread if it gives off a delicious aroma of freshly baked goods than a strong smell of flowers.

Unique personality for your brand

Don’t be afraid to add your own personality to the scent you are marketing. Knowing which aroma to choose requires time, patience, and careful exploration to discover which set of essences work best, since some scents favor relaxation, others stimulation, and they must be taken into account when preparing our odotype. If you are going to mix two or more scents, seek the advice of experts and contact an olfactory marketing consultancy to help you design the right scent for your brand.

Choosing the perfect scent: different scents for different businesses


If you want the scent to work, you need a scent that fits the mood and complements your product. Help customers relax with soft scents of lavender, make them drool over a slice of apple pie with hints of cinnamon, or discover the power of an office that exudes the scent of wood, amber, and spices. Next, we will see some examples of the aromas that work best in different types of businesses.

The use of environmental aromas in hotels and rural houses

Hotels use identifying aromas to improve their lobbies, corridors, rooms, and bathrooms and often diffuse them through professional air-freshening systems, although we can also recognize their fragrance in the amenities they offer.

However, if there is something that characterizes the aromas of hotels, it is the creation of a unique essence that coincides with the location and setting of the accommodation. For example, a sunny hotel near the sea will choose fragrances such as pineapple, melon or coconut to highlight the tropical and sensual surroundings. On the contrary, a rural accommodation will surely select aromas of wood and lavender that favor calm and relaxation.


Scents suitable for gyms and fitness centers

Competition between gyms and fitness centers is intense, and one way for an establishment to gain an advantage over others that offer similar services is to incorporate a unique scent. Diffusing fragrances in locker rooms, lobbies, saunas, and training rooms help create a more welcoming environment for new members.

Cardamom, peppermint, and rosemary essential oils are popular fragrances used to welcome gyms, citrus notes can have an invigorating effect in machine rooms, while lemon will evoke a clean, hygienic feeling in changing rooms.

Fragrances for banks and financial institutions


Banks and institutions prefer pleasant and calm aromas to counteract the theme of money, which is often a source of contention and stress. As well as, they select aromas that evoke luxury, for example, the smell of leather or that improve cognition and the ability to solve problems, such as rosemary and mint.

Scenting beauty salons and spas

Beauty salons tend to choose relaxing aromas for their clients to disconnect from everyday life, such as green tea, mint, rosemary, sandalwood or lavender. Likewise, they choose fragrances that help manage body stress capable of lowering cortisol levels, such as geranium or jasmine.

Flavoring in commercial environments

Retail stores use scent marketing to promote sales of their products. The idea of creating an effective room scent is to make sure that the selected fragrance evokes an image that is emotionally connected in some way to what is being sold. For example, a children’s clothing store will give off the scent of talcum powder and baby cologne.

Aromatization in bars, cafes, and restaurants


Olfactory marketing in restaurants is fundamental since it awakens the senses and exerts a positive influence on the memory of consumers. Culinary fragrances in a restaurant, taking care that the toilets give off a clean smell or that the aroma of coffee is always present in a cafeteria is a perfect strategy to encourage sales and achieve a pleasant experience.

No matter what your business is, a personalized scent can ensure brand loyalty, and improve the atmosphere and bottom line. Thanks to our experts, the air freshener, and odor control applications that we offer at Dossier, you can now have your own fragrance specially designed for your business. Contact without obligation and take a look at our catalog of professional air fresheners for each type of business.