Why Custom Name Badges Are Essential for Your Business: Tips and Benefits

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Marketing for any business is more than just advertising or putting up hoardings and billboards about the company’s products and services. Even small details mentioned on a name badge are noticed by many.

Whenever an industry event occurs, many socialize, and few would even like to improve their economic status. Custom name badges help significantly in this situation as it displays, expands, and builds a company name in the eyes of the public.

All the guests, including other attendees at the event, will get a chance to connect with the brand easily by seeing the name badge. It helps develop the network in the market and could be a start for a conversation.

Tips For Creating Name Badges

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A name badge helps increase the company’s exposure by leaps and bounds. The work that has gone into the design can get seen in the customer base growth and the revenue outcomes. Tips for creating practical, custom-made name badges are,

Design Build Up

The brands like PwC and KFC can get easily recognized by their design. They have a unique graphically designed name badge with colors that leave long-lasting memories attracting the eyes. If such design plans get picked up, people notice it, which could increase a company’s profit.

When the right designer gets chosen, all start to fall into place. Before hiring any designer, always check for references, credentials, and any other recommendations. The criteria should be an original design to have an everlasting impact on the onlooker when they see the badge.

Selecting Size

The badge should be a manageable size. Instead, it should be that which blends in with all the employees in the organization that can be easily noticed and identified. It should get easily readable by the guests at an event.

Many different sizes of badges are available, but the most used one comes in 4 to 3 inches size of width. Any customized size could get made. It is always best to make a few samples of the badge and try it at any event to know the public’s pulse.

Lanyard Selection

The rope used to secure the name tag in place is called a lanyard. People wearing these tags should be able to adjust them easily.

Depending upon the budget, a double lanyard is best, as it does not allow the name card to swirl during a slight jerk or a breeze.

Printed Font

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The font printed on the tag should be readable. When creating a name tag, the font that does not strain the eye should get selected from the thousands of available fonts.

The most commonly used fonts are Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Verdana, and others. Never choose a stylish font, as it won’t be easy to read. Always select a standard font size that is easily readable.

Details On Tag

The name tags should have as many details as possible to identify the wearer and the company correctly. Just name introductions and becoming familiar is not called socializing.

The tag has the power to sell if adequately utilized and can help meet people with the same vision and goal to achieve it.

Benefits Of Custom Name Badges

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Many discussions have to get made before a business comes upon implementing a customized name badge policy. After deciding on the same, the benefits could get noticed as time passes.

After implementing the tag policy, many companies wondered why making their employees wear the badges took so long. A few benefits of implementing customized name tags are,

Helps Identification Of Staff

The e-commerce market is in full zoom nowadays. Even after that, people are coming personally to physical stores to purchase for that personal experience.

It becomes easy for customers to identify the staff member with a name tag and start a rapport with them. The good thing is they ask the same person to help them the next time they visit.

Boosts Confidence

With a badge, the staff’s confidence gets boosted in dealing with the customers because they know they are accountable, and at the same time, they have the authority to represent the company.

So the staff will be on their utmost best behavior.

Depicts Professionalism

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The team looks professional when they wear a name badge on the uniform.

Company Recognition

It is a complete walking advertisement with the company logo, tagline, and staff name printed on the badge. The employees wearing the badge coming and going from the workplace or even going out for lunch promote the company free of charge.
Companies that want more focus on customer service adopt badges, as it is a simple solution to implement. It could also be because of the challenging competition e-commerce provides online.

Increased Security

Nowadays, all companies are more concerned about their security. Name badges help in it, as it becomes easier to identify who worked at what time in case any disputes arise.
Many sectors, from schools to hospitals, are making customized name badges mandatory as they provide many benefits.

Staff Communication

When both parties know each other’s names, communication becomes easy. Remembering everyone’s name in a large organization is cumbersome and could be challenging, making the interaction between staff uncomfortable.

Especially for new employees, wearing a badge helps them identify their peers on a name basis, and they will feel at ease, which will help them socialize more.


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Put together, customized badges are the most simple, cost-effective solution that helps the customers recognize the employees. It builds trust as the customers come in contact with the staff personally, indirectly making the team accountable for their attitude towards the customer.

The name tag makes the employees feel part of the company, helping them achieve the company’s goals. It is natural for anyone to get motivated when they become part of a significant entity. These badges are an excellent addition to the business.

Whether improving the service for the customer or building a friendly relationship with employees, everything can get achieved cost-effectively. The holistic view for implementing the name badge is that it makes a brand identity while securing the company’s staffing relationship in the long run.