Is Kim Jong Un Married?

Kim Jong Un

One of the strangest and most mysterious things about the North Korean regime is how secretive it is. So secretive, in fact, that very little is known about Kim Jong Un’s wife, although he does have one. You’d think they would have had a big state wedding or something, but even their anniversary is up for debate.

According to Chosun Ilbo , South Korean intelligence believes that Kim married his wife Ri Sol Ju in 2009 and they reportedly have three children together, although no one knows if there is still an heir or not. Her marriage was not made public until she began making appearances with him in 2011, on CNN .

The BBC reported in 2012 that Kim may have seen Ri at a concert he was performing at. Intelligence also suggests that Ri, now 30, may have visited South Korea in 2005 as part of the North cheerleading squad for the Asian Athletics Championship. According to the same report, Ri likely would also have participated in “inter-Korean exchange programs.” More intelligence suggests that Ri may also have been in China to study singing.

Kim Jong Un’s wife was groomed to be the first lady

According to the Chosun Ilbo , Kim Jong Un likely saw his wife, Ri Sol Ju, while performing at a concert in 2010. A source told the media, “As far as I know, Ri was an interpreter with the Department’s art company. of State Security. She was groomed as the first lady for about six months in special classes at Kim Il-sung University. ”

He reportedly comes from an “ordinary” family in Pyongyang. According to Michael Madden, an expert who publishes North Korean leadership Watc h Ri was born around 1984 in Chongjin, the third largest city in North Korea, and graduated from Kim Il Sung University. She is also reportedly the granddaughter or granddaughter of Ri Pyong Chol, a former head of the Korean People’s Army Air and Anti-Air Force, and her father was probably also a KPA officer.

Ri made her first public appearance with Kim when she attended the 2011 funeral for her father, Kim Jong Il. She has attended many public events with him since then, including meeting with foreign leaders, on CNN . This is notable because she is assuming a western “first lady” style role, which is a departure from how wives were treated by the family in the past. Given her western style of dress when she was first introduced to the world in 2011, many wondered if Kim, 36, would be less severe and traditional than her father. So far, that is up for debate.

Kim Jong Un’s wife is breaking protocol

The fact that Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju attends events and meets foreign leaders with him is very important. In fact, it was a departure from protocol that some initially wondered if she was a secret sister or some other family member, on CNN .

According to CNN , Kim’s father and grandfather had multiple wives, but they were never mentioned in the state media and did not attend events or do anything except have children. Andrei Lankov of Kookmin University in South Korea told CNN in 2012, after his marriage was announced, “When your grandfather’s first wife, if you like, the founding mother of the dynasty, was alive, her name was never mentioned in the media. Its existence was never hinted at.

You may have other wives that you don’t mention or bring to events. When Ri was first seen next to Kim, she was initially identified as Hyon Song Wol, a popular singer, on CNN . South Korean media speculated that Hyon dated Kim, but married a military officer. Rumors claim that Kim forced the couple to separate and restarted their relationship to have a child together. It was thought that he had executed it in 2013, but they have seen it alive, according to MSN , as recently as 2019.

Obviously, the world may never know all of North Korea’s secrets, but Kim’s wife has already made history simply by existing.