Brow Lamination– Which Products Should You Choose?

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Brow lamination has been one of the newer tricks and trends in the beauty industry. We can thank popular YouTube videos, as well as Instagram hacks for this fast-growing trend! If you wish to know a bit more about brow lamination, its process, as well as some key items that you might need in order to do it yourself at the comfort of your home, keep on reading and find out all there is to know!

What Is Eyebrow Lamination?

This is a process that gives you smooth, shiny, as well as lifted brows. It creates an illusion of fuller brows, and it gives them an even and well-lifted look. Sometimes women think of this treatment as a brow perm, since it is quite similar to old-school 60s perms that women loved to do at hair salons back in the day. This is a semi-permanent procedure, which will last for a couple of weeks.

Which Products To Use?

There are loads of different products that you can use or purchase. Once you’re at the salon, a brow specialist or an esthetician will use her favorite and most-trusted items. However, if you were left on your own, you would have the best chance at finding something concrete and amazing at They have loads of different brow products to offer, and you might prefer their brow lamination kit that has three key items, perfect for any brow type or hair color!

How Is Brow Lamination Done?

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It is usually done in a couple of steps that are quite easy to follow, and those are:

  • You should apply a cream that is used to hold your brows high-up and in place
  • Brush your hairs with a small spoolie or a wand upwards, and make slight strokes
  • On top, you should apply a neutralizer that is used to seal your eyebrows and set them in place
  • To finish it off, use a bit of oil which will prevent dryness or irritation of your skin

Usually, both in-salon or at-home treatments it will take you around 60 minutes to do.

How Is Brow Lamination Done At A Salon?

Aside from our previously explained steps, everything else is pretty much the same. However, the only difference when it comes to at-salon treatments is that you might end up receiving some of the following extra add-ons:

  • Tweezing of your natural brow hairs, as well as any excess parts
  • Waxing of brows to achieve the perfect arch
  • Brow tinting
  • A quick and calming eyebrow massage
  • A specialized eyebrow cream or serum for this area

What Are The Benefits Of Eyebrow Lamination?

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Eyebrow lamination is a quick and easy esthetic treatment that can be done by anyone! You should get this treatment done if you are:

  • Experiencing thinner eyebrows as you age
  • You have some unwanted spots that can’t seem to fill up
  • You’ve been waxing or shaping your brows the wrong way this entire time
  • You have unruly and bushy hair that needs to be tamed down
  • They are uneven
  • You prefer quick and easy makeup on a daily
  • You need something for the holidays
  • You need something that is perfect for the gym

PS: Brow lamination is pretty much weatherproof, which makes this treatment desirable as well as practical for most women, as well as different weather conditions.

Are There Any Side Effects To This Treatment?

At first, it may feel a bit uncomfortable, or unusual to some women, especially to those who have sensitive skin. You might experience a bit of redness, itching, or even bumps. However, any type of swelling or irritation will go down and will completely disappear in less than 3-4 hours after the treatment. Just be patient, and wait it out. You shouldn’t touch it with your fingers either and stay away from high heat, snow, sweat, as well as any saunas or the gym.

Who Should Get This Treatment Done?

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Brow lamination is for everyone! You can get it if you are 16, or 66! It is a suitable treatment for most skin types as well. If you are someone who wishes to speed up their beauty or everyday morning routine, this is perfect for you! Also, if you are a fan of the bushy brow trend, and you love to look seamless as well as natural most of the time, embrace this change!

The Brow Trio can help you out to learn how to get a microblade eyebrow look at home.

How Long Does It Last?

Perhaps the greatest downside is that it doesn’t last for as long as you might want it to. In optimal conditions, laminated brows could last you for up to 6 weeks! However and realistically speaking, you will have bushy brows for 3-4 weeks. This is because women can’t stay away from their facial cleansers, oils, creams, serums, as well as foundation and brow products. The more you use any of these and the more you’re exposed to the sun, the shorter the results.

How Much Does It Cost?

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Well, this can depend a lot from one country to another, as well as from one brow expert to the other. How skilled is your technician, and what do you think about his reputation? Usually, you will pay around $50 and $100 per session. However, and luckily, those at-home treatments and practical DIY kits might suit you, and they will come in handy in this case since they will help you save so much time, money, as well as patience, and effort since you won’t head out to the salon. Simply enjoy the process on your own, and get it done in less than an hour, and at a way more affordable price!

Ready To Have The Perfect Brows With Brow Lamination?

So, are you ready to show off your perfect brows? What do you think about brow lamination in general? Also, do you feel confident enough in doing it on your own in the comfort of your home? Let us know where you stand and how you feel about this beauty treatment, we would love to know!