7 Features You Need to Look for When Buying a Commercial Freezer

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Are you looking for a commercial freezer for your restaurant or coffee shop? You’ll be surprised by the options available and may even battle to decide which design is best for your needs. Size, capacity, single or double doors, and technology all influence how it impacts your business and workflows.

Popular commercial upright freezers make it easier to see what’s in them and to access the products quickly. Other designs have their unique features which could make them a better option for your specific catering needs. Exploring the features of different commercial freezers will help you make a well-informed decision for your food business. Keep reading to find out more!

7 Features of Commercial Freezers to Always Consider Before Buying

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1. Size and Shape

Commercial freezers come in different sizes and shapes. Chest and upright freezers are the most common designs with some fitting neatly under countertops. Dimensions vary depending on the type of freezer you’re looking at and how much capacity you need for storage space.

Getting the right shape and size for your restaurant or ice-cream shop is vital for organization, ease of use, and free movement of workers. Do consider the available space compared to the size of the unit you want to buy.

A 600-litre upright freezer could measure 700 x 855 x 2080 mm while a double-door 1,350-litre model may measure 1440 x 855 x 2080 mm. Smaller under-counter freezers can range from 120 liters to 360 litres.

2. Half Door vs. Single Door vs. Double Door Models

When picking a commercial freezer, decide if you want a single, double or half door design. Each option has its own benefits – let’s take a look at them:

  • Single door ─ These are more slimline, making them ideal for smaller spaces. They use less energy, making them more cost-effective to run.
  • Double door ─ These bigger freezers have more storage space, making them perfect for larger catering businesses.
  • Half-door ─ This design is more energy-efficient, allowing you to keep frequently used foods at the top for easy access while the bottom half stays cold without air loss.

Half-door freezers result in massive energy cost savings, making them a popular design for restaurants wanting to reduce their monthly electricity bills. But, if storage capacity is important, the double-door model would suit you better.

3. Controller Displays

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LED controller displays using advanced technology ensure the resolution lasts longer and uses less power. Integrated controller displays allow your chef to ensure the temperature setting is correct for the proper preservation of food.

Displays with larger white characters and sharper definitions make it easier for chefs and other kitchen workers to read the temperature at a glance, even from afar. These features should be located at the top of the freezer for quick and easy viewing.

4. Construction Material

Stainless steel is one of the best construction materials for commercial freezers. Freezers made with high-quality 304 stainless steel guarantee optimal performance and long-lasting durability. To prevent wear and tear from shortening your freezer’s lifespan, make sure the doors and unit covers are made of stainless steel. The interiors are normally constructed with aluminum.

Stainless steel shelving is ideal but nylon coated shelves are suitable as well. Some designs have a stainless steel back for island positioning, giving you more options for planning the kitchen layout.

5. Shelving, Trays and Racks

Different-sized freezers come with a variety of shelves, trays and racks. The more shelves you have, the more storage capacity you have as long as the spacing is sufficient for holding various quantities. Anti-tilt tray slides prevent messy accidents from happening while racks are useful for storing bottles or bakery goods.

Before purchasing your commercial freezer, decide what food items you’ll be storing in it, so you know how many shelves you need. Trays and racks are useful components so don’t discount them when viewing different models.

6. Energy Efficiency

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Besides getting a half-door freezer for more energy efficiency in your kitchen, other features that make your model eco-friendly include:

  • High-performance cyclopentane foam ─ This makes the freezer more thermally efficient with improved insulation performance and reduced power usage.
  • Hydrocarbon refrigerant ─ Non-toxic refrigerant ensures the freezer is cost-effective and climate-friendly with no ozone-depleting properties.
  • Low energy consumption ─ Freezers that rely on less power reduce your restaurant’s carbon footprint and your monthly energy bills.

A combination of high performance and low energy consumption makes your commercial freezer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality or optimal freezing capabilities.

7. Unique Features

Some commercial freezers come with unique features that make them more attractive than other brands. Look out for the following when buying a new freezer for your restaurant:

  • Modern aesthetics.
  • Condensers that require little maintenance and ensure excellent efficiency throughout the freezer.
  • CFD modeling tracks air and heat distribution to ensure your food stays fresher for longer.
  • Foster Shield with advanced temperature control and hygienic design ensures your food stays safe while frozen.
  • Lockable castors allow you to move the freezer when you need to clean around the unit while keeping it firmly in place when locked.

Final Thoughts

Eco-friendly designs offer great cost-savings while the use of advanced refrigeration technology keeps your food safe for human consumption. Knowing the different features that come with commercial freezers ensures you get the best model for your restaurant or coffee shop.