Here’s Why Kristin Cavallari Kicked Jay Cutler up the Sidewalk

Jay Cutler y Kristin Cavallari

Very Cavallari Star Kristin Cavallari and NFL alumnus Jay Cutler announced their divorce in April 2024, after seven years of marriage. The couple, who started dating in 2010 and welcomed three children during their marriage, attributed the separation to”growing apart.”

Despite its seemingly mature announcement of the breakup, the division quickly became messy, with both parties disagreeing over custody and their living arrangements. Cutler had asked for joint custody of their children, while Cavallari requested primary custody. The reality star also accused the former quarterback of preventing her from buying a $ 5 million home in Tennessee, where ex-couple has lived since 2017.

The two have reached an agreement and have been named “joint primary residential parents,” with “each spending 182.5 days with the children a year and alternating time with the children from week to week,” as People reported. And what’s more? Cutler has since released the funds for Cavallari to buy his home, where she will live with her children when she has custody.

Now that the dust surrounding their divorce has apparently settled, let’s take a minute to explore why Kristin Cavallari kicked Jay Cutler on the sidewalk in the first place.

Does Kristin Cavallari think Jay Cutler is lazy?

In Season 3 of Very Cavallari, Kristin Cavallari raised the possibility of Jay Cutler starting a career in sports broadcasting. Cutler said he explored the option, but did not find the correct option. “One wants me to do some studio stuff, but I don’t really want to do that,” said Cutler, who would rather be an analysis of the game in the broadcast booth.

Cavallari raised the idea that Cutler gets a job once before, encouraging him to open a butcher shop called “Cortes.” The reality star said to Cutler, “How fun it would be for you to have an office to go to every day.”

A source said Page Six that Cavallari was frustrated with Cutler’s lack of work after retiring from the NFL in 2017, claiming: “She was increasingly impatient with him. I was supposed to take this great job at Fox Sports and have a life after football that could get “Get up off the couch and do something.” They added: “Instead, he stepped back, this is [three] years ago – and joined the [Miami] Dolphins. That didn’t work out well, and he was left without a television gig until she got the show for them.”

The source said Cavallari found Cutler to be “lazy” and “unmotivated,” while she viewed herself as “very polished and close-knit.”

Who knows, maybe it was the best thing that these two broke up.