Comporta Vacation Homes and Things to Enjoy At This Beach Village

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Tourists visiting Portugal for some days take a trip to Herdade da Comporta, a paradise situated on the South Atlantic Coast of Setubal. Even people of Lisbon visit Comporta beach during weekends to get recharged. This authentic cluster of villages is an hour’s drive from the capital city Lisbon. Comporta is popular as the Hamptons because the elite class visits this region to enjoy a tranquil breakaway lying on the beach.

Many Europeans and Lisbon elites own a cabana-style home here with thatched walls and roofs. To reach Comporta, you need to take a flight to Lisbon first.

  • From Paris – 2hr. 30min.
  • From Brussels – 2hr. 40min.
  • From London – 2hr. 45min
  • From Amsterdam – 3 hr.
  • From Berlin – 3hr. 30min.
  • From New York – 6hr. 50min.

Routes from Lisbon to Comporta

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  • Book a car – The road towards Comporta from Lisbon is pleasant. You can stop at some of the charming villages like Setubal or the Alcacer do Sal to stroll around.
  • Book a ferry – Yu have to take a ferry ride from Setubal, so first drive there. The ferry ride to Troia takes 25 minutes but the view and smell of pine flowing with the Atlantic breeze are magnificent. You can even catch a glimpse of the friendly dolphins. From Troia, Comporta is a 15 minutes’ drive.

Housing & accommodation scenario

Today, Comporta looks like an ordinary Portuguese town but without any glitz. The streets are narrow, the little houses have thatched roofs, and the white buildings have terra-cotta roofs besides the bright blue-colored trims. The squares are small scattered with red café canopies selling the popular Sagres beer. A decade ago, people had to rent private villas or stay at their friend’s cabana to enjoy a Comporta vacation.

The accommodation scene today is people can rent beach houses, authentic cabins, and villas overlooking the rice paddies. If you are interested to invest in an estate in Comporta just visit Foreign investors can benefit from the government schemes.

Comporta is in the development phase and investing now can turn into a gold mine, very soon. The place is a great breakaway destination, especially in summer. There are many activities you can enjoy in the untouched and wild surrounding of Comporta.

Things to enjoy in Comporta

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Get on the electric fat bike and ride across the rice fields. It is a great way of venturing in the wilderness to experience the Comporta nature. The bile works noiseless, so you can go close to the fauna.

Melides lagoon is stretched across 20 km. coast on the south of Comporta. The village is picturesque and the atmosphere is calm. The area includes a bewitching lagoon and white beach sand. Explore the lagoon on a stand-up paddle and encounter several nesting birds.
Discover Comporta riding a horse. You can move effortlessly across the exceptional landscapes and enjoy the stunning views. Nature tours introduce tourists to the cork oak forests’ flora and fauna. Enjoy the galloping in the wind!

Comporta’s charm is its medieval village located in the Alentejo region. You can become adventurous and catch the view sitting in the hot air balloon gondola. The balloon takes you across the Alqueva dam, Evora cot, and across Comporta.

Book a catamaran and explore the open seas as well as the Sado estuary. You will even see flamingoes and rare birds. The river mouth houses a dolphin colony. You can see them play on the waters.

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When it rains in Comporta, you can enjoy a holistic massage at home. The massage sessions are tailor-made and the masseuse makes use of hand-made essential oils and organic cosmetics.

You can even enjoy a yoga class before the rice fields. It is a great way to allow your spirit to wander and enjoy the serenity and tranquility of the surrounding.

Comporta also makes its own wine. There are wineries and wine tasting that can keep you engaged. You can learn the secret of how the full-flavored and sweet nectar is produced from locally grown grapes.

Rice Museum is the pride of Comporta. Here, you will gain familiarity with the local rice harvesting history and its ancient rice husking factory traditions. The Rice Museum serves the local rice dish and there are different workshops and exhibitions to look at.

House of culture or the Casa de Cultura is situated in the core of the town and committedly promotes Portuguese craftsmanship and culture. The national and local artists host an array of exhibitions in the summer. Beside the main hall is a mall that sells local handicrafts like shoes, bags, and fabrics.

Hire professional chefs, who cook delicious meals at your home. You can even order picnic hampers and enjoy your day exploring Camporta treasures hidden between the wild coastline, untouched nature, and medieval villages.

Beaches in Comporta

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Any beach you choose from the list there are no structures or buildings. There are wooden beach canabas or houses that blend perfectly with the surroundings.

  • Troia beach & Troie Gale beach – It is a beach for families with kids as the waves are shallow. Children can enjoy swimming and drinks at the nearby Troia Marina.
  • Soltroia beach – The Ocean is calm and the sand is golden because the sandbanks slow down the flow. The beach can be seen from Arrabida Mountain.
  • Comporta Beach – It is the trendiest beach around Lisbon. The white sand stretches gloriously and dunes preserve the wilds and on the other side are the rice fields surrounding it. Comporta beach looks like an oasis sandwiched between green paddy fields and the blue water of the Ocean.
  • Carvalhal Beach – The beach is surrounded by rice paddies and dunes. Many species of flowers, birds, and insects reside in this ecosystem.
  • Pego Beach – The beach stretches across 4 km and has the famous beach restaurant, Sal. A view of the Sado dolphins passing across is magical!
  • Beach of Brejos – The beach is isolated because reaching Brejos is hard. You can access it via bike or foot but the effort is worth it when you catch a glimpse of the well-conserved landscape.
  • Gale Beach – Fontainhas – The beach is different because it is surrounded by red sandstone cliffs along with huge magnificently shaped dunes. The landscape of the cliff is impressive and sunset magnifies its beauty even more. Comporta offers an unforgettable vacation stay!