5 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Masala Chai

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Chai is as old as our civilization. This beverage has been present in all parts of the globe even since our planet was young. The human race found its benefits long ago, and today its presence in all parts of the world. In some countries, it is seen as a national drink. It’s no wonder that the situation is like this considering that there’s plenty of upside to Chai with almost 0% of downsides. It’s fun to see that a beverage as such can be found in India and Brazil alike, or in Russia and South Africa too.

Chai doesn’t know about the borders. It’s fun to think about it, that two people from different sides of the world can sit at the table and consume it, without asking what it is. In this article, we’re going to talk about a unique sort, the Masala Chai. Have you heard about it? If not, this is the right place to be.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 facts you probably didn’t know about Masala Chai. When people opt for a beverage of this type, they often love to know what it brings to the table. Luckily, it brings plenty, so after reading this article you’ll be a fan too.

For all of you unaware of its existence it is a tea beverage originating from India. People from this country know a thing or two about Chai, which tells you a great part of this story. What makes it unique is the way it’s prepared. It’s not made in water, but instead with milk, with an addition of a specific set of spices. This gives it quite a versatility, so you understand why it reached all parts of the globe from India to Argentina. There are plenty of types of this tea but if you are looking for natural Masala Chai, you should contact the Chaighai. Now, let’s see what we were talking about from the start.

It’s From India

We already mentioned this, but it’s important to give you a short history lesson. While Chai is just another word for tea, Masala Chai refers to a specific blend. What makes it unique is the mixture of spices that goes into making it. It is present in most parts of Asia under the same name, while many countries use the word to talk about tea in general. When it comes to spices used, they can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The most common additions are cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, and fennel. Depending on your taste you can go with the one that contains ginger, rose petals, milk, and sugar. The good people of India have put their effort into making this product, and its quality can’t be denied.

Masala Chai Offers Plenty of Health Benefits

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This is the case with many teas, but this one stood up when it comes to the health benefits it brings to the table. As you know by now, thanks to its unique herbal mixture it has some health benefits no other tea can offer. What most younger generations will like to hear is that it can help in treating a hangover. No, it’s not a cure, as there’s no such thing as a hangover, but it can mitigate the side effects of overdrinking.

Furthermore, it is a great solution to the fatigue and the constant feeling of tiredness. When we look at its effects on the inner parts of our bodies it is proven that it aids in preventing serious conditions such as lung and ovarian cancer. Also, it is known as a great anti-oxidant. Thanks to this it is great for dealing with such conditions as anxiety, digestion troubles, depression, diabetes, and many others.

It’s Not Black Tea

Many people make no difference between the Indian Masala Chai and the black tea. While they’re alike in many aspects, they’re nowhere near the same. Black tea is a separate category. Masala Chai is prepared with water and milk, while the latter one is prepared only with water. Both are popular across the world, and for people not very well-versed in all matters tea, they might look the same, but as we said they’re not. Our subject for today is a much more complex beverage that stands out in the crowd.

Weight Loss

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You love to hear this, don’t you? Losing weight is never easy, but you can have help on this path. This unique herbal mixture is a great way to aid in losing weight. Thanks to the presence of cinnamon and ginger your body will work better, and your metabolism will be faster. With the aid in the departments of cholesterol, fat, and sugar, it is evident why it aids in losing weight.

Furthermore, drinking this tea will reduce your appetite, and thus your calorie intake will be lowered, helping you in losing weight from the get-go. There’s only one mistake to avoid. Many people put too much sugar into the mixture which is not a good thing. Yes, spicing the tea this way is what many people do, as it can be sour at times, but going overboard is never a solution.

It Comes From China and India Alike

When it comes to this tea, as you can see we often mention India. But, this country is not the world’s biggest manufacturer of Chai. No, it is China. India takes second place. Also, China is the biggest exporter of this product, considering that India requires 70% of what it produces for internal use.

The beverage holds a big role in the history of both countries, but we can praise India for bringing it to Europe through the process of colonization. Nowadays, it is present in all parts of the world, and its popularity only keeps growing. Thanks to the presence of caffeine in this beverage many people use it as a healthier alternative to coffee. The next time you visit a coffee or a tea shop, make sure that you try out the Masala Chai. You won’t regret it.