Which Outdoor Fountain Will be Perfect to Your Home’s Exterior Design – In 2024

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The exterior design of your house is important since this is the first thing a person would see. Just like an introduction to a song, the exterior design is like introducing you to something beautiful.

Seeing the house’s exterior design gives people a chance to give their first impression, which can be used as an advantage if you want people to be interested in your house. Having a fountain is just like adding a piece of jewelry to your house. It may be just a piece, but it is one of the things that make your home beautiful.

If you’re one of those people who take an interest in the exterior design of the house, particularly in fountains, then websites like Soothing Company can give you some examples and can help you with your choice of the perfect water fountain. But before buying one, let’s go ahead and break down the things you need to check.

1. Know what design and style you prefer

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Of course, your personal choice is important, and a part of that is knowing what design and style you want. But before deciding the design, you must first ask yourself if you want the fountain to be the centerpiece or just an accent. I’ve listed 3 different designs below that you can refer to.

  • Classic Fountain – Classic fountain offers a traditional look with natural materials such as stones and marbles.
  • Casual Fountain – Casual fountains are the type of fountain that is mostly used if you just want to add something to your house.
  • Modern Fountain – This type of fountain is best for modern homes and would look great if your house has those industrial kinds of vibes.

2. Materials that you’d like to have for your fountain

The kind of material is essential to know because this can identify the quality of your fountain. Fountains are made of different materials, and this is also the reason for their price. Here are some materials that are used in making a fountain.

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  • Cast Stone – Cast Stone designs are made with a Portland concrete mixture that is high quality. This material is very heavy, which makes it reliable and long-lasting. If you are going to get a Cast Stone material, you need to know that this has its own cleaning and maintenance needs.
  • Fiberglass – Fiberglass is known for its lightweight as this weighs 85 percent less than the structure of cast stone. This can be easily assembled and manage. However, the con of this one is its durability in windy areas.
  • Pottery – Planting urn can be made into a fountain, and this comes with various designs and colors that you can choose from. Pottery is made of ceramic materials and clay, which is heated to become more durable than fiberglass.
  • Natural Stones – From the name itself, you can create a fountain from natural stones stuck together. The good thing about this is that any stone can be used as a material to make a beautiful fountain. You build one yourself if you’d like.
  • Stainless Steel – This material is solid and dependable. It gives off a natural clean appearance. Stainless steel is long-lasting and durable. The great thing about stainless steel material is that this is different from other material when it comes to maintenance. Stainless Steel material makes maintenance easier compared to other materials.
  • Bamboo – Fountains made of bamboo are with no doubt a tough material and are also known for their durability. A fountain that is made of bamboo can blend or adapt well with modern gardens. Bamboos are also known for their capability to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.
  • Copper – I’m sure you’ve heard of copper as this is one of the mainstream materials used in different projects. But let me tell you this, a fountain made of copper is known for its elegance and if you get this type of fountain, it will surely please the eyes of you and your family.
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3. Always consider its maintenance

Some materials mentioned above included its maintenance. That is because fountains aren’t just like a plug and play structures. A person owning a fountain must also consider its maintenance and be aware of what specific fountain type it is. Each material has its own maintenance needs.

Cleaning the fountain should at least be done once a month. It’s also essential to prepare your water feature before winter. You can do this by draining the water from the fountain and its water pipes where water comes from. Make sure that you shut off its water supply. During the winter, the ground freezes, and without doing these steps, the water pipes will explode.

Leaves fall, and there is a huge possibility that they will fall inside any water feature. Falling leaves or other small things like seeds could clog up and cause the fountain to stop running or slow down.

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4. Placement when installing your fountain

Your fountain needs to have access to energy and water to operate, so the location and placement should be carefully thought of.

In choosing the type of fountain you prefer, you also decide how heavy you want your fountain to be. It’s essential to have an expert deliver and install it.

It’s crucial to check the space outside your house so that there won’t be any problem when the fountain is delivered. If you want to place your fountain somewhere, that’s already surrounded or enclosed. There is an option to use a crane.

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It’s also important to consider the space for the delivery vehicle to offload your fountain. Although it’s the exterior design we’re talking about where most houses are close to open areas where trucks can enter, it’s still better to make sure that it is accessible.

Fountains also include wirings, and if any case that you already know how to install the fountain, it’s still a good idea to ask for help from someone who knows about the wires. Some shops already have free installation to your house so you wouldn’t worry about it.

Where to look for a perfect fountain?

Since I have already mentioned the important stuff you need to know before buying a fountain. We can now proceed to where to look. Soothing Company is a great website that you can check if you want some high quality and gorgeous outdoor fountain. Visit their site and have your best pick delivered and installed right away.