What Gear You Need to Start Powerlifting

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Working out is great. Exercise is good for both our body and mind. Our overall well-being relies heavily on a good workout regimen. You know this. It’s all over the news to put it that way. But, powerlifting is another animal. Yes, it’s a form of training and a great workout for anyone interested, but without proper gear, it’s just not possible to do it and even less achieve some real results. When it comes to powerlifting it’s all about doing it the right way and having something to show for it. Are you ready to do this? Is powerlifting a challenge you are willing to accept?

Are you still with us? Yes? Then we received a positive answer. Powerlifting is what you want to do. That much is clear. But, how to do it and where to begin? Those are all great questions. Luckily for you, and everyone else reading this piece, we have a good answer. If you are truly passionate about this endeavor, but not sure how to start it, you can visit Anderson Powerlifting to learn the essentials that a powerlifter needs to maximize efforts in the gym and stay injury-free.

We understand that not everyone has time to go to a gym and seek professional help. That’s the thing you need to do, but if you’re taking another path we will not stand in your way. No! Instead, we are going to give you a helping hand. How, you ask us? Well, if you’re not talking to professionals, and you’re not taking on the gym, there’s only one solution that remains – working at home. Don’t worry you can be a powerlifter from home, but with one condition – you need to equip yourself. This is where we’ll step in as your helpers. If you continue reading this article you will find out what gear you need to start powerlifting. Let’s talk about this at length.

Shoes, Weight Belt, and Wrist Wraps

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Let’s start with your protection. When it comes to powerlifting you’ll be facing a lot of weight. It is important to protect your body first and foremost. When doing this activity it is all about the form. Poor form causes injuries. Also, injuries can come from a combination of poor form and lack of proper equipment. You need elevated shoes to be able to do the lift properly. Security with a deadlift starts from your feet and ankles. Have them protected with good shoes. You will easily find one, as most manufacturers such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, and Puma produce shoes for powerlifters. When you secure your feet, you need to move up to your waist. This is where you need the right type of weight belt. It’s all about having good support for your legs, and your back.

A belt is needed so that your spine doesn’t suffer from additional pressure. When picking one, choose not only the highest quality nut but also look to feel comfortable when wearing one, and you can put it on and off fast and with ease. Last but not least in this group of equipment is the wrist wraps. When you do powerlifting your wrists are going to be under pressure. Removing pressure from them the same way you’ll do it for your spine is essential. This is best done with good wrist wraps. Choose the ones that give your hands the best comfort but stability over everything else.

Barbell Bar

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Once you secured your body, it’s time to look after your physique. Doing powerlifting the right way includes lifting a lot of weight. You won’t be able to do this if you don’t have a good barbell bar. You can’t do any of the basic powerlifting exercises without a barbell bar. You will make a great move if you take the standard version which is the one weighing twenty kilos, is 2.2 meters, and with a diameter of 28mm. you have different variations, and choosing between an Olympic bar, or a T-bar and Hex-bars shouldn’t be an issue. You need a bar to put weights on each side and create the resistance needed for progressing in this discipline. The majority of lifts you’ll do when powerlifting includes a bar, so it’s no wonder you’ll be needing one.


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Hitting your chest with exercise is one of the best feelings in the world of working out. To get the best results, you’ll need a bench. To do bench press properly you need one thing from your bench – stability. So, it needs to have height but no more than 20 inches. Regular width doesn’t cross the size of a foot. You need to choose the steel variant, with nice padding but nothing out of this world. Just be sure that’s dense. You can treat yourself with a versatile one that can be adjusted the way you need or pick a standard inclined one or a flat one. In the end, for a rookie like yourself, any will do.

Powerlifting Plates

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Remember the barbell bar? Well, it doesn’t work too well without plates. You need weight on any bar, and make sure you provide it with it. Do you know what plates look like? Circular with holes in the middle. The standard ones are round, and the holes are where the bar will fit. They come in this standard shape, but when it comes to size they vary a lot. You’ll pick lighter or heavier depending on your progress as a powerlifter. Whatever you do, make sure that you select the metal ones for benching and squatting. But for cleans and deadlifts choose the ones with rubber coating as you’ll be throwing them around a lot.

Final Thoughts

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Don’t be fooled that this is all equipment a powerlifter needs. When you get into this sport you’ll see that there’s more. But we see you as a rookie, a greenhorn who knows little to nothing, so this should serve as an initial lesson. This is what you need to have to start the powerlifting process. With his equipment, you can start. Build your body and equipment down the road.