5 Reasons why Elon Musk Is The Greatest Inventor of Our Time

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Throughout the history of mankind, at every moment there have been many great people who contributed in one way or another to society. But only a few had a far-reaching impact on humanity and changed the course of history. Each of us can think of a few such names. For example, Archimedes, Nikola Tesla, Louis Pasteur, Alexander Fleming, Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton and so on. Although this is a small number of people looking at how many people have lived on planet earth since the beginning of man until today, there are still hundreds of names that could be mentioned in the context of the greatest inventors.

Fortunately, there are great inventors among our contemporaries who improve our daily lives constantly. Mostly those are people from the IT world, software engineers and various other professions, but also engineers from other fields, doctors and many others. But one name in particular stands out and the whole world knows it, no matter where you live and what niche you belong to, and that is Elon Musk. In this article you will be able to learn more about him as well as the reasons why Elon Musk is considered to be the greatest inventor of our time.

Who is Elon Musk?

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Elon Musk was born in South Africa, to a Canadian mother and South African father and raised in Pretoria, South Africa. When he was 17, he moved to Canada and continued his education at Queen’s University, which began at the University of Pretoria.

Two years later, he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania and received bachelor’s degrees in economics and physics. Two very different areas, but which helped him become what he is today. Because he is not only an inventor, but also a businessman thanks to his knowledge of economics.

He moves to California to continue his education at Stanford University, but gives up on the idea and dedicates all of his time to career.

He was married to Justine Wilson, and was twice married to British actress Talulah Riley. He is the father of seven.

Musk stated that he had Asperger syndrome and he barely survived malaria in 2000. Fortunately for humanity, otherwise we would have been deprived of so many revolutionary things.

Reasons why Elon Musk is the greatest inventor of our time

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Elon Musk is involved in so many things that it would be impossible to mention them all, and we have singled out a few of the most important ones that have cemented his place as the most influential man in the world.

1. Blastar, video game

No, this is not one of his greatest inventions. But it is something that shows the level of his ingeniousness. When he was only 12, he made his own video game called Blastar. Remember that it was in 1983. when computers and video games were not as widespread as they are today. He sold his invention for $ 500, which, although a small sum, is an incredible success for the twelve-year-old. Who knows, if he had Invent Help by his side, he might have managed to place Blastar on the market better and earn even more. Find out how they help you with your invention in a step-by-step guide posted on kulturehub.com.

2. Tesla

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Tesla is one of the fastest growing companies in the world, even during pandemics. The reason is that Tesla, whose CEO is Musk, has imposed itself as the absolute leader in the electric vehicle industry. Although it has significant competition, no one has yet managed to make an electric car that is fast and has a better battery than the Tesla model. Also, they are getting closer to the vehicle being fully capable of transporting you from point A to point B.

3. SpaceX

The peak of the space race was during the Cold War, and then for several decades less money was invested in NASA and similar space agencies around the world. The first private successful space company is SpaceX, founded by Musk. In 2002, he came up with the idea that space transportation costs should be reduced to make it possible to colonize Mars. Also, he wanted to make space tourism a reality, not something from a SF novel. Falcon rockets, which are intellectual property of SpaceX, are reusable rockets that reduce the cost of going to space several times compared to rockets used by NASA. They also encountered certain problems, but they solved each one successfully.

4. Hyperloop

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Imagine how great it would be if there was a type of transportation that would transport you extremely quickly between distant cities and even continents, without it involving flying. Hyperloop is just that. It is a type of high-speed travel inside a vacuum tube that would be several times faster than any commercial flight, and also the logistics are far simpler except protection of the tubes from terroristic attacks and other problems. Hyperloop is still a matter of the future, but knowing Musk and how quickly he is turning his incredible ideas into reality, we can expect us to use Hyperloop in the coming decades.

5. Starlink

We cannot have a world of equality when we know that most of the world does not have a sufficiently developed infrastructure. And we mean basic infrastructure that includes water and electricity, not to mention the Internet. And that’s why Musk came up with the idea to develop a low-orbit satellite system that would give everyone cheap access to high-speed Internet. The launch of satellites and the creation of satellite internet constellation began in 2024 and will continue for several more years until it reaches its full potential. Cooperation with the Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure has also begun, which will further improve and speed up the process.


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We believe that even if you didn’t know it until now, you now know why Elon Musk is the greatest inventor of our time. According to analysts, he will become the first man whose wealth will reach a trillion. But not just because he does a lot of profitable things, but because his inventions are changing the world. He is 50 years old and will surely influence the world to become a better place to live in many other ways.