8 Leveling Mistakes all Newbies Make in New World

Source: play.co.rs

New World is very different from the other MMOs out there, making new players make a few mistakes. New massively multiplayer online games eat up all of your gaming time on another weekend, leaving you with nothing but space.

New World, a long-awaited and long-delayed MMORPG, has finally come out. Gamers are rushing to join the fight, which combines combat with exploration and adventure. The New World has a lot of competition, but now is an excellent time to join in. You can also get help from lfc-nwboost.

MMORPGs are becoming grimmer and grimmer and survivalist. Players have to fight the elements and the environment and zombies or angry beasts in these games. Enter the New World, which has both.

Many people wouldn’t be surprised if the game kept getting delayed because they were making some changes to make it more of an open world, like in Runescape and Valheim. No matter how many games the player has played before, everyone makes some mistakes in the New World.

8 Mistakes Everyone Makes In New World

Source: play.co.rs

1. You’re not building your class or job

There are no classes or races in the New World, so that will be the first thing people notice. When you first start making a character, you can’t choose a class. It might put some people off. On the other hand, it’s what some people want.

Because the game has a more realistic setting, players must be patient and build specific skills as they progress to define their character’s class, which is what they do in the game. Players can be farmers, hunters, fighters, magic-users, alchemists, traders, herbalists, or other types of people. The game has a lot of different ways to play, so don’t be afraid to try new things.

2. You are ignoring your ability scores and weapons

Every time a character moves up a level, the player gets two points to boost the ability scores of the nature of their choice.

Don’t just click through these, even at the beginning. There are two main ways to make a character unique regarding weapon proficiencies and other skills like harvesting and fishing. The ability score is the primary way to do this.

You need to be good at Dexterity if you want to play with a bow. It should add as much to this stat as possible to build an archer. The Firearm skill is also helped by having a high intelligence score, giving a hunter more points in this ability.

3. Not Putting Hemp First

Some people can easily miss this plant, but it’s a way of life for others. Growing herbs is essential for experience and crafting, but hemp might be more common than other herbs.

There are a lot of Hemp plants that aren’t in the way, so many people don’t notice them at first. Hemp is used to making linen, which the character needs to make all of their basic clothes. It’s also used to make fishing lines.

4. You are not upgrading and improving the tools

They can make tools for harvesting meat, herbs, and fish with their smelting and smithing skills right away. Most players don’t know, though, that the essential tools they use to make things can be changed after they reach a certain level of skill. You can think of this as something to do with the Tier Level system that shows up in many places. Most people don’t think about the benefits of upgrading until later.

For example, when it comes to harvesting tools, the iron harvesting sickle is the first one that most people have. You can use this level for as long as you want; it’s Tier 2, the lowest level. If they buy Tier 3, which is made of steel, the harvesting speed of the machine goes up. It’s worth it to spend the time and money to get a new computer.

5. Right Away, Joined A Faction

Many people are excited when they can join a faction, and they try to find one as soon as possible. There are many more quests, rewards, and other things you need to do to enjoy the game entirely.

However, there’s no need to rush over to Urbanus Bixford as soon as you reach level 10. Visit this NPC in Monarch Bluff to get a quest, but you can turn in the pursuit any time you’d like. So it’s better to take your time and do some research since this is a choice that you can only make every few months or so.

6. You are not going to the campsite

One of the first quests in Monarch Bluffs is called “Sharp Teeth, Fine Fur,” and it’s for an angry NPC named Odnell Lee. It looks like a simple kill-quota quest, but the real point is to show how to use a campsite.

The campsite isn’t just a place where the character can set up and use the wilderness to rest, recover, or make things. It’s also a place where the character can learn about the world around them and use it. If the player takes on an animal that’s too big or wants to farm resources in an area with high-level enemies, this is where they’ll start. Please do not make the mistake of not paying attention to it early in the game, as many people do.

7. Non-use of the Chat Functions

It is straightforward to understand and use once found in the game. The bare-bones, survivalist look of the game also shows up in the UI, which is why these abilities can be hard to find at first.

When you hit the Enter key, the default Global chat function comes up. But don’t use it all the time. There’s a small bar on the right that players can use for different things, like the local feed, regional chat, a recruitment channel, and a Faction-only option when they want to share information about PVP.

8. Not spending a lot of time on Salvage and Repair

People who hunt, kill, and eat a lot will need to fix their gear after a long day. If players want to improve their equipment, they need to salvage weapons, clothes, and other things they don’t need or don’t want to sell at the Trading Post. Press the S key and the right mouse button while hovering over the item you want to right-click. To repair the player’s gear, they can use the materials they get from Salvage.