Quarantine has made these Celebrities completely Unrecognizable


When we all get out of quarantine, we may look a little cracked, and who can blame us? Let’s be honest: With the rooms closed and with no chance of unexpected guests, it’s safe to say that most of us haven’t even changed into our safe sweatpants and have probably even forgotten what a hairbrush looks like.

However, that attitude sometimes changes, or maybe it’s just boredom, causing many of us to experiment with the dreaded homemade hairstyle, which sometimes turns out not so good. And celebrities don’t exactly keep their red carpet look, either. Hollywood A-Listers have reacted to self-isolation in several ways, even though they are trapped at home like the rest of us. And without their glamor outfit, how could they look now? Like us, that’s what.

We’re here to make you feel so much better curled up and scrolling through your news feed as you look back at Tiger King for the eighth time. Here are celebrities who are completely unrecognizable during quarantine.

Hilary Duff felt sad in quarantine

Sure, quarantining has made us a lot of blues, and some celebrities are even feeling it too. In fact, Hilary Duff posted on the ‘gram to show a new blue’ to do for the occasion. The caption describes most of our thoughts exactly when it comes to the past few weeks in isolation: “Yes.”

We may know her better as a blonde, but crazy enough, this is not the first time that Duff has dyed her hair blue. In 2015, she cast the shadow in her music video “Sparks,” and fans flocked to the comment section of her new Instagram photo to vent on the great nostalgia that comes from her retroactive look. “I don’t have a good reason why my hair is blue,” Duff MTV said that same year as the “Sparks” video, and we have a feeling she doesn’t have a good one now, but who can blame her? This is probably the best time to try a new hair color before debuting in the world, especially since most of us have no formal training when it comes to coloring. Shout out to stylists around the world that they will soon fix our problems.

Tom Hanks’ quarantine look may have terrified fans

Academy Award winner Tom Hanks tugged at our heart strings on the big screen, and pulled them even harder when we discovered that this adorable guy had contracted the coronavirus while in Australia with his wife Rita Wilson. Fortunately, the two are fully recovered as of this writing, but they still haven’t changed their attire to stay home during quarantine.

“This is the first time I’ve been wearing more than just sweatpants since March 11,” Hanks said a month later during a live Saturday night appearance – the At Home version. Hanks dressed up for the occasion as he performed the opening monologue from the comfort of his kitchen. But in the face of possible shock from fans everywhere, he also sported an almost bald head, possibly making viewers think he might be sicker than they originally thought. However, Hanks quickly explained that it was for a role in a movie, but admitted that he really loved the new look. Save time in the shower, so, I don’t know, maybe we should all do it, huh? ” He said. Don’t give anyone crazy quarantined ideas, Tom.

DJ Khaled desperately needs help with his quarantine ‘do

This rapper and hitmaker isn’t afraid to go gray, but the online commentator has been pretty tough on DJ Khaled’s self-isolating look, which he proudly calls “quarantine alert.” Entertainment executive Scooter Braun calls it “Survivor season 92.” All the comments that people left on social media about Khaled’s carelessness must have reached the famous rapper, because he has published several photos on Instagram mentioning that he urgently needs a haircut and some beard oil.

But before it comes to haircuts, DJ Khaled is concerned about healthcare workers. His We The Best Foundation has partnered with others to help provide more than 10,000 essential supply items, such as masks and gloves, to “local hospitals in New York and Miami” (via PR Newswire ) Seems to have bigger things to worry about to fix.

However, where there is a will, there is a way, and there is no way that DJ Khaled can handle the heat of fans for much longer, posting on Instagram that he will discover how to get a quick cut. “I have my Barbour [sic] in a spacesuit be on the lookout,” he wrote.

Kelly Clarkson keeps it real in quarantine

Kelly Clarkson has always had such a realistic personality, and it was demonstrated during the coronavirus pandemic more than ever. She has kept him discreet with a fresh look while he is quarantined on his Montana ranch. While her Instagram posts show that she’s spent a lot of time in her bathroom, it hasn’t been to prepare herself, as the pop star has been seen in interviews remotely, without makeup. Instead, he’s been singing songs from inside his bathroom to share online. Why the bathroom? Well let’s be honest, the acoustics are the best in ours too.

Clarkson even released a new single during social isolation called “I Dare You”. Although it was written and recorded prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, it now seems like the perfect time to launch it. “There is a lot of uncertainty,” he told the Hoy show. “We felt the message before the pandemic, we thought it was a global connection environment, the message, but now even more.” Certainly, there’s nothing slowing down the busy singer, talk show host, mom, and vocal coach anytime soon – not even quarantine.

Tallulah Willis created a huge quarantine stir

Bruce Willis had to raise his young daughter and, during the quarantine, was able to shave the 26-year-old’s head. In a video posted to her daughter Tallulah Willis’ Instagram, the action star can be seen picking up a razor to complete her daughter’s look. Later, her sister Rumer Willis took some photos of the young model to show her new ‘do’, which she sent to the Internet… a hotbed. «Back to bald head !!! »One fan wrote, because the hairstyle, or lack thereof, was one that first debuted in 2015. Interestingly, it was his mother, actress Demi Moore, who shaved it back then.

The ‘do seems to be a popular aspect in the family. It is the same lack of locks that Demi Moore or AMERICAN SOLDIER wore . Jane and that Bruce Willis had, well, almost every movie he’s been on. We suppose that what they say is true: the family that shaves, stays together.

