Which Teen Shows You Must Binge-Watch Immediately?

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Even those who have rolled their eyes at the mention of teen drama have to admit that currently, one of the best TV content comes from this category. The phenomenon named “Stranger Things” brought kids and teenagers back to the big stage with a great retro moment that began to extend to other series as well. When the movie “To all the Boys That I’ve Loved Before” came out, the thing was also official – we love all that teen drama!

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If you somehow missed watching “Sex Education” and “End of the Fucking World,” then you will have the pleasure of enjoying two seasons of this series on Netflix. The favorite from the HBO platform is “Euphoria” with the young star Zendaya.

But, that is all for the renewal of the material and for those who missed classes. For true lovers, there are several new titles.

Normal People

The first on the list is “Normal people”, which is much more than just erotic scenes. On the verge of “teen” category, the show brings the story of two young people who have been in love with each other since high school through college and love each other in such an insanely good way that you’ll want to leave your boyfriend and find someone who will love you like Colin (the main character).

What Never Have I Ever

Perhaps an even bigger hit right now is the series “What Never Have I Ever” about a young Indian living in America. There are all the elements for a good plot. She tries to have a normal social life, survives the drama in the house, and of course, there are guys she likes. Mindy Kaling, who is one of the authors of the series, made sure that everything in the series works perfectly.

I Am Not Okay with This

Another Netflix title is “I Am Not Okay with This,” a comic drama based on Charles Forsman’s comic book of the same name. Strange and charming heroine Sydney is a teenager who tries to cope with high school in the moments when she starts to examine her sexuality, juggling with her complicated family, but also with superpowers that she didn’t even know she possessed.