Buying a Vacation Home in Turkey


Turkey has always been an interesting destination for tourists. This country can boast of a unique culture, and diverse nature and it is the only country that spans two continents. In addition to the natural beauty, it has a lot, Turkey is characterized by a rich cultural and historical heritage and unique food. Tourists have a lot of interesting things to visit here. Ever since it became a world business and fashion center, interest in this country is growing.

If you have been to Turkey even once, you know that we are talking about a unique experience. If you felt in love with this country, maybe you wanted to have a vacation home here. If so, the great news for you is that you can buy a vacation home in Turkey for much less money than you would spend in Spain, France, or Italy. Another advantage is that by buying real estate in Turkey, you can also acquire Turkish citizenship. This is perhaps the country that will give you citizenship the easiest possible way.

Buying real estate in a foreign country is a very big decision, and if you have decided to buy real estate in Turkey, you must familiarize yourself with certain details. Therefore, we have dedicated this text to everything you need to know if you have decided to buy a vacation home in Turkey.

Be aware of your finances and the expenses that await you


Before you start searching for real estate sites in Turkey, it would be great to define your finances. Plan at the beginning how much money you can spare for this venture. After that, it is important to determine the costs you will need to pay in addition to the price of the house itself. Don’t forget the costs of notaries, lawyers, translators, taxes, various fees, and other small expenses that you have to pay. After checking and calculating everything, deducting from your financial possibilities, you are left with the calculation of how much you can allocate for the house.

As we mentioned before, the market in Turkey is much more affordable than, for example, buying a vacation home in Cyprus or France. Although it has a great spot and culture, the low real estate prices are another factor that attracts people from all over the country to buy real estate right here. If you are not chasing luxury and want a two-room apartment in a less seaside place, your wish can be fulfilled for only 60,000 dollars!

If you decide that you want to have a timeshare vacation rental in Turkey since you find it as a good location for relaxation for you and your family, you can do so. If getting rid of timeshare would be on your list someday because you can no longer handle all the fees, a good lawyer can help you with that.

The search for the “perfect”


Before you start searching, it is very important to define what you really want. If you have created the outline of your ideal house, think about possible compromises and how far you are willing to go. If you have all this in your head, then the search begins. There are a large number of websites dealing with the sale of real estate in Turkey. The question is how safe and accurate a site is.

Our recommendation is Nirvana Property, where you can search through a large real estate database of properties, appartments and Villas For Sale in Turkey and be sure of the displayed data. Whichever site you decide on, when you see the one that suits you, we suggest you immediately call the agent and ask about all the details and. of course, schedule a tour.

In addition to realizing your dream, you can also make money with this purchase. The Turkish real estate market is becoming more and more popular and in demand every day. This means that the prices will not always be favorable. Therefore, take care to invest in something that can be returned to you.

Is it expensive to live in Turkey?


Compared to most European and North American cities, Turkey is very favorable. As the nature of this country is bountiful, fruits and vegetables are very cheap. And other necessary things are quite cheap, which makes it very affordable for retirees. however, if you think about all the monthly costs that await you (taxes, bills, etc.), the costs on an annual basis can be really big.

Therefore, many owners who have a vacation home in Turkey decide to rent it during the period when they are away. The idea sounds great, but everything is not that simple. You must comply with the prescribed laws and rules that apply in Turkey. First of all, it is very important to register each guest. The state has made it much easier because you can complete everything online.

If the guests stay for a shorter time, it will be enough to report it on a certain website. If the tenant is staying longer, you will need a contract. You can advertise the apartment on Airbnb or and if that’s too much work for you, you can hire an agent to take care of these things for you.

Most popular places


As in every country, there are cities in Turkey that are more or less popular for buying a vacation home. We are sure that it is somewhat clear to you that these are places along the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts. One of the most popular places for tourists in Turkey is definitely Antalya.

After it, there is also Alanya, Belek, Fethiye, and the Bodrum peninsula. If you are more interested in a business, cultural and fashion center rather than a quiet coastal town, then definitely Istanbul is ideal for you. This is the largest and most populated city in Turkey.

The city itself has 39 districts, and the Turkish business industry has its representative office here. Istanbul is becoming more and more interesting to foreign investors every year, while real estate prices are still affordable.

Although Istanbul is the most popular and largest city, Ankara is still the capital of Turkey. As in Istanbul, in Ankara, you have prestigious industries in every branch. Real estate is much cheaper than in Istanbul, and the city is ideal for investment.

Obtaining a Turkish passport

Buying a property in Turkey does not guarantee that you will get your citizenship, residence, or work visa. If you are a foreigner and you want to buy property in Turkey, you must get your registration number from the TNP department for foreigners.

Documentation can be a big problem here, and we highly recommend a real estate agent to guide you through this process. Only when you get the registration number and sign a lot of documents, only then can you make the purchase. And to get their passport in the shortest possible time, you need to invest a minimum of 400,000 dollars.