8 Ways To Know If Your Online Dating App Is Secure

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Dating apps and websites have offered us a simple new way to connect with people for the most part, but they have also introduced some new difficulties. Identity theft, internet harassment, and fraud can all be risks of interacting with strangers through dating applications. And if you decide to meet up in person, there’s a chance you’ll find it uncomfortable to the point of physical harassment.

You can’t be held liable for other people’s predatory or disrespectful actions, but there are steps you may take to protect yourself while engaging with strangers. For example, you can check if someone has an arrest record through searching up their name in Look Up Inmate.

We’ve compiled a list of helpful safety recommendations for safe online dating that you (especially women) can find really helpful. Follow the tips mentioned below so that dating apps only help you find the love of your life and not trauma.

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1. Selecting the Best Dating App

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It might be challenging to traverse the cyber-sea of love. Around 8,000 online dating sites are estimated to exist globally.

The first thing you should look for is a trustworthy website. Stick to well-known websites and conduct some research. Search the internet to see how many people have signed up for the service, and read reviews that may include both positive and negative experiences with the site.

Before signing up, go to the website and do some research. Please read the privacy policy carefully to avoid any complications later. Look for a section on the website that says “about us.” Is there a person’s name or, at the very least, a phone number to call if you have any issues with the website?

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2. Free And Paid Services

What you’re looking for is the determining factor. Because it involves a financial investment, paid sites tend to attract profiles who are serious about meeting people in person. Because membership to these services isn’t inexpensive, people who are usually more serious about seeking a relationship often enroll in a premium service to find their ideal match. Free sites feature more members, which means more options, but it also means you’re more likely to interact with a scumbag every now and then.

3. Report And Block

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The details of trusted individuals, such as military members, relief workers, medical professionals, or professionals working overseas, as well as photographs from other legitimate websites, are commonly used in phony profiles.

Keep an eye out for anyone you’re talking to who vanishes from the site and reappears under a different name. Varying websites have different reporting policies, and not all of them vet or control accounts or profiles. If you suspect a profile is fraudulent or questionable, go to the website to learn how to report it and proceed.

4. Use Anti Virus Software

One protection you may use to keep fraudsters and catfishes at bay is to invest in cybersecurity software. If you believe your computer has been infected with malware, you can take steps to remove it using the appropriate protection software. Installing a free antivirus on your computer to protect yourself from potential catfishes in the online dating scene is also a smart idea.

5. Read Reviews

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Do you check reviews provided by other customers while shopping for a new product? If that’s the case, you’re not alone! It is an excellent method for determining whether a product’s claims are valid and whether it is worth your money. When it comes to dating applications, you can do the same!

It’s a good idea to examine some of the reviews written about a dating app before determining whether or not it’s suited for you. These can reveal a lot about the app’s benefits and drawbacks, and the information can help you avoid wasting time on something that isn’t suited for you.

6. Try the Demo Version

When looking for the best dating app, you’ll discover that many of them have paid versions. However, before you pay for a premium edition of an app, verify whether you can use the free version first. It alone can give you a lot of information about the program and whether or not it has any valuable features.

Plus, by using the free edition first, you can see if the user interface is simple to use, if there are many possible matches with whom you’d be compatible and if the program lacks features that you require. You can decide if you want to upgrade if you continue to use the free version because you like it, but the goal is to avoid paying money upfront.

7. Reconsider Apps with Social Media Connectivity

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People can share data from their social media profiles on most dating apps, including Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge. Although this is mainly innocuous, keep in mind how much information you disclose on your dating profile as a result.

Remember, you don’t know the people on the dating app, and giving them access to your social media profile, including family images, could be dangerous, especially if you’re a single parent.

It would help if you also kept your school, hangout spots, and employer information discreet. If this information is publicly available, people can still find you and harass you even if you have blocked them using the app.

8. Avoid Apps That Allow Texting Before Matching

Receiving inappropriate photos or weird texts, which is possible on dating apps, is something no one enjoys. As a result, it’s ideal to choose an app that requires both persons to be interested in chatting before they may communicate. This way, you can cut down on the number of unwanted messages you receive and only communicate with the people you want to.


Reading reviews and comparing apps can be confusing when it comes to choosing the best online dating app for you, especially since the features and possibilities vary considerably and are continuously changing and expanding as developers modify and enhance the applications.

There are over 7,500 dating apps available worldwide, so there are plenty to pick from, and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. To help you select the perfect app for you, follow the tips mentioned above and immerse yourself in the world of online dating.