How Often Should You Hire Tree Lopping Services?


Jobs related to caring for trees are necessary and dangerous. That is why it is always recommended to hire experts who will know what they need to do and will have the right tools for that. Only then will the tree be truly healthy and you safe. Keep in mind that the work takes place at a great height, which means that you need training and protection. Of course, you have to hire someone who will meet all your expectations.

You need to always protect your interests, and you will do that by asking important questions to experts. In this way, you will make sure that there is mutual understanding as well as their expertise. One of the common questions is about the time period that should pass between cutting the tree. So that you don’t have to ask the experts, we will give you the answer to this and some more questions.

How often are trees pruned?


According to AB Trees, it is desirable that tree lopping be performed once a year. That is why our recommendation is to hire experts during the dormant season, but this period is not the same for all trees. For example, some species are different from others. Otherwise, you can damage the health of the tree, but also your own safety. What are the dangers? There are a lot of risky situations in which you can find yourself, and most often it happens that the growth of a tree endangers your home or property.

Qualified professionals

You must prune the tree regularly, but the most important thing is that it is done by someone who is professional enough. When hiring a company, you have to pay attention to a few basic things, and one of them is the qualification of the employees. So, you must always be careful when it comes to things like this. For example, a company that is not serious enough can cause you great material damage if you do not check it in time. So make sure on the spot and be free enough to ask them anything you are interested in. You need to make sure of their skills to the maximum, and to know that, ask for a certificate of qualification. They need to have a certificate for Arboriculture and a minimum of three certificates.



Even great experts can be wrong. Also, circumstances can sometimes surprise us, but nothing can go wrong if you are insured. Therefore, in addition to the certificate, ask for insurance. A serious company simply has to own this. Otherwise, they do not meet industry standards, and you have nothing to look for with them. However, don’t just look for paper as evidence but move on. In addition, look for a copy and call the insurer so you know everything before they start working.


Details are important in any business. When it comes to this business, you need to make sure that you have chosen the right company. Instead of deciding on the first company you see right away, stop for a moment and consider a few more choices. Ask each company for crucial information such as insurance, certificates and everything else. Also negotiate prices, because pruning trees involves different jobs. This is by no means one thing. For example, there is a difference between the number of branches, the type of tree, etc. The more concrete your statement, the more confident you will be in your decision.



A good recommendation is paramount. However, online reviews are an equally good thing today. All you have to do is research the company you like in detail or look for the best one. Today, a bad reputation is hard to hide, and a good reputation is very easy to come by. People who have had experience with some companies will let you know very clearly what they think of them and how the work went. Be persistent and find customer reviews.

A lot of negative criticism is not a good sign. In fact, it is a clear indicator of what kind of company you are dealing with, and our advice is to avoid it. You just can’t trust them enough. Don’t be naive or accept too many positive reviews, they can easily deceive people. Focus on those companies that have realistic reviews. You will succeed if you read customer reviews in detail and understand what they liked or did not like.



There are a few questions you need to ask the company you plan to work with. So ask them how they will take off the branches. They must have a plan in advance for this operation, because they should have a lot of experience behind them. If they have adequate equipment for this job, take them into consideration. In addition, it would be good to ask them for a better offer. For example, the cost of all labor will depend on the access of the wood. If you have more trees, but they are in different places, the price will be different. That’s why it’s best to talk about things like this right away if you can’t improve access to the tree. Inquire about their experience.

That means it’s okay to ask them how long they’ve been in this business, because you need someone you can trust. It would be best if they have been in this for several years. We must not forget the assessment. Many companies conduct an on-site assessment before the work itself. This way you will get a detailed report, and they get a better insight into the environment in which they should work. This way you will be sure that they will not impose additional services on you, as well as that you will not exceed your budget.


Tree lopping is not just for aesthetic purposes. This process is done regularly to keep the trees healthy and beautiful. That is why it is important not to ignore this fact. The process involves cutting dead, dead and cluttered branches. In this way, the overall growth and health of the tree is improved.