The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your First Designer Bag

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If you’re a lover of high fashion and everything that goes with it, you’ll know that there are certain accessories that will complement each other and elevate your look, such as a designer bag.

Whether you’re off to work, going for a meal, or running daily errands, you must pick a designer bag that matches your personality and stands the test of time.
Luxury bags can last for many years and give you a lot of pleasure, but only if you choose the right one. Not everyone can afford to buy multiple designer bags, so you need to make sure that you choose the right make and brand.

With hundreds of brands to choose from, each with dozens of different styles and types of bags to choose from, the decision process can be difficult. To help, here is a guide on what to look out for when choosing your first designer bag.

Know Your Budget

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One of the first things you must do before purchasing a designer bag is to draw up a budget. Whether you’ve been saving for many years, or money is no issue, there are still considerations to make before choosing your dream bag. No one wants to spend a fortune on a designer bag that ends up collecting dust in the closet. And if you aren’t careful with your money, you could end up getting into debt. To keep you smiling after your purchase, make sure you only spend what you can realistically afford. There are budgeting apps that you can download on your smartphone that allow you to track your income and outgoings.

Pick a Suitable Color

The color of your designer bag is another important factor to address. To get the most usage out of your bag, you will need to pick a color that flows well with your outfits. While a striking color like hot orange may appeal to you, when it comes to matching with what you have in your closet, you may find the bag clashes. Therefore, opting for neutral shades like white or beige will give you more choice and ensure your designer bag is used for all kinds of occasions. Like a little black dress, a black handbag is a classic choice, but a nude color or even a fashionable grey could also be great, depending on your style.

Factor in Size

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If you’re the type of woman who likes to cram everything and anything into their bag, you will need to pick one that accommodates all your necessities. Even if your eyes are drawn to a smaller bag, if you can’t fit your essentials in, the bag won’t serve its purpose. Functionality must be taken into account before sealing the deal, otherwise, you will end up with a designer bag that offers little to no value. You also need to decide whether your designer bag will be used for work, going on vacation, or for everyday use.

If you want a versatile option, then you could opt for a bag with multiple straps, so it can be turned into a crossbody bag or a backpack whenever you need to change it and make it more comfortable. You should also explore the pockets and storage solutions each bag comes with so that you can find one with all the compartments you need. If you carry a lot of small items, then you need to choose a bag with lots of pockets to keep them secure and stop them from rolling around in the bottom of your new designer bag.

Choose the Right Material

There are all kinds of materials that you can choose from when purchasing a designer bag. Whether you’re a fan of fabric, vinyl, or leather is more your thing, you will want to get excellent durability out of your purchase.

When spending a large chunk of money on a bag, the last thing you want is to see signs of wear and tear, which is why you need to be careful when picking the material. Leather tends to be the most popular material as it can be cut, designed, and shaped in various ways and is known for its durability.

But these days there are also cruelty-free alternatives available, that are just as durable as animal leather. For example Microfiber vegan leather this material doesn’t crack, break or peel as ordinary vegan leather might. And it’s just as beautiful and luxurious as animal leather!

Take Your Time

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As it’s such a massive investment, you should never rush into buying a designer bag. There are many retailers who will entice you with special discounts and promotional offers to seal the deal, so instead of rushing into a decision, taking the time to shop around and look at different brands is important. If you’re struggling to make your mind up, you can ask your family and friends for a second opinion. If you have friends or loved ones who collect designer handbags, then consider asking them for their opinion to get first-hand insight. Make sure you’re savvy and look at ratings and reviews from other shoppers, as you may find that the bag of your dreams isn’t practical or long-lasting. While it can be difficult to be patient, you will be thankful in the long run.

Where to Buy

Once you’ve decided that a designer bag is a way to go, you need to pick a reputable platform that offers genuine pieces. There are hundreds of places that sell designer bags, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, you may not have the option to look in person. If this is the case, and you want to shop online, it pays to do your research to find a legitimate seller. A good example is SSENSE, which sells many popular brands including luxury Gucci bags in the form of clutches, backpacks, and tote bags.

With many designer bags costing thousands of dollars, the last thing you want to do is shell out cash on a bag that will stay firmly in the closet. If you’re ready to purchase your first designer bag, all the tips above will help you choose one that is suitable for your day-to-day needs. And if you choose wisely, your bag’s resale value may increase in years to come, making it a valuable possession in your collection.