Want To Leave Dallas? 8 Best Places To Move To Within Texas In 2024

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Leaving the hometown of the most valuable NBA franchise, the Dallas Mavericks? Well, you must have a good reason. A better opportunity or the chance to live closer to your family. Whatever your rationale, you are starting a new chapter in life.

If you are leaving Dallas and want to move to a different city within Texas, there are a number of places you can consider. Each of these cities has its own benefits and drawbacks, which means that the final decision of whether or not to move will depend on your priorities.

Here are some cities in Texas you can consider when planning to move out of Dallas!

1. Austin

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The first city on the list is none other than Austin itself. The capital of Texas and the largest city in Travis County, Austin is an exciting place ranked as the best place to live in the state and number 40 on the best places to live in the world by US News.

With a population of over 2.2 million, Austin is home to many exciting career prospects, culture, and educational opportunities. Buying a home in Austin is more expensive as median prices stand at $504,000 while the national average for the same is just $365,000. However, with a host of growing industries with in-demand jobs, finding accommodation won’t be a concern for you.

2. San Antonio

Want to move out of Dallas to San Antonio? Ranked second on the list of best places to live in Texas, the city has much to offer. For a relocation already locked in, Dallas long distance movers can facilitate the process since the two cities are more than 270 miles apart.

If you are still deciding, here are some of the elements that you can consider. The industries thriving in San Antonio include bioscience, manufacturing, and renewable energy, with names like Toyota, Southwest Research Institute, and Valero Energy Corp being some of the biggest names headquartered in the city. The hospitality and leisure industries are also thriving in San Antonio, so you can find lucrative opportunities here too.

3. Killeen

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Killeen is another amazing city you can explore as the next destination to take up residence in Texas. With much more affordable housing than other places and a great schooling system,

Killeen is ideal if you have a family. Home prices are much lower than the national average, with the median cost being $250,000, whereas in the rest of the country, average rates are $365,000. The local economy is also thriving thanks to Fort Hood, which is amongst the largest military bases in the US. There are other jobs in the healthcare and education sectors as well. Unemployment in Killeen is also much lower than the national average.

4. El Paso

Hearing about El Paso, you get that traditional Wild West vibe with cowboys and cattle farmers. However, that is not the case exactly. Much like Killeen, home prices in El Paso are also much lower than the national average.

In the city, median home prices are $248,000. The proximity of El Paso to the US-Mexico border raises concern for law and order, but the city is relatively safe thanks to a vigilant police force and a variety of other initiatives.

The biggest job opportunity in El Paso is working for the US Customs and Borders Protection Force. Healthcare is also a segment where employment is readily available. Be wary that to move to El Paso, you need to get accustomed to the dry and barren landscape.

5. Beaumont

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Sitting in the southwest of the state of Texas, Beaumont is a city bordered by Orange and Port Arthur. Together these places make up the Golden Triangle. The term was originally coined for marketing purposes of economic developments in the region. Today, this area is a hotspot for numerous sectors like research, education, high-tech manufacturing, transportation, and aerospace.

Beaumont is an extremely affordable city, with US News ranking it at no. 6 on the list of places to live on the basis of cost of living. Home prices stand at an average of $206,000, which is one of the lowest rates anywhere in the country.

6. Corpus Christi

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The Port of Corpus Christi drives much of its economic development and employment opportunities. The facility has brought a number of energy companies to the region as well. This is the reason why various industries in the city continue to boom.

Home prices also reflect the interest in the area, and even though they are lower than the national average, they are still high relative to Beaumont, El Paso, and Killeen. The city also has its own set of unique attractions, most of which are outdoors and focus on the water. Texas and its policy of zero state income taxes is one of the biggest reasons why Corpus Christi is a favorable location.

7. Brownsville

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Another city with beaches and weather that lets you enjoy them throughout the year is Brownsville. A thriving community driven by education, border security, trade, import, export, aerospace engineering, and tourism, Brownsville offers a wide variety of opportunities for job seekers.

At the same time, it is also on the list of most affordable places to live in the country, with median house prices standing at $231,000. Living in Brownsville can be ideal for someone who enjoys beaches and a relatively warm climate throughout the year.

8. McAllen

Last but not least is McAllen, Texas, a town that may hold a reputation as a secluded border region but has a vibrant metropolitan vibe, employment opportunities, and other amenities to support a good quality of life.

With a population of more than 850,000 people, McAllen is often called the retail hub of Northern Mexico and Southern Texas. The local economy is driven by health services and education thanks to high-ranking colleges and hospitals operating in the area. Other sectors include public service and companies like GE Aviation as well.


Moving within Texas can leave you spoilt for choice because of the various cities with ports, aerospace, and trade industries thriving. Whether you are looking to retire, discover a more peaceful lifestyle, or simply have more lucrative employment prospects, cities besides Dallas offer it all. Depending on your personal preferences, you can easily find a place where you can set your heart and move there without much hassle. However, it is best to put in time for extensive research first.