Top Stars Who Are Fond of Sports

Are you looking for motivation to start working out? Then you should look at the world-famous stars. Most of them train regularly, enjoy football, baseball, and even find basketball more enjoyable than playing at These women are the fittest stars.

Izabel Goulart

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Izabel Goulart’s Instagram will replace your personal trainers. This Brazilian supermodel regularly posts videos of her workouts. Her abs are visible to everyone. Isabel is in love with sports. She exercises every morning and combines different types of activities.

As the model herself says, she does not have a coach, but this is not an obstacle for the desire to look good. The girl often trains with the app by Nike, where she organizes her own training program.

One might think that with such a figure Isabel does not eat anything at all, but this is not true. The model is for a balanced diet. In her diet, there is necessarily meat (chicken or turkey), vegetables, and rice. Even chocolate is not on the blacklist.

Gigi Hadid

This supermodel has never been distinguished by excessive thinness, and sports in her life are more for fun. Gigi does not like the standard workouts in the gym, so she chose boxing for herself. Hour-long classes with her personal trainer Rob Piel have become her favorite way to burn calories and get rid of the noise in her head.

Strict diets are also not for Gigi. Yet, this girl tries to avoid eating junk food.

Jennifer Lopez

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Since childhood, Jennifer Lopez has been engaged in dancing. And later she came to the gym, so the sport for the star is already a professional habit. The famous Tracy Anderson – a fitness guru of Hollywood – is responsible for Lopez’s figure. She trains the star with her signature method. Jennifer Lopez goes to the gym six times a week, training for an hour, but does each exercise 60-100 times (fortunately, with little or no weight). Yes, even this start herself admits that it is not always possible to find motivation.

Jennifer admits that she rarely drinks alcohol or coffee and has never smoked in her life. She completely eliminated sugar and salt from her diet.

Gisele Bundchen

If you still don’t have enough time for sports, look at Gisele Bundchen. She manages to do everything: work, vacation, raising children, doing charity work and not forgetting about workouts.

The supermodel practices boxing, yoga, and kung fu several times a week. She is always very careful about her diet. The basis is vegetables and meat. Gisele’s secret is that in almost every dish she adds chili peppers to stimulate the metabolism.

Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston was a fat child. The actress later admitted that the fact that she was bullied is what made her take care of herself and never again struggle with excess weight.

Now Jennifer Aniston eats only healthy food and works out seven times a week. The actress does yoga, pilates, stretching, and running. Moreover, abs workouts are also on her daily schedule.

Heidi Kaulitz

At 47, after having several children, Heidi Kaulitz still manages to maintain her supermodel figure thanks to healthy habits developed over the years. She regularly jogs two or three times a week, jumps on a trampoline with her children, and does sports whenever she has a spare moment.

For those who find sports boring, Heidi has some advice. Go to the gym with your best friend. And also, according to the model, it’s essential to set clear goals. For example, to run 100 meters more each time.

To preserve youthfulness, Heidi tries to eat as much as possible fresh vegetables and foods rich in proteins. She makes smoothies for the family every morning and drinks a glass of milk at dinner.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale impresses her fans not only with her perfect sense of style but also with her sculpted shape. In this case, this world-famous star works hard to achieve every day. As the actress admits, she used to be fond of yoga. Yet, in the last couple of years, the actress began to prefer a much more intense workout. Among Kate Beckinsale’s favorite types of workouts are circuit training. A circular workout tends to contract all muscle groups and burn the maximum number of calories.

Renée Zellweger

Everyone remembers Renée Zellweger from her role as the chubby Bridget Jones. Yet, the actress long ago gave up that role and lost a lot of weight. In order to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time, Renee paid a lot of attention to strength training and exercises for the abs. She prefers to perform strength exercises immediately after cardio exercises. So, it is possible to burn the greatest number of calories.

Kate Hudson

Beauty, according to Kate Hudson, is about being healthy in the first place. And not just physically: to look good and feel great, you need to learn how to relieve stress. In 2016, the actress even wrote a book Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body about her lifestyle and healthy habits.

The star chooses workouts according to her mood. Sometimes she does cardio, sometimes she prefers pilates or intense yoga, but most of all Kate likes dancing. By the way, Kate gave up meat a long time ago and tries to stick to an alkaline diet every day. It means the star eats a lot of vegetables, fruit, and herbal tea.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most athletic actresses in Hollywood. She is convinced that sports are good not only for her shape but also for her skin. Intensive workouts help her get rid of toxins. For more than ten years, the actress has been engaged with fitness guru Tracy Anderson. At 8 in the morning, Gwyneth is already in the gym. Tracy develops a dance cardio-program for the actress and changes it every ten days. Now the actress is 48, but in the eyes of many people, she is still that young girl who conquered the sky in View from the Top.