Are You Concerned About FedEx Losing Your Package? Here’s a Step-by-Step Tutorial on The Process


While FedEx is often a dependable shipping firm that delivers shipments swiftly and safely, things can go wrong occasionally, and packages may go missing in transit. If this occurs, you must register a claim with FedEx so that the firm can initiate an inquiry to either discover the FedEx lost package (Click Here) or reimburse you for its loss.

What should you do if your FedEx Package is missing?


If you believe FedEx has misplaced your box (whether as the sender or the intended receiver), you have a couple of choices. However, you must first double-check your tracking information to ensure that your shipment was supposed to be delivered by FedEx at a specified hour or on a specific day.

Sometimes (especially if we are expecting many items at once), we make up delivery days, and packages that we believe are missing haven’t arrived yet since they weren’t scheduled for that day. This occurs far more frequently than most of us would want to admit.

Thankfully, confirmation is frequently as simple as entering tracking information into the FedEx tracking page (or putting information into Google and tracking it that way). If you’ve confirmed that your item is indeed delayed and may be lost, it’s time to go over the remainder of the advice provided below.

How to File a FedEx Missing Package Claim?


Go to the site and follow the procedures when you’re ready to get started on your claim.

  1. Type your package’s tracking number or your PRO (progressive) number into the field given.
  2. Select the type of claim you’re making from the “Claim Type” dropdown menu. Before clicking “Continue,” select “Shipment not received” in the case of a missing shipment.
  3. On the next page, you’ll see the most recent tracking information for your delivery. Fill in the information of what items in your shipment were not delivered in the “Claim Details” area by scrolling down.
  4. Scroll down and, if available, provide images as well as any paperwork that confirms the item’s worth. You should also include as much information as possible about the missing things, such as the currency in which the item was purchased, the type of the missing item, and so on. Then press the “Continue” button.
  5. Fill in your contact information, including your name, address, phone number, and preferred means of communication, in the fields provided. Before clicking “Continue,” you should utilize this screen to select whether you are the receiver, shipper, or other.
  6. On the final review screen, double-check that all of the data you entered is right, then click “Submit.”

How to make a FedEx claim for several packages that have gone missing?

It’s worth noting that FedEx also allows users to submit batch claims, which allow you to submit claims for up to 200 different tracking numbers at once.

To do so, log into your FedEx account or create one if you don’t have one now. Once you’ve logged in, go to the top of your screen and click the “File Batch Claims” button to get the template. You can then re-upload the saved file and submit your claim after filling in the relevant information. To file batch claims, you must be the shipper of the packages.

Who can file a FedEx claim for a lost package?


Anyone, whether the sender, receiver, or a third party, can file a FedEx lost package claim with FedEx as long as the claim is for US domestic shipments, shipments from the US to an international destination, or an item shipped from Canada to the US. Before you begin your claim, you will need specific information, the most significant of which is the item’s tracking number.

It would help if you also considered attaching supporting paperwork to your claim, either at the time of submitting or after it has been submitted, since this can not only speed up the processing of your claim but also boost your chances of it being approved. Photos or invoices that verify the amount of your claim, expenditure statements, or original purchase orders can all be used as supporting documents.

How can you keep track of your claim?

Because at least some aspects of the FedEx claim process will be completely out of your control, you’ll want to take advantage of any opportunity to check its progress without having to call FedEx directly every time you have a question.

The FedEx Claims Tracking Tool can be located online on your account dashboard. Still, you can also use the FedEx Reporting Online Portal to schedule reporting and view your actual claims reports as they arrive.

It’s comforting to know that FedEx wants to keep you as informed as possible about your missing packages.

Other shipping partners can make you feel as if you’ve been thrown into the wind and left to your own devices as they undertake a cursory search for your shipment or take their time processing your claim.

FedEx employees will never treat you like that. They value their reputation and will go to great lengths to ensure that you receive your package or adequate compensation to cover all of your losses.

What should you do if FedEx says your package was delivered but never received it?


In this scenario, contact FedEx right away. This will aid in tracking down the driver who delivered it and seeing if he recalls anything. Have your tracking number handy while you’re doing this. That person will file a claim for the missing shipment and request that FedEx handles the situation. If the situation is urgent, they may send a substitute while FedEx resolves the issue.

How to Get Your FedEx Package Insured?

It’s simple to take advantage of FedEx insurance. Fill out the value part of the shipment form when dropping off your package to be packed and delivered. Don’t worry about obtaining additional insurance if the package includes products worth less than $100; coverage is already included.

You can even pack your item and have it picked up at your location, which is great for companies shipping many items. Ensure you follow FedEx’s packaging guidelines, which is crucial if you need to make a damage claim. A specified value is required for packages worth more than $100. And all you have to do is indicate the amount, keeping in mind that if a claim is necessary, you’ll need to have paperwork.