The truth about Cher and Val Kilmer’s Relationship

Cher y Val Kilmer

Cher may be known as an iconic singer and actress worthy of an Oscar, while fans of Val Kilmer can surely tell you all about her roles as Iceman in Top Gun and the title character in one of the 90s bat man movies. However, did you know that these two once dated? Despite the large age gap between the stars (she’s 13 years older), the duo used to be a popular item in Hollywood.

Cher and Kilmer date from 1982 to 1984, according to Entertainment Tonigh t . The actor explained in his April 2024 memoirs: I’m You Huckleberry , who first met while the actor, who was 21 at the time, was dining at a restaurant and was told that the singer, who was in her 30s years, I wanted to meet him. While explaining that he was shocked, he also admitted that he was not exactly excited and wrote, “I saw Cher as a less than fascinating character in the gossip rags.” He added that he was not “motivated to meet her” because he thought they would have “nothing in common.”

However, that did not stop him from accepting the invitation, leading to what he considered a “wild ride” of a relationship.

Val Kilmer ‘fell under Cher’s’ spell’

When Cher and Val Kilmer were introduced, they apparently got along well and embarked on a two-year relationship. In his book I Am Your Huckleberry , the actor explained that she is “hysterically amusing,” describing her as an “accomplished artist who displays the attributes of a shrewd child, adolescent, and adult, all at once.” He also noted that “Cher traffics intoxicating glamor,” and he, as “a Valley boy, fell under his spell.”

As for Cher, she later spoke about her chemistry, telling the Daily Mail in 2018, “When we kissed, I thought my head would shoot out of my body.” Oh my!

The two ended up living together at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, where she was performing at the time, and although the romance did not last, Kilmer explained in their memoirs that they were still friends after their separation. “We had a wild ride … and although we eventually strayed in different directions, our spirits stayed together,” he said. That was made clear years later when Cher appeared to help her ex while fighting for her life.

Cher stood by Val Kilmer while fighting cancer

Val Kilmer was diagnosed with throat cancer in 2015, according to People , and during his health battle, his ex-Cher invited him to stay at his guest house, so she was able to be by his side when his fight turned terrifying. He described a horrible night in his memoirs, I am your Huckleberry , writing: “Suddenly I woke up vomiting blood that covered the bed like a scene from The Godfather. I prayed right away, then called 911. Then I alerted my hostess, “At that point she wrote that ‘Cher stepped in and went up.’

One of the ways he was able to help was to unintentionally make Kilmer laugh at the terrible moment. «[E] In my serious condition, I saw her scan the paramedic, who was Gregory Peck, handsome as a dead man. Only in Hollywood, right? ” , He pointed. He explained that even though he was »covered in blood«, he managed to get Cher’s attention and »bounced [his] eyebrows like Groucho Marx. Hubba hubba «. She revealed that »Cher was shy of being arrested but could not help but laugh out loud at the audacity«.

Kilmer went on to explain, “Here we were, joking about beauty and desire, while I looked like a Tarantino Reservoir Dogs specialist and, yes, while my life seemed to be in mortal danger.” Despite all these two have been through together, it seems like they are still making memories that they will always remember.