Top 6 Ideas for a Marvelous Garden

Do you want to have a magnificent garden so that all your neighbors couldn’t stop admiring it? There is no limit to your possibilities with a proper tool, which you may find with the expert help on and some free time. Many people mistakenly believe that the best garden is the most expensive one and costs a fortune. This is not true. You may need more creativity without extra money to spend on the garden, but in the end, all you need is devotion to everything you do.

6 Recommendations to Turn Your Garden into a Masterpiece

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Here you will find ideas that will help you to turn the garden into a place to relax. No matter how abandoned it looks right now, you need to start from somewhere. Some of these recommendations are affordable, and others free of charge.

1. More flowers

The flower power may save your garden even if you have a limited budget. You don’t have to go for expensive artificial grass as long as you can cover everything around with a variety of flowers. To make it even cheaper, buy seeds, not already grown plants. They require more time to grow, but in the end, you will receive a perfect garden. Besides, there are no limits to the seeds you can try. You may even buy them online without worrying about safety.

You can draw a scheme of how to plant the flowers. If you have no ideas, use Pinterest or similar websites for inspiration. Mix colors in your garden, combine the perennial and annual flowers for better effect. You can add herbs and veggies that look exactly like beautiful flowers, and this way you will also have fresh vitamins to your table. Take a look at the rocket, spring onions, basil, rosemary, and pineapple sage.

2. Watch nasty weeds

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Watch the weeds carefully. No matter how often you remove them, they still may grow the next day. There are numerous tools to get rid of them. The weed killers are sold in every garden shop. You may always order them online. If you want to save your money, just make mulch from cut trees and leaves. Spread it evenly around the garden. Small stones will work well too, creating some kind of Asian garden atmosphere.

3. Make a shape

Any garden will look refreshed if you cut the lawn into a defined shape. You can go with a classic square, circle, oblong, or you may get creative and try something new. To make the shape more visible, surround the place with a string of rocks. All you need is a spade and several hours, based on the size of your garden.

If you are not sure which shape to pick, you may find inspiration in your work. Just imagine the clef from a golden narcissus in the yard of a musician, and so on. The classic circle shape is well-spread mainly because of the variety of pictures you can create with the flowers and bushes inside of it.

4. Bring art to the garden

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It can be anything you want, from colorful figures of birds to the candlesticks hung on the nearby trees. You can also incorporate birdbaths and outdoor water features from Outdoor Fountain Pros to complement the overall look of your garden. You may create art yourself, or you may buy several garden dwarfs and place them around the territory. It does not have to be one big ornament; it can be something small but still visible. Hang the baskets with flowers near the patio or on both sides of the entry doors of your house. You may plant fuchsias, petunias, or verbena there. If you want something more creative, put mini tomatoes into these baskets.

Colorful light bulbs are also a cheap and classic solution. You can decorate the patio with them or put the bulbs on trees and bushes. They are lightweight and can easily be removed. You can even give a second life to the old furniture by turning it into decorations for the garden. Use your imagination. Put the timber frame near the flowers. Get inspired by the upcoming holidays.

5. Paint the fence

With an old rusty or pale fence, your entire garden may look colorless. Refreshed paint or totally new shades on the fence do magic with greenery around it. The most popular choice for the fence is black. Don’t be surprised. This color may look gloomy, but it perfectly highlights juicy shades of nature.

Famous garden designers advise going bold with paint. They recommend black to make the fence visibly unnoticeable. Therefore, you receive the pure beauty of flowers and bushes, grass, and trees. If you don’t have a fence nearby, you can paint the pots with flowers. The pots don’t have to be black. You may try more intense colors that go in contrast with the garden to make them visible. If you decide to add a fence to your garden, you can contact for a quote.

6. A pond

For many of us, it is a childhood dream to see a small pond in a garden and hear the noise of water mixed with the birds singing. If you chose the fairy tale or Asia as the theme for your garden, you need a pond. Asian garden may also require fish in this pond, but it is not necessary and completely up to you. To make it happen, just collect stones or pebbles and dig a hole in the place you want. You will also need to put the pond liner at the bottom. It can be hidden easily with rocks and pebbles. Then, fill it with water.

The pond can be small or big, depending on your preferences. But you still have to watch it closely and clean it from time to time. The pond is an attraction to any local wildlife, so you have to make sure you are ready for it. Keep in mind that the stale water smells awful and you have to change it from time to time.

Make Nature Work

Find the inspiration in the wildness of your garden before you decide to tame it. You may not need to get rid of everything you have there and start from the very beginning. Follow these simple recommendations, and you will receive the garden of your dreams without spending a fortune. If you have more recommendations, you may share them in the comments below.