Katie Price Turned 42: Plastic Surgery, Failed Marriages and Bankruptcy

Image source: Instagram

British starlet Katie Price is celebrating her 42nd birthday, and the public remembers her the most for extreme plastic surgery and scars that many will not forget.

Price became famous back in 1996 as a model who appeared in the tabloids The Sun and The Daily Mail under the name Jordan. A few years later, she participated in the reality show “I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!”, in which she met musician and entrepreneur Peter Andrea (47).

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She married him, and they had a daughter and a son, and after him, she married two more times. Price was getting married and divorcing those men in no time. The reality star has five children from her relationships and marriages.

More than her love life, Katie shocked everyone with plastic surgeries and scars she openly showed in public. She did her first procedure as a 19-year-old, and it was a breast augmentation when she switched from B to FF.

Image source: profimedia.com

Katie failed to stop there with her addiction but continued with face lifting, Brazilian butt lifting, abdominal liposuction. In fact, according to plastic surgery experts, there’s nothing the starlet hasn’t corrected on her body.

Doctors warned her that she was endangering her life, but she didn’t even want to hear about it. Last year, she went to Turkey to lift her eyelids and fix her buttocks. Over the years, she spent hundreds of thousands of pounds on surgeries, but it ended up being a tragic result.

Image source: Instagram

Also, the starlet declared bankruptcy in December 2019. According to British media, her debts are estimated at more than $ 4.3 million. But Katie doesn’t stop and is currently airing her reality show called “My Crazy Life,” which pretty much fits everything she’s been through.

Otherwise, Price didn’t celebrate this birthday at a nightclub like last year. The starlet is sober for three months, so The Sun reported earlier that she would drink a few cocktails at home. It’s a significant change for a starlet who has been kicked out of clubs for her behavior. On one occasion, she got drunk and started attacking a woman who happened to be near her.


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