Military Haircut: 10 Best Ideas with Photo

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The military has been known over a long time to be the source of fashion and fitness inspiration to both men and women worldwide. Every young man wants to own the khaki and the army vests as they feel this will make them look classic and corporal. The haircut is another military inspiration that is getting to the minds of almost everyone.

We have handpicked some of the military haircuts that are getting the most wave recently. Read on to find out the military haircuts that make to the list, their descriptions, and what makes each unique, and on the Livetray website, you will find 10 Benefits of Going for a Military Haircut.

Ten popular Military Inspired Haircuts

Fade Haircut

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The fade haircut is the most popular among the military, and this popularity is getting the minds of the younger millennials. It presents with short hair on the sides and back that blends perceptibly to the neck and cheek. On the other end, the up-top hair is slightly longer than those of the sides and back. The variation in the fade haircut comes from the length of the top of the head.

Although, the military men have a general signature of keeping the up top hair snipped very close to the scalp. You are not compelled to follow the same style really, as you have the liberty to make yours a little longer, making it easier to style with different hair care products.

Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut is popularly called the induction cut in the military as it is often found on new army recruits. This hairstyle is pretty straight forward as it has both top and side hair low enough, making the scalp obvious. The inspiration behind the buzz cut was to prevent the spread of head lice among the soldiers. However, several young men who desire to look clean and simple have adopted it over time.

The buzz cut is best suited for square or oval faces. It is also a good option for those who want to keep conspicuous facial structures such as the facial hair. Maintenance of the buzz cut is not a big issue, and it can help save a lot of time and stress.

Ivy League Cut

Here is another hairstyle that has a touch of military and vintage associated with it. The hairs on the head’s sides and back are also kept low, although not revealing the scalp. The hair up top on the hand is allowed to remain in a large volume.

The Ivy League cut is often associated with men and women who consider aesthetics above other things. It requires higher maintenance when compared with the buzz cut. It is also important to note that most men who keep this hairstyle also keep a clean shape. This allows this ivy league to cut hairstyle to remain conspicuous; hence, giving the face a pretty good shape.

Crew Cut

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The crew cut is another haircut style that can help keep your face’s shape just how you want it. It is another military-inspired haircut, characterized by tapered low side and back hair. The hair up top is also kept low, except the front of the hairline. The hair around the forehead is kept longer than the other parts of the head. This is what stands the haircut out. Many who choose to equip with this haircut also keep a clean shape, to make the head’s shape more conspicuous.

Regulation Cut

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The regulation cut is the best fit for businessmen and women who have a flair for the military. This haircut is characterized by the side parting, with the classical taming of the hair. The hair is kept low on all sides, but not too low as to reveal the scalp. The corner of the comb can be used to make the side parting. However, this is after using a good hairspray to keep the hair in place. Anyone who wants to do the regulation cut must be ready to keep strong hold products as part of their kits every time.

Curly Crew Cut

The curly crew cut is especially for those who naturally have curls on their hairs. This does not mean that others cannot have this haircut, but it will cost a token to purchase curly locks hair products. Having that in mind, the only thing that separates the curly crew cut from the traditional crew cut is that the former remains low on all sides of the head, while still keeping the frontline hair long and curly.

The  Flat top

The flat top is another vintage military haircut that has experienced a bit of modernization in recent times. While keeping the hair on the sides and back of the head low, the top hair is significantly high. That is not all; the top hair is cut horizontally right across, hence earning it the name. The style is best for just anyone; however, you can add a bit of style to it by using different textured products.

Military Cut


The classical thing about the military haircut is the gloss, gel-like finish of the top hair. This is also accompanied with a side parting. The hair at the side and back are also kept low and in good shape. It is suitable for anyone who doesn’t mind getting several gel-based products.

Fuller Undercut

The fuller undercut is not acceptable in the military because of the fullness and volume of the hair. However, this haircut is still a good start for those intending to style their hair in various directions. The high up top hair can be styled with gel or other textured products.

High and Tight

This is the last on the list, but it remains the most preferred by most servicemen and civilians. The hair is low all round; however, the top of the hair is slightly longer, and it blends perceptibly with the sides and back of the head. Ensure your barber gets this haircut right as it can go a long way in determining your face’s shape.


Both men and women can make the various military haircuts; however, find out which one your barber does best, and the one that blends with before making your choice.