Bipoc News & Mental Health: Tips For Staying Informed Without Feeling Overwhelmed


When it comes to BIPOC, it stands for a more descriptive than POC, people of colour. BIPOC, Black, Indigenous, and people of color; acknowledge that POC does face several prejudices and discrimination. It also acknowledges the fact that there is systematic racism that affects Indigenous and Black lives. And when you see news of discrimination, you might feel overwhelmed, which can affect your mental health.

In fact, according to research, Americans feel that news is a significant source of stress. However, it does not mean you do not have to be informed. With the help of BIPOC News, you learn about the different experiences of the African American and Indigenous people experience, what they are facing, and how they excel. It inspires you too. So, amidst all this, how can you take care of mental health too? Follow the below-mentioned points and maintain your mental health too.

Read Inspiring Stories


News and information do not have to be negative. There is discrimination, racism, etc., and the news can be pretty dark. But remember that there’s good out there. You must also consume news where you get to know the inspiring stories of African Americans and how they are changing the world. This will inspire you and calm your mind too.

Set Aside Time For News

When you set aside a designated time to read the news and get some information, you are giving yourself time to respond and reflect on it. Otherwise, you might be thinking about it throughout the day. Also, you can develop the skill where you can redirect yourself to be in a grateful and calm place before you go on with your day.

Take Break


Take a break, go out. Spending just 20 minutes in a park can have a positive impact. So, if you feel overwhelmed, just go out, walk, run, etc., or do anything that makes you happy. Also, sun exposure provides vitamin D, which benefits your health.

Try Meditation


When you meditate, your racing thoughts calm down. You can start by focusing on your breath and taking one step at a time. Mediation helps you manage stress and keep calm.

Take Action

If you have read some distressing news and do not know how to deal with it, you can join the cause. If you feel distressed, you can channel that feeling into something that will help you with your emotional well-being. You can sign a petition, join protests, talk to people who inspire you, etc.



Summing up, you consume news on a daily basis; in today’s time, it is relevant to stay informed too. However, always ensure that the sources are reliable. Information can be helpful and stimulating, and it can help you grow too. With so much information and news, it can be hard not to be overwhelmed. However, it does not have to be the case. Follow these tips and be informed without putting your mental health at risk.