Tips on How and Where to Buy the Best Shrooms in Ottawa


Buying shrooms in Ottawa is easier than you thought. There are multiple ways that a person can access them. However, not all are considered safe and the best option. So, if you want a relaxing weekend with psychedelic mushrooms or want to enjoy microdosing on a scheduled basis, here is how you can get to buy shrooms in Ottawa.

Where to Buy Shrooms in Ottawa and Anywhere in Canada

Magic mushrooms are one of the most common psychedelics known. Many use them to enjoy a spiritual trip, mild euphoric hallucinations and enhance their moods. The psilocybin, one of the active components, is responsible for these changes that happen to a person. However, it is not only best used to have a good time.

Numerous studies have shown the promising effects that psilocybin can contribute on treating multiple illnesses, particularly those linked to mental and behavioral health. There are clinical trials on how it can assist patients with terminal cancer to alleviate their symptoms of depression and anxiety. Furthermore, there is research on how psilocybin can induce the growth of new brain cells, which is vital to treating mental health disorders.

The otherwordly experience and the promising results for treating depression and other illnesses are reasons why people like to have a go with cubensis. If you are one of them looking for shrooms, you are in luck.

Psilocybe cubensis exists anywhere in Canada. You can find them from people selling quietly and in physical dispensaries. However, the best way to access them is by purchasing them online.

Why Buy Online?


Although there are other options, purchasing online offers more benefits than you can imagine. Not only is the quality guaranteed, but the prices are lower, and the service is way more convenient.

For Comfort

It’s practical because you can select many items and quickly add them to your shopping cart with a few clicks. In addition, you can use the search option or filters to find the product you need without even having to ask anyone.

For the delivery, you don’t have to leave your house to get your items since internet dispensaries in Canada deliver right to your doorsteps. So, there is no more getting stuck in traffic and carrying many products you have purchased.

A Wide Range of Products

Instead of visiting various stores every day, buying dried cubensis, microdose goods, and edible products online allows you access to a more incredible selection. Additionally, purchasing from internet dispensaries ensures you receive excellent products at affordable prices.

Lowest Prices

The cost while shopping online is the lowest. You can purchase from a specialized retailer for express delivery at the appropriate price range. Additionally, it allows you to shop and compare prices before placing and completing your transaction.

When you buy online, you can save more because most dispensaries offer monthly sales, first-time purchases, discounts for email sign-ups, referral programs, and more. That means you can get more discounts on your purchase.

Available 24/7

You can shop whenever you choose because internet shopping is available around-the-clock, unlike physical businesses, which are only open during business hours. You can use any device to visit an internet dispensary and checkout your items.

Tips on How to Buy Online


Now you have seen the benefits, and where you can purchase your cubensis needs, you should know how to buy online safely. Here are tips to get your P. cubensis to ship to you.

Make an In-depth Research

Purchasing online cannot be comforting at first. But you can smooth the process by conducting research. Fortunately, there is a plethora of knowledge available. Find a trustworthy source or speak with an experienced customer for advice. You can also leave questions in forums if you can’t find the answers you are looking for.

Know the Strains and Other Products

You must be aware of the available shroom strains. P. cubensis occurs in several strains, like cannabis, each with varied effects. You can have hundreds of different options to pick from. Both their flavours and levels of strength vary. Learn about various strain kinds and know your needs to find the ideal match. It also applies to other products.

When you visit an internet dispensary, you’ll be shown dried shrooms and other products like edibles, drinks, capsules, and more. Look for what product you want to try and how you want to experience cubensis. For example, capsules are great for microdosing.

Find a Dependable Seller


You can find many internet sellers, but only some shops are reputable. The best way is to research them. You can read customer reviews left on their products to see if they offer quality items and if their services are up to your standards.

You can try Zoomies Canada. They have been around for quite some time, offering high-quality and premium dried mushrooms and lab-tested edibles from well-known brands. Check their shop for plenty of product options and discounts.

Amount You Need

How much you buy will mostly depend on how you intend to use it. However, you should generally purchase enough for at least one month. You can save on shipping and handling by ordering several months’ worth of products in advance because they can all last a very long time.

Check the Cost

Supply and demand determine the price you pay for any good, and magic mushrooms are no exception. It’s crucial to consider your location while ordering online and the need in your area or nation.

You also need to take quality into account. Compared to inferior items, higher-grade, lab-tested varieties will cost more. To ensure your purchase is of the highest quality, it costs more to get a reputable brand.



Buying shrooms may be intimidating, but it will be easy once you get used to it and find yourself an internet dispensary you trust. You can visit your favorite shop anytime, but for now, take the time to navigate the online buying process with our offered tips.