4 Tips to Help You Excel at Managing a Self-Storage Facility

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Storage facilities are buildings constructed to keep files, goods, properties, and similar items. These facilities must maintain a particular order for maximum efficiency. You’re probably wondering, ”why do I need a self-storage facility,” right?

Well, self-storage facilities can help you ensure maximum safety and security of goods, an organized office environment, fire outbreak prevention, an accessible work environment, and easy relocation. However, all these are only possible if your facilities are adequately managed.

Small and large-scale businesses need to understand some concepts behind managing a self-storage facility. Visit https://www.selfstorageinvesting.com/self-storage-business-manager/ to learn more about what a self-storage business manager does.

That said, managing a self-storage facility can be daunting without the requisite information.

We’ll now help you with the peculiar tips you need to excel at managing a self-storage facility. Let’s dive in!

Crucial Tips to Excel at Managing a Self-storage Facility

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Storage facility managers have some essential qualities that help them maintain a good storage facility. However, I will share some tips with you to excel in that niche. You don’t need to be a professional to follow these steps.

1. Be Flexible

As a self-storage manager, there are tendencies for you to stand in for someone else as a maintenance manager, salesman, etc. You don’t have to tell clients, “that’s not my job, wait for the right person to attend to you,” just because it’s not your role. It probably doesn’t sound friendly, no matter how much you try to say it politely.

You have to be flexible with your work, considering the scope of the business. The managerial position can require some versatility skills from you, and you should be ready to give it your all. If your hands need to get dirty (cleaning), humbly do them. Virtues can open doors for you beyond your certificates.

Also, first impressions matter most times. Some customers base their perception of you on what comes to mind upon their first interaction with you. Managing a self-storage facility is not a ”fixed hours” job. You might have to work at odd hours to satisfy some customers. These are the little things that make you outstanding as a storage facility manager.

2. Improve Your Customer Service Skills

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Anyone in self-storage business managerial capacity becomes the face of the company to the customers. The review the company gets from customers depends on the relationship between you and them.

Some storage facility managers are fickle; they act differently when not on duty. The polite manner you use when on duty should be adopted when off-duty too. A stranger you relate with some miles away from work might be the first person knocking at your door the next day at work. I’m sure you wouldn’t want to lose the person due to ignorance.

Therefore, interact nicely, smile with people, take business cards with you on casual outings, and build personal connections everywhere you go.

Regardless, bear in mind that rude and stubborn customers are inevitable despite all these, and you’ll eventually get to meet people like that. In such scenarios, what do you do? Never compromise your standards with people. Be patient enough when they’re throwing words at you shabbily.

Most times, your innocent responses to people like that make them feel some sense of unconscious guilt, and they realize they’ve been harsh to you. Chances are, if they’re responsible enough, they’ll try to change their attitude. Some even apologize to you outwardly. This act makes more people gain respect for you, improving your reputation.

3. Make Good Use of Feedbacks and Reviews

If you’re conversant with apps that help pay utility bills online, you probably know that they request a rating after a transaction. These ratings can be in the form of stars, a brief review, or a recommendation.

Most online and offline businesses get reviews and feedback from customers, either positive or negative, and the customer service team tries to improve their services based on the feedback. Feedback is also applicable to self-storage management. As a manager, you’ll receive positive and negative feedback from customers. What makes you excel is how you react to the comments.

Positive feedback isn’t the issue here, as they typically sound elating. On the other hand, people find it hard to accept negative feedback from customers. It feels like an insult to their services. The truth is, this negative feedback could help performance improvement. Being open to corrections enables you to adjust accordingly.

Some loopholes are only visible to customers because they sometimes see the bigger picture. Always apply reviews to know where you are and the adjustments you need to improve your work.

4. Stay Updated With Current Business Trends

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Another excellent way to progress at managing a self-storage facility is by staying updated with the latest trends. Be prepared to input your expertise, especially at official functions, consistently. Below are a few points to help you get started:

5. Know Your Competitors

To stand out as the best, you need to know your competitors. Study their services and pricing, not because you want to imitate but because you want to be better. Also, your competitors can change with time, so you need to be consistent in your findings.

6. Attend Marketing Shows

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Trade and marketing shows are where self-storage managers learn more about self-storage management and operations. These shows are a great networking opportunity. Also, it is an opportunity to meet customers and interact with them.

7. Join a Community or Organization

States and regions in the self-storage facility business create a community where like-minds get to meet and rub minds. Every self-storage manager meets other experts in the field and learns more from them. This way, you can identify your competitors and learn from them to up your game. Remember to do your findings to know if your region can partner with one or more of these associations.

8. Read Self-Storage Management Blog Posts

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These blogs offer rich information about the industry. Reading these posts can improve your technical know-how in the business. Some of these blogs to follow are ISS Blog, Extra Space Storage Blog, The Storage Facilitator Blog, and Passive Storage Investing blog.


Excelling at managing a self-storage facility can be a walk-over. All you need to do is improve your flexibility and customer service skills, adopt feedback, and stay updated with the latest trends.

The tips we’ve discussed will help distinguish you from the crowd. It would also help to work on your connections with people and focus on your personal development.

Reinforced with this new knowledge, go out there and become the best self-storage manager you can be!