Compact Course Mergers & Acquisitions – Get Fit for Buying and Selling Businesses


The M&A market is picking up speed again and is heading for a record year; IMAA institute deals are very complex projects with high demands on everyone involved. In order for a transaction to be successful, in addition to precise preparation, not only the professional handling of figures, analysis results from due diligence, and company valuation is important, but also knowledge of the essential legal framework. Getting an IMAA certification from a recognized institute for mergers acquisitions and alliances can really help.

In this article, you will receive a practice-oriented guide for M&A associations by, so that you can identify possible pitfalls at an early stage and lead your transactions to success.

Your benefit

  • Learn to define an M&A strategy to identify potential targets faster.
  • Get a compact insight into the individual M&A transaction phases.
  • Learn how to conduct due diligence to uncover potential deal-breakers early on.
  • Familiarize yourself with reliable methods for determining the purchase price so that you can also correctly evaluate digital business models.


  • M&A strategy: identify potential targets quickly
  • Project plan: Define transaction structure and core processes precisely
  • Due Diligence: Uncover “deal breakers” early on
  • Company valuation: Correctly evaluate target companies
  • Company purchase agreement: Prepare content compactly
  • Labor law: involve those involved in good time
  • Post-merger integration: Create a “Day 1” action plan

For whom is the seminar suitable?

This seminar is aimed at specialists and executives from the areas of mergers & acquisitions, corporate strategy, corporate planning, business development management, business development, investments, corporate finance, controlling, law, and taxes, as well as managing directors and board members from companies in all sectors. Specialists and managers from banks, investment banks, venture capital, and private equity companies as well as business angels, incubators, innovation scouts, management consultants, and lawyers who are active in the M&A business are also addressed.




  • How to create a project plan for preparing and executing M&A transactions
  • Preparation and execution of M&A transactions
  • Agreements and liability risks in the negotiation phase
  • Early detection of deal breakers through due diligence
  • Labor law focal points in corporate transactions
  • Current M&A trends.


  • This is how the M&A process works from the buyer and seller perspective in practice
  • M&A strategy
  • Company valuation and purchase price determination
  • End-to-end post-merger integration process as a success factor in acquisitions

Sample clauses

Essential provisions of the entrepreneur purchase agreement in the case of a share deal.

Aware that new work models with several employers or the type and location of work in personnel recruitment require a rethink, in addition to digitization of the recruitment process, agility within the company is also becoming increasingly important. Correspondingly holistic personnel recruitment requires stringent processes, from talent advertising to the candidate journey to onboarding. The course wants to meet this requirement by making recruiters and HR experts fit for the recruiting of tomorrow – both strategically and in operational use. A CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) is planned for 2018.

Assistance in an international team – this is how cooperation works


Working together in international and thus multicultural teams is part of everyday life in most companies today. New technologies enable us to easily communicate with other nations. And of course, that also applies to you as an assistant. How do you deal with this challenge in everyday work? Are you still looking for tips and assistance so that you can ensure even more effective cooperation as an assistant in an international team? Then read this article and prepare yourself optimally for this task.

Multicultural teams as a daily challenge – and opportunity!

As an assistant, you will certainly have to work with employees from near or far countries. And that is great! The different ways of thinking and working can produce innovative ideas. Nevertheless, misunderstandings often occur, especially in multicultural teams. Different mentalities or attitudes to working methods, but also the different linguistic and technical previous knowledge make communication and thus teamwork more difficult. The most common reasons are certainly:

  • language barriers
  • Other manners or forms of communication
  • Other norms of those involved
  • Different legal systems
  • Various (technical) prior knowledge of the team members
  • Geographic distance and the associated time difference
  • And other

Now you are asked as an assistant to make the cooperation in the international team as pleasant and productive as possible.



Communication is and remains the most important factor in teams, be they national or international. So, as a team assistant, make sure that there is regular contact by email, video conference, or other means. A hardcore shouldn’t develop while other team members are left out, or at least feel that way.

Incidentally, you strengthen your international team just as you would a homogeneous team: Quite simply by clearly communicating your successes or your boss. Team building workshops can also boost productivity.

Criticize properly

If you, as a project assistant, also have the task of expressing criticism, you should always do so indirectly. In most cultures, criticism is only implied and never spoken out directly. However, if direct criticism is still necessary, then only in private and never in front of the entire team!

Don’t forget to have fun!

Of course, fun should not be neglected when working in an international team. Multicultural teams are strengthened through informal activities. For example, organize a meal with local dishes for everyone involved. A sport that is typical of the country can also weld your team together – regardless of whether you practice the sport yourself or just watch it.

With these tips, you will certainly be able to achieve perfect cooperation as an assistant in an international team. Always remember that while cultural diversity brings challenges, it also inspires creativity. Get involved in other ways of working and let yourself be surprised by new solutions that you never thought possible!