How To Care For People With Dementia During Your Busy Schedules


People with dementia need care and assistance in their daily tasks as their brain function is in a declining state. They need to be supervised all the time to prevent themselves from any sort of harm. Caring for your loved ones with dementia can be quite challenging especially when you are a workaholic and have busy work schedules.

Being a carer can put a lot of burden over your shoulders but the daily tasks can be managed well if you organize and execute them in the best possible way. There are multiple approaches to care for your loved ones with dementia.

Apply for Carer’s Assessment


If you care for your loved one with dementia then you need to assess yourself as the carer to relieve your stress. This will enable you to help manage your life better. The carer assessment is done to properly organize the busy schedules of carers. If you need a break then someone can take over the responsibilities for a day or two.

If you want to be physically fit to care for the dementia patient then exercise schedules and gym memberships can be arranged for you. Adult social services can get you in touch with support groups with whom you can talk regarding caring for a patient.

Get Yourself Registered With GP

If you are the breadwinner of the family and the sole carer then you need to get yourself registered with the GP of your loved ones with dementia. This approach will enable you to access your GP in the time of emergency. You can instantly call the GP and get medical assistance and help.

Look for Benefits for Carers

You are a carer if you are looking after someone in your close family like your spouse, sibling, or a parent who is ill or disabled. You are entitled to cost benefits as the state facilitates carers of dementia patients.

If you look after someone for more than 35 hours a week then you fall under the category of getting a carer’s allowance. Every country has its own policy to give benefits to the carers.

Manage Schedules Around the Basic Needs of Dementia Patient


If your loved ones are unable to wash or bathe themselves then you can assist them in washing and bathing by allocating a proper time for these tasks. You can take them to the toilet for pee and poop, wash them, and then prepare to go to your workplace.

You can do this task first thing in the morning before going to your job. If your job schedule does not allow you to care for them during lunch time then you can arrange a carer for a couple of hours who can cook food and feed them.

Write To-Do Lists

The to-do list is a good way of managing things if you are caring for your loved one with dementia. As the brain functioning of the person with dementia declines, more and more care and assistance are needed for simple daily tasks.

You can write doctor’s appointments, schedules of bathing, feeding, personal hygiene, fun activities, and support group visits by making a to-do list for the whole week. A weekly planner will help manage the tasks for the week. Every day you can just take a good look at the to-do list and manage your job schedule around it.

Reminders for Medications

If the dementia of your loved ones is at a critical age that they cannot manage their medications on their own then it is better to set daily reminders on your phone or on your manual regarding the medication time. If they are unable to control their pee or poop and leaks at night then get them checked with their GP.

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Plan Activities on the Weekends


If your job schedule is fully packed in the week days then you can plan fun activities for your loved ones over the weekend. People with dementia need love and affection which is why they need to be handled with care.

They can become angry at times so you can calm them down and take them to a nearby park or an event. You can play board games with them in the comfort of their home if they like to stay indoors.

Allow Your Loved One to Do Most of the Chores

You can train your loved one with dementia to perform their simple tasks by themselves. You can train and teach them about bathing, dressing, washing, and taking care of their personal hygiene so that they do not depend on others in your absence.

If you are unable to reach on time at the time of their lunch then they can feed themselves without having to rely on others. Use a sturdy shower chair to provide support to the person if he/she is unsteady and falls easily.

Tips to Improve Communication Skills of People With Dementia

People with dementia and Alzheimer’s have trouble remembering things. Communication is a challenge for them which is why they need to be heard and understood. You must reassure the person with affection. Give them their personal space. Allow them to take control of their life.

Give them daily reminders of who they are and what relation you have with them without questioning their memory. Keep well-loved objects like their childhood photographs or objects close to them so that they can try to recall their past memories.

All the above-mentioned ways can give you a lot of benefits if you are a company employee and your schedule is fully packed throughout the week. You can always seek professional assistance regarding your caregiving services for loved ones. Caring for a person with dementia can drain your overall health so it is better to take time out for yourself as well from your busy schedule.