8 Top Drinking Games in Quarantine

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Since many countries have announced another round of quarantine measures, you should prepare yourself to be entertained at home. While large gatherings are not recommended, you can still have a great time with your close friends and family. Even if you are not able to see most of your friends in public until the measures are lifted, you can use video chat and still have some fun. There are many adult board games where including alcohol will make them even more entertaining. Here are the best drinking games for quarantine.

1. Doin’ the Most

Image source: unsplash.com

This slang-based party game combines acting, dancing, creativity, trivia, and a lot of drinking, which makes it the perfect way to have a hilarious night. Each player will compete in verbal, physical, and wild challenges judged by a shot caller, which is the person leading the turn. The main point of each round is that the funniest player will be awarded the card, while other participants must drink. Your night will be full of funny phrases, new slang, and adult themes so it is recommended for people who are over 21. You can order it on dointhemostgame.com.

2. Cards Against Humanity

If you are interested in a game that includes a lot of adult themes and that is inappropriate in a way to make people feel embarrassed in the company, you should check Cards Against Humanity. This game is great for people getting more comfortable with it after taking shots after each turn. In the end, you will all be laughing at each other and have a great time. The first player of each turn is chosen randomly.

He will have to read the question or finish a sentence by himself on the black card. After that, other players must give their cards to a leader to mix them all. The leader will now have to choose a person who will be the first to draw a card. This game includes questions like never have I ever, intimacy, and o0ther secrets, which is the main reason why it is especially interesting while drinking.

3. Throw Throw Burrito

While this game can be played by both children and adults, adding alcohol in its rules brings a whole new level to this dodgeball card game. The main rules are related to throwing objects at other players and collecting cards. During the game, each player has to place cotton burritos on the board and draw cards. You will need three same cards in had to win. The most entertaining aspect is that there is a possibility to get all players to become participants in the same battle during one turn.

4. Table Topics

This game is great because you will have a chance to meet your friends much better but in one quite entertaining and unique way. The rules are very simple, there are 135 cards with questions related to various topics, and each participant can answer them in a unique way. Moreover, there are different versions of this game with various sets of questions with themes suitable for different occasions, such as road trips, college parties, family gatherings, girl night outs, traveling, and more. You can add drinking by choosing some adult version and set a rule where a player will have to choose between drinking and answering the question.

5. Who Can Do It

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Games similar to Truth or Dare are always fun ones to play while drinking with friends. However, a lot of people would find it boring to make up all of those questions. Therefore, you can use Who Can Do it, which is a set of cards related to challenges that you can set between each other. There are so many embarrassing challenges that will motivate all of you to drink even more. Moreover, it is recommended for a larger group of people to make it even more entertaining.

6. Card Pong

If you are a fan of beer pong, but there is not enough space in your room to set a proper distance for all of the plastic glasses, you can choose card pong instead. This game is an excellent alternative to the popular version that people played in pubs. Also, many rules stayed completely the same in the card version. When it comes to basic rules, both players throw cards where the value of each card is one shot of drink. The rules are simpler, and a player with lover value must take a shot. In case that they are even, both must drink in the same turn.

7. Don’t Get Drunk

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The main advantage and reason why so many people choose to play this game over and over is the unique experience you get every time while playing. Don’t Get Drunk board game to represent a combination of questionnaires, cards, challenges, and luck. Each spot on the board activates a different rule or challenge. Also, different types of cards will demand people to drink, answer all sorts of questions, and other types of challenges.

8. Truth or Drink

This game is one of the most convenient since you can play it even without any board or cards. Also, it is best when people are in quarantine since you can easily play it while being on a video call. Also, since larger gatherings with people who are no close family are not recommended, Truth or Drink is one the safest ones during the lockdown. The rules are quite simple. You will get a question and decide whether you want to answer or drink in this turn. Moreover, you can play it one on one or in a group.

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