Ryan Reynolds is ready for his wife to cut her hair

Ryan Reynolds is shaking off his gray hair and quarantined glasses, and while many of us are sitting at home with split ends, he fortunately has a secret weapon in his own home to get a haircut: his wife, actor Blake Lively. . “She has done this once before,” The Late Show said to Stephen Colbert via video chat, adding, “It took her two and a half hours, and then, in the end, it seemed like she had done everything using just a lighter. ». Since then, he’s let her do it again, because after all, marriage is about trust, right?

The two have gotten together for more than just a haircut during the pandemic. Lively and Reynolds donated $ 1 million in March 2024 to split between Feeding America and Food Banks Canada, and Reynolds encouraged fans on Instagram to contribute whatever they could. He has also shown his support for ConquerCOVID19, an organization from his homeland of Canada, which helps ensure that health workers have access to the supplies they need during the pandemic. “Spread the word, not the virus,” Reynolds wrote.

Sarah Hyland did a little quarantine role play

“We don’t look at the calendar anymore,” admitted Sarah Hyland on Instagram, and honestly, there’s really no reason for when you’re stuck in quarantine. All the young actress has had the opportunity to watch while social distancing has been the hair of her fiancé Wells Adams. In fact, she took the opportunity to cut it for him (via Seduce ), while she rocks her curls and natural glasses next to him at home. The couple even decided to show off an even more unrecognizable appearance by dressing up as characters from Netflix’s hit docuseries, Tiger King (pictured above right) .

Hyland has been outspoken about her battle with a disorder called kidney dysplasia, which caused the star to have two kidney transplants. (It should be noted here that according to guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “People of any age who have serious underlying medical conditions may be at increased risk for serious disease from COVID-19.”) He made it clear that he will stay. He ducked inside to avoid getting the coronavirus, and believes that everyone else should, too. “The most annoying thing to me right now is the young, healthy people who are raiding supermarkets, who are raiding pharmacies,” he said. Brad Behavior . “They are leaving people over 60 years old, who may not have a child to do their shopping, to leave them to their own devices.” She has a point. After all, having a cabin fever is better than having a real fever, right?

Jennifer Love Hewitt turned pink during the pandemic

Jennifer Love Hewitt had some extra time on her hands while hiding at home and decided to dye her hair the color of love: hot pink. He showed the new ‘do on Instagram on April Fool’s Day, writing:’ because what else can I do now! Which is exactly what we are all thinking about quarantining. It turns out that the dye job was no joke, as she posted another pink photo a few days later while sunbathing. In his original post, Hewitt yelled at his stylist, writing: “Don’t be mad hahaha. I really miss you! »

We should have known in February 2019 that this fiery tone was on Hewitt’s mind when he posted a photo of herself wearing a red wig, asking if there was any character in the television series. 9-1-1 could debut this’ do. While she was filming the show, of course she couldn’t dye her hair, but now that we’re all in quarantine, no one can tell this actress what her own hair should look like. Still, he is lucky for his producers, because the dye he used disappears in just a few days.

Kylie Jenner looked at a natural look

While Kylie Jenner’s glamor team always seems to be hiding nearby, the quarantine keeps them away. So what should a girl do? The young star decided to use this time as a way to give her hair and nails much-needed rest. “This is a good time to get your hair and nails out,” he told a friend on Instagram. Furthermore, she doesn’t have many options.

The young billionaire’s Instagram posts are usually completed with long locks, lashes, and acrylic nails, but this girl took natural beauty to a whole new level while in self-isolation. Jenner appeared during the conversation with a shoulder shake, debuting with what he says is “actually the first time I’ve used my natural hair.” Unfortunately for all of us looking, Jenner is still as beautiful as she is in her “natural look,” but she didn’t seem to believe it. “I feel very uncomfortable,” he admitted, which makes us even more uncomfortable with the way we look now in sweatpants and faces full of Oreos.

Helen Mirren discovered some quarantine headers

Quarantine is the perfect time for actors to try new looks. Just think about it. With most film production shutting down indefinitely, they have no character appearance to adhere to. However, if you are an Oscar winner Helen Mirren, the look you are displaying online is nothing new. Instead, she went to Instagram to share with the world a look that only her husband has seen, as they have been quarantined in Lake Tahoe, as seen the first time she gets out of bed every morning (shown above).

Of course, it caused quite a stir to glance at Mirren’s head of the bed, and that was understandably the point of his selfless selfie. Due to the attention it drew, she asked fans for a favor. “In exchange for this photo of me, literally first thing in the morning, please donate to intensive care support,” the sincere add captioned. Mirren directed readers to visit the website of The Intensive Care Society in England, which is dedicated to helping those on the front lines cope with the daily stress of their high-risk roles, providing support to COVID patients. -19, fund research on the virus, and provide additional educational courses to health workers.

Taika Waititi’s children learned a valuable skill in quarantine

As school closings emerged around the world during quarantine, it was the responsibility of parents to be responsible for educating their children at home during this new normal. While most are not exactly enthusiastic about this additional task, parents have a unique opportunity to teach their children valuable skills that they might not normally learn in school, such as cooking a meal, budgeting for the week, or how to do laundry. clothes .

Taika Waititi had this same thought. While doing their daily homeschooling, the Jojo Rabbit Director decided to teach his children a crucial skill for this time in history: how to cut their hair at home. Your role model? He is funny. For about 10 minutes, “he wrote in his Instagram post documenting the impending disaster. He continued: “And in the end you have no choice but to get rid of everything.” And with that, his swoop disappeared. But, hey, he cut his hair. That is more than the rest of us can say. It was also free… well, we suppose. Unless he was also teaching children about supply and demand that day.